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  1. To be honest, this year's optimized dry setup tend to work just as well on wet situation because of the overall higher downforce and ride height setting. But about the frequent rain in career, did you just happen to have the calendar set with many locations where rain was common? (Austria, France, Canada, etc.)
  2. It's normal, it was exactly like this back in F1 2020. The more upgrades their car had, the more AI seems to get stronger and stronger exponentially. It could also be just us not adapting to the faster car as quickly as the AI could, it could gets really difficult to extract the most out of a really good car, the limit could be way out of reach for most of us.
  3. I'm almost certain it's caused by engine power. The massive gain in engine power from upgrades really speed up the pace dramatically especially when you haven't max out the downforce and chassis. I remember last year when I test drive cars and try to compare performance between teams such as RBR and Merc, I noticed how despite having extremely similar level of downforce and chassis performance, the Merc was always much more difficult to drive especially on tracks with short straights and many consecutive corners (like Australia). There's a lot less breathing room if you can reach fro
  4. I would for sure love to play as the Lord Mahaveer and create Raghunathan Motorsport to dominate F1. ...You guys talked about LEGENDS, right?
  5. Might even be the reason why there's no Championship mode yet, because some tracks on the original calendar are not even completed yet, so officially it still isn't "The 2021 Championship". About why we could still run the "Championship" in MyTeam/Career/Real Season Start, it probably has something to do with player involvements. "We" are not part of the official driver list so the conditions might be considered as different which allows a bit more freedom on how the game could use it. This might also be why Real Season Start forced us to use our own driver instead of real ones, it
  6. Interesting, this might actually be the case. Personally I really don't like how the personnel facility is implemented in the game, a straight boost to driver stats just seem too OP and one-dimension. Also, I think the base stats for all drivers are simply set too high, there should be a bigger gap to what's consider "max out", or else the personnel facility is simply making every F1 driver the same person with "all 100" stats, which made things even flatter than it already is. Or like you've said, there shouldn't even be a limit, let them go above 100, it'll surely make the most exp
  7. In most cases within the game, it seems like Lewis can only win against Bottas by chance, Bottas could still quite consistently out-race and out-qualified Lewis no matter how small the margin was. I know Bottas wasn't exactly slow in real life, but it's quite obvious that their stats are probably mixed up even until now in 2021. I'm not a Lewis fan at all, but I still wish him to act like a final boss in the game for me to overcome, not Bottas, he's suppose to be just a good wingman.
  8. In terms of car performance the Red Bull car definitely needs a boost while McLaren needs a nerf. The RBR car only has marginally more rear downforce than Merc at the start but 2-3kph slower due to the higher drag and lower engine power, but down the line Mercedes will have a lot more rear downforce when both teams are maxed out and still faster than RBR in terms of top speed. For McLaren, they're still having the same drag value as last year's game. They had a low drag car last year just like Renault and AlphaTauri to compensate their lack of power in the game, but since this year
  9. I have a feeling it was just a copy and paste with the Career mode but with an extra line of code to put you into the middle of the season lol, I mean, it probably was a cool idea as an advertising material that you could come up at the last minutes of development.
  10. I thought it would just be a gimmicky Grand Prix mode at first, never thought it would completely exceeded my expectation. I hate to criticize all the time, but whoever thought the way this mode was implemented is a good idea, needs to be lock up in a dark room for a week with no ice cream available 😤
  11. DRTApophis

    F2 2021 ?

    Not to mention the 2021 line up will most likely not make it to any of the Career/MyTeam game modes just like last year.
  12. You can change them anytime, on the fly. In your MyTeam/Career mode, pause the game, go to Settings, and look for Career Setting.
  13. DRTApophis

    Patch 1.05

    Probably no need to wait that long. EA: "How about unlocking additional save slot for $59.99? per month??"
  14. What's you career setting? Have you tried to increase their R&D, team acclaim and income rate of generation (but not driver acclaim because it'll make them too expensive for the teams to afford)? I haven't gotten far enough into the career yet so I wanted to know the result too. EDIT: I'm too drunk to read, oops
  15. LMAO we're not alone 🤣 I was especially impressed with the AI willing to stay flat on their throttle even when we squeezed them to the tarmac runoff on long straight. I've just had a race at Paul Ricard and was stunned that Hamilton caught my slipstream with massive speed, made a dummy and squeeze into the right runoff with 4 wheels completely off the track and dived into turn 10 with me almost flatout. My jaw was dropped.
  16. Max and Lewis trying to overtake me at the chicane after the tunnel in Monaco was absolute bonkers, even though I squeezed them a little at both the entry and exit they still managed to pull it off. In 2020 they would definitely back off at the instant I try to defend.
  17. Overall I've been extremely satisfied with the AI this year, and that's coming from being an absolute fan of last year's AI. Atm, they just need some touch up with those few corners in the calendar where they completely ignore physics, as well as making the cars themselves slower. Other than that, I hope they don't change their behavior, unless it's really about making them more active at overtaking each other (especially Ai vs Ai on first lap).
  18. The problem is, this game doesn't have to be a sim, but those features were in their older games and they were great and gave the game a lot more depths and even immersion. Casual players could go on fine without them, but it greatly benefits the hard-core players, it's best for both world. Which is exactly why it's baffling that they removed it. I mean...just why?
  19. Interesting, I've only tried racing the online lobby AI at Suzuka like twice, other than noticing how they're actually quite quick and all of them seem to be running at the exact same pace, I didn't notice any fundamental difference between them and the regular AI. It might be just because there weren't that many close racing in those races anyways. Probably need someone with more experience in multiplayer to really tell the difference.
  20. I still find them too soft in general even though they're now a lot more willing to fight for position compare to 2020. Did you leave them enough space? Did you treat them the same way you treat human drivers? Did you check your blindspot?
  21. The interesting thing is, if the pandemic didn't get better next year, there's a good chance that even some existed tracks might be remove due to them not being on the real calendar at the start of the season.
  22. Watching those onboards into turn 1 gave me PTSD, CM had absolutely nailed the realism I would say 😬
  23. Nah I think that's way too harsh, Bottas still could qualified right behind Lewis & Max and way ahead of Sergio most of the time in real life, so his pace should still be consider as explosive and definitely up there with the best just not as consistent.
  24. More and more I felt those ratings are probably just for show, what underneath those game files are what truly matters and doesn't reflect what we saw on screen.
  25. Here's a list of decals that are currently missing for the Online Car, but still available for MyTeam: A+F Asiatic Dynamics Avolo Charge Duotone Equinox JPB James V.S. Jingshen Kassandre Niesga Ottoman Opaque Pacifico Painite Polor RGB Sudu Zigzag I also wish they let us use the decals from the shop and podium pass in MyTeam as cosmetic item...it's kinda pointless to buy those now for people like me who only focus on MyTeam and not multiplayer (especially at its current state, av
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