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  1. 2 hours ago, 2Pacalypse said:

    Na this would not change anything, it would only slow down the process, but the process would be still the same... (linear career)

    And thats not fun at all...

    Dynamic career is the key word.

    What I did last year was using CT to lower resource gain of both myself and AI teams by 75% when rule changes were announced. Then with limited resources, I only adapt upgrades that are either at the end of the tree or in the middle and never the early upgrades, which mixed up the upgrade routes and made things a bit more interesting. I also sometimes only upgrade one side of the tree to purposely make the car imbalance in certain ways, to imitate real life where teams not getting the right aero philosophy and struggle at the beginning of the season.

    Though, with this year's unbelievably obscure upgrade menu it certainly made finding out the paths unnecessarily hard, which made this method a lots less enjoyable to play around. 

  2. 24 minutes ago, Ahojkluci said:

    Same issue, I had it also in previous games, still not fixed, no one seems interested in this. Very frustrating.

    It's all by chance, if the AI stayed off the wall or not crash into each other then of course there won't really be any safety car just like in real life. In my case I've had at least one safety car almost every race, it happens more often on city tracks, and longer race. 

  3. 1 minute ago, Timoxd said:

    Wouldn’t have expected the 99 awareness to stay for bottas as well

    Might as well just give him over 9000 awareness, my man Bottas had such extreme level of situation awareness that he could pinpoint the exact location of every rival before reaching the first corner.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Apply them?

    It's bizarre this change wasn't mentioned in the release notes though!

    I wonder if they had BUFF Bottas, currently he's only almost 100 points ahead of Hamilton halfway through my season, I'm hoping it will be more than 200 by the end. 

    I'll be really ****** if they didn't buff him 😤

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  5. Before the patch addressing the issue of save files being corrupted, I've tried once where I did a save & load method to undo something in game. 

    I deleted the save that I no longer wanted and then rename the backup save to replace it, but then when I restarted the game, it said my save file had been corrupted and need to start over. Assuming there might be some issue in the backup save, I then immediately recovered the original save file that I've deleted and hope it'll just put me back to step 1, but it gave me the same result which forced me restart everything in the game.

    That means, both original save and backup save were corrupted.

    I wonder had anyone try similar method after the patch, and what's the result? (Don't experiment it with your main account now because I don't know if they had fix this issue yet!) 

  6. 1 hour ago, Blent said:

    Assetto Corsa is the most I've ever regretted spending money on a racing sim, sadly.

    It has its qualities - absolutely. But there's so much basic stuff it lacks compared to other sims that I take for granted.

    I think Kunos Simulazioni do a great job with limited tools, but when people hold it up like it's the gold standard but with the caveat that you need to install a bunch of mods to get it to where it's really good... that doesn't really say much for the quality of the base game.

    But what I especially dislike and find pretty disingenuous, is when people use modded AC to attack the F1 series as if that is a direct comparison. Of COURSE AC will have more complex and realistic handling and physics - it's a hardcore racing sim, like @Hichel18 says. But there's also a lot of problems and flaws and missing features and shortcomings with AC even compared to Codemasters' F1 series. But if you dare to suggest that, a lot of people get especially offended by that.

    I just wish people could recognise the qualities and flaws of both games, rather than pretend that one good but flawed racing sim is vastly superior to a very good but flawed F1 game.

    Exactly, AC is a fantastic modding platform, but without mod it really is just a driving simulator and not really a game to be honest. It aimed at a completely different market from the F1 games. 

  7. 13 minutes ago, marioho said:

    @DRTApophis and @Craig8921 I'm a sucker for this kind of peeking behind the curtains. Do you mind sharing those articles or videos if you remember where you got them from? And Polyphony... Say anything about the GT franchise, but those guys do like their cars and their racing.

    Sadly I couldn't find anything about the track after some searching, I could be remembering it wrong but I definitely heard a year to build a track somewhere long ago. For cars though, apparently it took 6 months back in GT5, until recent years where they started outsourcing and it got cut down to 3 months or so.

    Damn, that was way longer than I ever thought. 


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  8. 1 hour ago, Craig8921 said:

    Oh believe me I know it isn’t easy. Infact after doing a little research, I came across an article that states it takes codemasters 12 months to develop a new track. Based on this and the fact Imola and Portimao were not confirmed until March 2021, I think now a realistic target will be no sooner than March 2022. This also confirms your knowledge of how long and difficult it is to create tracks from ground up 

    I remember there was an interview with Polyphony about Gran Turismo long time ago, that each car takes 3 months to make and it's about a year for a track. So things seems to sound about true here for Codemaster as well, I always thought those numbers were exaggerated back then.  

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  9. To be honest, this year's optimized dry setup tend to work just as well on wet situation because of the overall higher downforce and ride height setting. But about the frequent rain in career, did you just happen to have the calendar set with many locations where rain was common? (Austria, France, Canada, etc.)

  10. 38 minutes ago, SlendermanXXI said:

    Hi everyone, so I'm currently on S3 at Spain on MyTeam, I've noticed the more I progress the more it becomes unplayable. I have the best car on the grid by a long way and I'm still struggling against the AI, I started MyTeam at 103 difficulty and finished S1 on 105 without any issues, as I moved into S2 I stayed with 105 difficulty but when I got to the mid part of the season the AI was getting quicker and quicker without any reason, since then and up until now I've had to put the AI difficulty down to 102 and I'm still struggling. Is anyone else having the same issues?

    It's normal, it was exactly like this back in F1 2020. The more upgrades their car had, the more AI seems to get stronger and stronger exponentially. It could also be just us not adapting to the faster car as quickly as the AI could, it could gets really difficult to extract the most out of a really good car, the limit could be way out of reach for most of us. 

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  11. 37 minutes ago, SKULL226 said:

    I think I'm perfect until the middle of season 2.
    From the second half of the season 2, it will be difficult to drive and strange with such good performance.

    I hope we can solve this problem quickly.
    It's not racing, it's like playing a rhythm game.

    I'm almost certain it's caused by engine power.

    The massive gain in engine power from upgrades really speed up the pace dramatically especially when you haven't max out the downforce and chassis. I remember last year when I test drive cars and try to compare performance between teams such as RBR and Merc, I noticed how despite having extremely similar level of downforce and chassis performance, the Merc was always much more difficult to drive especially on tracks with short straights and many consecutive corners (like Australia).

    There's a lot less breathing room if you can reach from corner to corner at a faster pace, not to mention it's also more unforgiving on corner exit because of the massive torque which could caused excessive wheelspin.  

  12. 22 hours ago, Hichel18 said:

    I remember when f1 games of the 2001 season came and it was chaos with every jean alesi was on a different team as other drivers were present or not.

    While it is a championship, with all these customizations, it is never called FIA 2021 Formula One World Championship, this right here is the difference. Pick the option of playing the 2021 F1 World Championship and place back to back races and still be called that. They arent raced oh their estimates date. Its just a track order pick.

    While Austria-Áustria is back to back, it isnt Styrian GP and then Austrian GP. Its two austrian GPs.

    Might even be something poorly worded or something that never went in consideration in the licence contract and bang, something its not possible to do, or it is awkwardly allowed.

    Might even be the reason why there's no Championship mode yet, because some tracks on the original calendar are not even completed yet, so officially it still isn't "The 2021 Championship".

    About why we could still run the "Championship" in MyTeam/Career/Real Season Start, it probably has something to do with player involvements. "We" are not part of the official driver list so the conditions might be considered as different which allows a bit more freedom on how the game could use it. 

    This might also be why Real Season Start forced us to use our own driver instead of real ones, it might just be a temporary solution without delaying the feature. When all the tracks are ready I assume they'll update it so we can use real drivers. 

    That's my guess. 

  13. 21 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    I get the feeling the AI teams still get the personnel facility bonuses. In Merc's case it would essentially mean both Hamilton and Bottas are at 100 so itll always be a coin flip, same reason we see Perez very close to Verstappen despite the stat difference.

    Personally, I think they need to ditch the personnel facility or make it so instead of a permanent boost, it gives a chance of a stat boost appearing in the team activities or events. That, or make it so stat bonuses from facilities and activities go over the limit. So Hamilton with a +10 pace would actually have 108 pace and not just 100. Would also give more incentive to paying the 20mil for him. If you just base your second driver off stats, why spend 20mil on Hamilton when you can spend 6mil on Gasly, Norris or Alonso and still get 100 stats on everything? Or better still, 4mil on Button or Rosberg.

    Interesting, this might actually be the case.

    Personally I really don't like how the personnel facility is implemented in the game, a straight boost to driver stats just seem too OP and one-dimension. Also, I think the base stats for all drivers are simply set too high, there should be a bigger gap to what's consider "max out", or else the personnel facility is simply making every F1 driver the same person with "all 100" stats, which made things even flatter than it already is.

    Or like you've said, there shouldn't even be a limit, let them go above 100, it'll surely make the most expensive driver in the market actually worth the price.

  14. 12 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    Boost: Alonso, Ocon, Russell and Sainz pace. Also a buff to Alonso's racecraft.

    Nerf: Bottas, Bottas and Bottas. But in all seriousness it he avoids the nerfhammer after Hungary I'll want to know how much his agent is paying CM. Slight pace nerf for Tsunoda maybe too.

    In most cases within the game, it seems like Lewis can only win against Bottas by chance, Bottas could still quite consistently out-race and out-qualified Lewis no matter how small the margin was. I know Bottas wasn't exactly slow in real life, but it's quite obvious that their stats are probably mixed up even until now in 2021. 

    I'm not a Lewis fan at all, but I still wish him to act like a final boss in the game for me to overcome, not Bottas, he's suppose to be just a good wingman. 

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  15. 33 minutes ago, LH44Wilson said:

    Was playing last night and realised there are a couple of drivers who need nerfing or bumping up.

    1. The obvious one for me....Bottas. After 8 rounds in my career mode save season 1 the guy is over 70 points clear ! Lewis is always p3 or p4 so whether they have swapped them around in the coding or something I don't know 

    2. Gasly. Needs bumping up. He is always getting through to Q3 in real life, he is just a bit meh so far


    3. Verstappen definitely needs a boost. I know the performance patch will help as red bull aren't fast enough but even so, he should be quicker than he is currently


    4. Anyone else finding Sainz and ricciardo being absolutely destroyed by their teammate?


    I know this could all change with the performance patch but just a few observations from my career mode. 

    In terms of car performance the Red Bull car definitely needs a boost while McLaren needs a nerf. 

    The RBR car only has marginally more rear downforce than Merc at the start but 2-3kph slower due to the higher drag and lower engine power, but down the line Mercedes will have a lot more rear downforce when both teams are maxed out and still faster than RBR in terms of top speed.

    For McLaren, they're still having the same drag value as last year's game. They had a low drag car last year just like Renault and AlphaTauri to compensate their lack of power in the game, but since this year McLaren had much more power with the Merc engine they should get rebalance yet they haven't, which is why McLaren seem so OP atm. 

  16. 3 minutes ago, XboistonXx said:

    Literally 😂

    I actually don’t understand what the thought process was behind not letting players play as the actual drivers seeing as there is next to no option to play as them in the game 

    I have a feeling it was just a copy and paste with the Career mode but with an extra line of code to put you into the middle of the season lol, I mean, it probably was a cool idea as an advertising material that you could come up at the last minutes of development.  

  17. 8 minutes ago, XboistonXx said:

    I’m actually so confused 

    such a good concept 

    ultimately ruined by the stupid decision that you can’t play as any of the actual drivers which renders the mode absolutely useless. Seriously I don’t know who actually made that decision but it genuinely doesn’t surprise me

    I thought the whole idea was to take a driver and try and improve on their race like Lee Mather said. I want to be able select Verstappen and hold that overtake off of turn 4 past Hamilton and not give it back, I want to be able to pick Vettel at Baku and try to catch Perez for the win in the closing lap.

    I was really excited for this but as I said, I’m genuinely not surprised that you’ve somehow found a way to make an absolutely gold concept that could have done bit’s for this game but just completely flop to the point where no one actually remember’s it’s in the game 

    I thought it would just be a gimmicky Grand Prix mode at first, never thought it would completely exceeded my expectation. I hate to criticize all the time, but whoever thought the way this mode was implemented is a good idea, needs to be lock up in a dark room for a week with no ice cream available 😤

  18. 10 hours ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    There will be, yes.  No time established for when though. 

    I'd imagine they'll do the tracks and then the F2 update will be the next priority so probably around December to coincide with the last race of the F2 season. 

    Not to mention the 2021 line up will most likely not make it to any of the Career/MyTeam game modes just like last year. 

  19. 23 minutes ago, Aef251 said:

    I had set them all to low, but now 3 races in was considering changing the settings, but I have not been able to find a menu for it. Is this something you can only set at the start of your My Team, can you change it at year’s end, or is there a way to change it mid season that I am missing?

    You can change them anytime, on the fly.

    In your MyTeam/Career mode, pause the game, go to Settings, and look for Career Setting.


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  20. 16 minutes ago, diderooy said:

    Just wait until next year's game, where you have to enter a 30-character save code that you take a photo of after the last thing you do.

    And then in F1 2023, when you can't save and you just have to leave the console on all the time.

    Probably no need to wait that long.

    EA: "How about unlocking additional save slot for $59.99? per month??"

  21. 36 minutes ago, Cook95 said:

    I'm in the middle of season 2 with all options set to increased in an attempt to see the difference to default. At this point AI development has almost completely stopped and I am flying past them in the R and D chart. 

    Mercedes is sitting at just over 700 points on the chart and 5 other teams are just behind them but no one has moved more than 50 points the whole season except for myself. 

    I have now stopped upgrading my facilities to stop from being over dominant. I have over $30 million saved and no reason to spend at this point.

    Something seems broken.

    What's you career setting? Have you tried to increase their R&D, team acclaim and income rate of generation (but not driver acclaim because it'll make them too expensive for the teams to afford)? I haven't gotten far enough into the career yet so I wanted to know the result too. 

    EDIT: I'm too drunk to read, oops

  22. 1 hour ago, s00zster said:

    I love the fights and the pressure I get from the AI this year. Absolutely thrilling, for the first time (apart from a couple of iffy moments i.e. trains behind a damaged slow car) it feels REAL, and I can safely say it's hands down the best AI racing I've had in ANY game.

    For those saying they touch your rear tyre and punt you off, the AI are faster this year and that's a sign that you're too slow for the AI level and that it needs to be reduced a few notches, or that you're braking too early. I've done numerous races since release and this hasn't happened to me once. You also need to give them space, as you would have to in real life. Give them space and they'll give you space.

    You can check your difficulty by going to GP mode, doing a Short Quali at Barcelona with the car you intend to race in your career, jump to track, one hotlap, jump to pits, switch tyres, jump to track, one hotlap, etc. until the timer runs out. Try your hardest, then see how close you are to your teammate. For every 0.1 seconds slower you are, drop the difficulty by 1%. Rinse and repeat until you are as close as possible to your teammate's times, and then you should have a difficulty to keep for an entire career season. It worked perfectly for me last year, and this year I've had to drop my difficulty by 10%, which is huge for me. AI changes and tyre model improvements I'm guessing at the reason for this.

    Also, for those having issues with kerbs, you're not alone. This is Mazepin (who else?) in Driver Career mode. 😁


    LMAO we're not alone 🤣

    I was especially impressed with the AI willing to stay flat on their throttle even when we squeezed them to the tarmac runoff on long straight. I've just had a race at Paul Ricard and was stunned that Hamilton caught my slipstream with massive speed, made a dummy and squeeze into the right runoff with 4 wheels completely off the track and dived into turn 10 with me almost flatout.

    My jaw was dropped. 



  23. 1 minute ago, Ryne said:

    I like the fact that they actually overtake me now. Before I could just kinda move to the site and they will give up, now I am losing positions properly, even after a fight.

    Went from 7th to 10th in France and loved it. Fought AI side by side lap after lap. A proper midfield battle.

    Max and Lewis trying to overtake me at the chicane after the tunnel in Monaco was absolute bonkers, even though I squeezed them a little at both the entry and exit they still managed to pull it off. In 2020 they would definitely back off at the instant I try to defend. 

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  24. 3 minutes ago, DutchRacer87 said:

    A lot of negativities have been mentioned, but let’s give Codemasters some compliments for the AI this year. Finally they make mistakes, finally they collide with each other from time to time, taking each other out. Had a race where Bottas took Verstappen out and Perez soon followed. Finally a race with more than 1 (or even zero) retirements. A lot more realistic than previous editions. So Codemasters, don’t change this with patches please.

    Overall I've been extremely satisfied with the AI this year, and that's coming from being an absolute fan of last year's AI.

    Atm, they just need some touch up with those few corners in the calendar where they completely ignore physics, as well as making the cars themselves slower. Other than that, I hope they don't change their behavior, unless it's really about making them more active at overtaking each other (especially Ai vs Ai on first lap). 

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