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  1. 1. Make sponsor decals bought from the store and Podium Pass usable as cosmetic item in MyTeam. 

    2. Numbers of sponsor decals that are included in MyTeam are somehow missing in the customization of online car, please bring them back!

    3. Bring back all the liveries, race suits, helmets and emblems from 2020, there're quite a few very good ones that I really missed!

    I'm probably one of the few odd individuals who cares about customization more than the racing itself in this game 🙄 


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  2. 1 hour ago, Meza994 said:

    No you missunderstood me haha i referred to the overall values at release of the game Ferrari/pre nerf, im aware of the "MyTeam balancing" 🙂 The teams themselves still got the same engines regarding data (Merc engines and not-Merc engines) but is shown differently in the performance chart for some reason, dunno why, but the basis for all Ferrari, Honda and now Alpine powered cars is the same..

    Programmers do such things to simplify their work (i guess) but in some cases it ***** completely with simple working systems.. Seen such stuff in other games too and CM only do this to this extent since F1 2020

    I just went to check the files, Renault and Ferrari seems to be just separated by one line, so there's still performance difference between them but is probably very miniscule. Honda though, is completely different from all other suppliers just like Mercedes. So technically they're all different from one and another.

    Do you mean just how the in-game chart display the performances? I think that graph is accurate according to what I saw in the files.  

  3. 30 minutes ago, Siven1439238 said:

    I tested twice, both times there is no option to change the engine after the 1st season. The game brings me to livery change/driver customization, then directly goes into the next season.

    You definitely missed the Team Detail part. The option to change engine is within there, alongside Sponsor and Team Name (2nd driver change is disable). 

  4. 18 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Was like this last year too, started with Ferrari having the same stats as Merc engine and then the performance update made Renault, Honda and Ferrari powered cars all the same values

    If you mean starting with Ferrari engine in MyTeam then the situation is different.

    All engine of MyTeam cars use the same value as the Merc engine at the start, the only things that separate them are the supplier upgrades, they all have different parts pre-installed in new game which boosted them in different way. While the real teams actually started with entirely different engine with distinctive values (except Merc), separated from the MyTeam car. Though that being said, when all the engines are maxed out in-game, they all became identical in terms of performance.

    Tbh, I never understand the reason behind such silly game design, it's like they think players are too pathetic so they need to give us a handicap in engine performance. A no-name customer team having better PU than the factory team? Like seriously?

  5. 45 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Actually looking at the data, they just nerfed Red Bull too much and didnt give them their aero advantage.. Many things are completely off to real life considering the actual data.. All cars are way too fast but McLaren feels only too fast because Merc and RB are too slow especially Merc with their Silverstone upgrade which reduced their drag greatly!


    Regarding the changes to downforce and engine its tough to say because the completely overhauled the downforce values instead of being at like 2.3 they are now at 1 for RB and the engines are actually a little joke because there are only 2 engines within the game, Merc and Not-Merc; CM balance the straightlinespeed only with Drag

    Oh dear I wasn't even aware of the engine values, guess I'll need to go back to do some double checking.

    Aero wise, RBR is definitely the biggest loser of the big 4 after fully maxed out (Ferrari / Merc / McLaren / RBR)

  6. 12 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Mercedes is a German company...

    All you're seeing though is that the in-game performance more reflects last year than this, as we've yet to have a more realistic performance update.

    Also, car performance has somewhat varied from race to race this year. 

    On the the last point, the driving physics HAS been noticeably improved this year.

    I believe the team itself is more British than German though, since Mercedes (Daimler AG) is more of just a shareholder than actually being the one running the team which was based in UK. 

    The current performance chart preference is based on last year, with most of the changes being on adapting the new floor-generated downforce mechanics, and on the engine performances to "sorta" match real life. Only Alpine/Renault & RBR got some noticeable nerf on their drag value.

  7. 3 hours ago, Igbon said:

    Is it just me or is Hamilton and Mercedes given undue preference in AI settings in Grand Prix. Hamilton always leads. If I practice in a Mercedes it is faster than a Red Bull. If I practice in a  Red  Bull it is slower than a Mercedes. Has Codemasters noticed that Red Bull is actually faster in the real world. I think it it is good old British favoritism showing through. That's also why McLarens can easily overtake my Red Bull. British driver?

    Also I would have liked then  driving physics improved rather than all the waste of  endless story modes. 

    Because their cars are simply faster in the game.

    Mercedes in the game this year has better drag, better engine, and only marginally worse rear downforce than Red Bull (but in career their rear downforce will eventually become much better than RBR through upgrades).

    The drag advantage is about 2kp/h over RBR on the top-end, but their acceleration is better because of the engine advantage.

    While McLaren is still using last year's drag value which was designed to compensate the lack of power from the Renault PU, this year they have the best PU so they simply became too fast on the straight. This definitely needs balancing because RBR actually got more drag this year (a straight nerf) to balance out the power gained from the Honda PU, CM probably had forgotten about re-balancing the McLaren.

    In this case, McLaren had around 3kp/h advantage over RBR, but then again, they could reach that top-speed faster than the Honda PU could reach theirs. 


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  8. 1 hour ago, Schneehase said:

    Hi all,

    so, if you had 3 free wishes to choose what should be contained in patch 1.07 (later this august, suppose), which would those be? Please stick to the format of the example below:

    1. correct the current flaws with curbs (when wheels / cars drop into invisible holes)
    2. apply the performance patch (kinda overdue halfway through a IRL season)
    3. fix graphics / textures / resolution being downscaled too close in front of your car


    1. I want Super Bottas

    2. I want Super-Ultra Bottas

    3. I want James, it's Valtteri 

    **F1 theme plays**

  9. 18 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    I think it's just a badge, isn't it?  I don't think there are any super-secret prizes behind the doors? 

    They're just either Silver or Gold badges (that can be use in MyTeam as well), but the design of each of the badge is slightly different from one another. 

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  10. 11 hours ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    this is exactly why they won't give a date.



    To expand on this, I can GUARANTEE you that they have internal dates for releasing these already. They won't disclose those to us.
    As long as they can still get away with saying "we will provide the tracks 'later' for free" that is something that is somewhat easy to swallow for most potential players thinking about purchasing the game. If they were to say "The tracks come out next year in January or February" that would deter a lot of people from buying the game now, at full price.

    IMO, the fact that none of the new tracks have even been teased yet or appeared in any pre-release footage (not even a snippet of a few frames) tells me they are still somewhat early stages and not ready to be shown. They won't show us anything or give any dates until they are nearly done with them. Personally I don't expect anything in September, I'm leaning more towards end of year or even early next year...sadly. As far as I know, all the official statements about release window have been very carefully worded to simply say "later", as in "later in the game's cycle", but without mentioning "later this year" or something that would indicate a Q4 release window for example. So the idea that at least some of the tracks may release in 2022 is not out of the question I think. I'm sure if they were planning a release as early as this fall they would have already mentioned it because that's honestly not too long of a wait and most people could accept that. The lack of any info does not bode well I think.

    I've been wondering whether this is made by CM or not, the graphics, animation, and physics certainly did look like it was from our game:


  11. 28 minutes ago, JTTWOfficial said:

    Thanks for taking the time to comment! Perhaps it may be the setups that cause me to spin, although I always have the softest suspension settings in my setup, nonetheless the struggle I’m feeling to adapt my driving to this game is challenging, which is a good thing overall! I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of it, and think that it may also be the way my My Team car is upgraded or just a characteristic that sticks.

    Thanks for all the tips!

    Just treat this game like the Souls series, with each installment, I always complained about how unfair the bosses felt when I first encountered them. But just after some getting used to the mechanics and practice, all of them are literally walk in the park.

    I felt exactly the same way when I first jumped into F1 2021 from 2020, why the car felt like it had so much understeer yet so easy to spin out on exit, and the kerbs are so brutal, why the setup didn't work anymore, etc. Now though, with the new understanding to the car handling and physics, I can just tell you, I've never driven so well and so confident before.

    This is coming from a pad-user who had never touch a wheel for racing game since the end of playing GT4. 

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Schneehase said:

    Apart from the irony 😛 it would be interesting to learn, how far ahead the game is actually scripting things - is the world champion already crowned when the season begins? Has the number of poles been fixed before you enter the first qualifying? Can you hinder Bottas to become champion by driving him off the track in every single race? Might be worth a try to find out 😄 

    Based on what I've been seeing from last year's game, I believe Ai's engine failures and driver's career retirements are scripted from the moment you started the career, but probably more or less randomized for each career.

    I'm not sure how many things are scripted for Qualify and Race if you simulate them, but at the very least, the results will be genuine if you physically run through the whole session, so destroying their car before they could cross the finish line would definitely prevent them from getting scripted results 😈

  13. I was in Q2 of Monaco where it was having light rain at the beginning but then turn dry near the end (so their first run was always on Inters and not optimal)

    While AI are getting out on Soft tires for the final run, I decided to be a naughty boy and tried to block Bottas's final flying lap on my outlap (I left the garage last but still had enough time to do my run). I successfully ruined Bottas's lap (by quite a big margin because at one point even Tsunoda was able to set the fastest lap after we crossed the finish line (The start of my flying lap / the end of Bottas's flying lap).

    Then I paid close attention to Bottas in my mirror as he was following me on my flying lap, he pitted at the end of the lap so I was sure that he wouldn't make it through Q2 because the Quali timer had already ended right after I started my flying lap. But NOPE, he magically ended up being fastest in Q2 and 3 tenths faster than Lewis! 😵 Did he got an magic extra lap or something?

    I restarted the session and tried everything again, yup, same result, 3 tenths faster than Lewis and fastest overall once again without actually doing a proper lap 🤬.

    Sometimes I question myself why even bother doing qualifying in real time (yes, because if you fast forward or skip things their lap times will be like scripted and always faster than they could actually go physically). I just didn't expect the game would simply cheat its way to achieve its set goals in such a blatant way.

    I'm broken, frustrated, and my day is ruined 🤢.  


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  14. Just now, marioho said:

    Nope, @DRTApophis. Those are day zero stats for the drivers after the 1.06 update on any career save I have. I'm not mixing things up like that.

    The data is from brand new career games.

    Oh you're right, damn I didn't pay attention to the acclaim level.

    Wait what's happening here?? 

  15. 29 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    No intended update... I reckon the odds are high that the rest of us will end up with stats that match those seen by @marioho shortly but let's wait and see 🙂.


    26 minutes ago, marioho said:

    @PaddySk thanks. Yes, I'm suffering with this "problem". My disappointment is immeasurable and my life is ruined. Also, heartbroken that you don't find me reliable, I'll strive to please you specifically from now on and pay due respect to our lord and savior Mazepin.

    Blisses & blessings.

    If I wasn't misunderstanding the discussion, I think I can just clear up the confusions here.

    The stats we saw in marioho's game are just the natural growth or decline of all the drivers throughout the seasons in this game. There're a few players out there who had done research on this in last year's game and recorded the fluctuations of the stats from most drivers (both F1 & F2) throughout the 10 years season.

    Just remember one thing, the training we did for our teammates in MyTeam does not affect their growth, those are all just temporary boost for one race, their natural growth or decline are strictly set. 

    So in conclusion, as well as BarryBL's confirmation, stats are not yet change in the game, it was just a messed up from CM's part. 

    EDIT: Seems like marioho did indeed successfully applied the update, I don't know what's going on now....😬

  16. 47 minutes ago, bigchickenboi10 said:

    Hold on, could that be a reason? Because, at the start of the post, I've mentioned about watching a YouTuber doing a career mode let's play, and he is on PC, with 110 AI, and increased safety car. So maybe the safety car setting is affected by AI level, or system maybe?

    May be, I personally think the difficulty setting plays a larger part on them making mistakes. You'll be surprised by how bad they are at handling hairy situations, and the faster the pace, the more likely things are gonna happen in a sudden manner with very little room for both you & AI to correct and avoid, which likely contributed to causing more SC. 

    Though, of course, nothing is guaranteed, SC happening is still all by chance.

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  17. 1 hour ago, bigchickenboi10 said:

    What system do you play on? I'm on console, with 78 difficulty, and have almost to no incidents by the AI, with increased safety car.

    I'm on PC, so I'm not sure if there's any actual difference on consoles. 

  18. 4 minutes ago, Blent said:

    What AI setting do you use?

    Last year was around 105-110 (First season), 102-110 (2nd season onward).

    For this year I'm currently at 95-104, slowly trying to increase the difficulty setting. But have already seen numerous times where AI losing control on the straight overtaking someone, crashing into cars causing chaos in turn one, or SC caused by just minor incident like an engine failures. 

  19. 20 minutes ago, Blent said:

    But why would some of us be having this same issue year after year?

    For me, it's three consecutive years now. There must be something in the coding, but it's impossible to fathom why.

    Why am I not getting AI mistakes and so few retirements compared to so many other players?

    I am a pretty smart guy - I'd know if there was an obvious explanation for it.

    But for three years now?

    I'd just love someone to explain to me what possible reason there could be for it.

    May be the AI difficulty?

    I'm not sure if the higher average speed made them more prone to having accidents, not the scripted ones, like actually went too fast and kisses the wall of champion or I'm stupid corner in Baku for example. I mean, sometimes they even lost control when overtaking someone and even caused huge pile-up in my game, usually these incidents will caused a full course SC unless I keep using rewind to intentionally try to cancel it (sometimes it worked). 

    At some point I even got annoyed of having too many safety car in last year's game.  

  20. 2 hours ago, 2Pacalypse said:

    Na this would not change anything, it would only slow down the process, but the process would be still the same... (linear career)

    And thats not fun at all...

    Dynamic career is the key word.

    What I did last year was using CT to lower resource gain of both myself and AI teams by 75% when rule changes were announced. Then with limited resources, I only adapt upgrades that are either at the end of the tree or in the middle and never the early upgrades, which mixed up the upgrade routes and made things a bit more interesting. I also sometimes only upgrade one side of the tree to purposely make the car imbalance in certain ways, to imitate real life where teams not getting the right aero philosophy and struggle at the beginning of the season.

    Though, with this year's unbelievably obscure upgrade menu it certainly made finding out the paths unnecessarily hard, which made this method a lots less enjoyable to play around. 

  21. 24 minutes ago, Ahojkluci said:

    Same issue, I had it also in previous games, still not fixed, no one seems interested in this. Very frustrating.

    It's all by chance, if the AI stayed off the wall or not crash into each other then of course there won't really be any safety car just like in real life. In my case I've had at least one safety car almost every race, it happens more often on city tracks, and longer race. 

  22. 1 minute ago, Timoxd said:

    Wouldn’t have expected the 99 awareness to stay for bottas as well

    Might as well just give him over 9000 awareness, my man Bottas had such extreme level of situation awareness that he could pinpoint the exact location of every rival before reaching the first corner.

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