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  1. Watching those onboards into turn 1 gave me PTSD, CM had absolutely nailed the realism I would say 😬
  2. Nah I think that's way too harsh, Bottas still could qualified right behind Lewis & Max and way ahead of Sergio most of the time in real life, so his pace should still be consider as explosive and definitely up there with the best just not as consistent.
  3. More and more I felt those ratings are probably just for show, what underneath those game files are what truly matters and doesn't reflect what we saw on screen.
  4. Here's a list of decals that are currently missing for the Online Car, but still available for MyTeam: A+F Asiatic Dynamics Avolo Charge Duotone Equinox JPB James V.S. Jingshen Kassandre Niesga Ottoman Opaque Pacifico Painite Polor RGB Sudu Zigzag I also wish they let us use the decals from the shop and podium pass in MyTeam as cosmetic item...it's kinda pointless to buy those now for people like me who only focus on MyTeam and not multiplayer (especially at its current state, av
  5. Livery plays a huge part in my overall experience, so it was quite a bit of a shame that we didn't see much improvement over this aspect from the last game (some decals are even missing for the online car atm). I mean...they could at least not removing the old liveries so we get more choices from the get-go and just build upon that collection.
  6. Bottas literally went fastest on his Medium, then he got out on track all by himself in the middle of the session to beat his Medium lap by using Soft, meanwhile my IQ level dropped by a whopping 50% in the process.
  7. I'm actually not sure if regular players get free coins from the start, I pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition which came with 15000 coins. In order to obtain everything in the Podium Pass you'll need to spend 9000 coins for the VIP status, but within the rewards in the Podium Pass, they'll give you 9000 coins back so you can purchase the VIP for the next season of PP for free if you reached the max level. However, without the VIP I think you only get 2500 coins in total, though technically the 2500 coins is free so you could save a few seasons of them to purchase VIP status in the future (it'l
  8. You can only obtain more liveries from completing Podium Pass and purchase them from the Store, if you're on PC then there could be a lot more options if you don't mind modding and unable to play multiplayer.
  9. No, I mean they've already set a good laptime with Medium in Q2 (which meant they're planning to start the race with that Medium), but they still do an extra run with Soft and beat their own Medium laptime which forced them to start on Soft in the race for no reason.
  10. Did anyone encounter the issue of top AI runners always going for a second run on Soft in Q2 despite already set a competitive time with Medium? This always put them in a huge disadvantage in races where one stop is clearly the better strategy. I ran 50% races at around 100 AI difficulty setting.
  11. Don't forget to compare your speedtrap record in qualifying with your teammate to determine your wing settings, they always use the same setting on the same track even when if it's wet condition, I do this to balance my car performance compare with the field.
  12. Try using higher gear through some of the corners that you thought was suppose to be low-gear ones (so instead of using 3rd, use 4th), and short shift as well. Your goal is be able to go flat on the throttle through the whole exit without wheel spin (Take Australia final turn for example).
  13. I think the real issue here wasn't because the AI are too aggressive (which imo they're still too soft in 90%+ of the situations), it was just that they're as tough as a brick wall when they're on the edge of the track, denying anything from pushing them off the track. They could clip and spin the player with ease while keep driving ahead completely unaffected themselves. If the player tries to do the same to them? Well good luck with that LOL, the AI car is like a 300kph freight train on rail 😬
  14. There are a few places in the game where they should be uncommon to overtake in real life but the AI would try especially hard on poking their nose right beside player's car, which result to players getting pit-maneuver in a very unexpected manner. For example, right before the high speed entry of turn 7 in Zandvoort, if the player is not actively trying the block that outside lane, AI would stubbornly and desperately divebomb into that tiny gap on your left-rear tire which then send you flying off to the gravel on the left. Another similar example is right before the tight turn 15
  15. Last few corners in Spain are notorious of ruining whatever pace the chasing car had because of the dirty air. Drag reduction effect under slipstream condition is also too weak in the vanilla game (only 10%) to compensate the loss of speed on that exit to really do anything, especially if the Ai is also chasing another Ai, which is the DRS train effect that people talked about. For the medium speed corners, could you specify which corners you've encountered the issue? There are a few corners in the game that are having problematic AI that the dev are currently taking a look at (Zandvoort
  16. Are you chasing them? Dirty air plays a massive role at making the AI looks way faster than players at certain corners, same for DRS down the straight when they're chasing you while you have clean air ahead, made you "look" powerless in those situation, except you can actually do the same thing to them when the role is switched.
  17. But at the same time you're quite easily a lot quicker than real life as well, so it's hard to base on that to find the right difficulty. Depends on the track, some AI could be a whopping 3-4 seconds faster at 100 difficulty setting. Edit: I'm definitely too sleepy atm to read 😖
  18. I personally think Australia, Japan and Spain are less problematic, the AI are just naturally fast there with their characteristic. Australia - I could run 100 without much issue, just needs to be a bit more consistent on turn 11-12 (up a gear mid-turn seems to work quite well). Japan - I've been running 95 and getting more and more comfortable, probably could do 97. Spain - Always my weaker track, just couldn't find the right setting or just myself couldn't find the right line and pace, 95 is the maximum I could do comfortably. At the very least the tracks above don't hav
  19. I'm slowly progressing on making my personal list of difficulties, on average I had to drop the difficulty quite a bit from last year (used to be 105-110 with stock performance). For now, you can try to guess the difficulty setting based on the type of tracks here with my own reference: Tracks mainly feature stop & go corners with long straight (Bahrain, Baku): 100-102 Tracks mainly feature winding corners (Spain, Suzuka, Australia): 95-100 Tracks mainly feature winding corners & have problematically OP AI on certain corners (Zandvoort, Silverstone, Spa): 90-95 Trac
  20. I believe those locked ones are the Supplier Upgrades, they have the date in the bottom right of the menu of when they'll arrive and players have no control over them
  21. A detailed description of the issue. Car livery is not displaying properly (pitch black) on the car model in Spec 3 Personnel facility Report Code XPSA-TBJE-PDRG-HKMG Platform? PC Game-mode? MyTeam What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Restarting the game, painted the car in bright colors, same result. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Only this facility has issue, others are working perfectly. How do you make
  22. DRTApophis

    Patch 1.05

    I'm honestly broken with the lack of save slots, so many things wanted to do, yet now I needed to heavily limited my options. Not to mention backing up save files corrupted them for whatever reason, I ain't gonna try doing that anytime soon unless someone could confirm it's been fixed.
  23. PM sent, hope it works out for you 🤞 It really sucks to have so many names censored for an OFFLINE game mode.
  24. Personally I haven't had any issue with safety car on PC, they're very situational just like in real life. If there aren't any incident then of course there won't be any SC, so it all depends on how consistent the AI were on that specific race. I have encountered numerous AI mistakes and mechanical failures in 50% race so SC was actually quite a common occurrence (I even had a few VSC turned SC too) One extra note, I'm using Normal setting for SC instead of Increased.
  25. Can confirm, Scuderia is also forbidden alongside any engine suppliers and team names that are included in the game. Though, if you're on PC there's a way to bypass it.
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