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  1. 9 minutes ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    This is so true! Every year we have threads about AI are too quick at track A, or too slow at track B. They never match my experience and therefore must be different player by player, and therefore down to individual player skill (or lack of) at various tracks.

    Perfect example above - someone said they are too quick at Silverstone but easy on Hungary this year. I am currently experiencing the exact opposite - i found them relatively  easy at Silverstone, but am struggling against my team mate at the same level at Hungary.

    Driving these F1 really is all about optimizing everything.

    I remember struggling on tracks like Singapore and Australia, feeling no matter how much I tried to late brake with hard downshift trying to carry as much speed while turning in as much as I could yet it still didn't get me anywhere. Then I saw how people kept one gear higher going through those corners that I struggled the most, and then just like that, bam, nearly a second faster per lap (and still improving with every run afterward, gaining consistency in the process). 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Ultra3142 said:

    This very much depends on whether the human drivers are going to try to drive sensibly or not. There are plenty of online lobbies where AI cars would be preferable to many drivers. I'll also add that personally I've been impressed by the AI performance in F1 2021 so far, from the perspective of how they race each other and me. 

    The comment above about AI inconsistency between tracks being more important than their outright speed is bang on for me. This may in part turn out to be linked to the cornering speed issue which is being looked into, and perhaps a solution to this will also help reduce variability between tracks.

    The AI are only truly broken on a few corners in the whole calendar, which as you've said, they're being look at and I assume it will probably be fixed in the next major patch. For inconsistency on AI performance, we need to account the players' ability too, it's not like everyone is master at every track.

    In my cases and experiences from 2020, sometimes I thought I was fast on a certain track and felt the AI was broken (because I assumed myself was very consistent and didn't seem like I was going too slowly). but then after watching how other human players did it then I realized I've been doing it all wrong, and then when I replicated the proper way to do it, the AI are not that much of a threat anymore. 

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  3. 14 hours ago, xjordi97x said:


    What the heck has happened to Japan!? 
    kerbs are practically missiles. The second you touch one in the first sector you go flying.. 
    The racing line isn’t even right for where you should be flat out or on the brakes. Not even the correct lines into the corners. 
    We finally had a decent Japan last year and now it’s gone again.. please fix it.
    • Platform: Xbox Series X
    • Game-mode: All modes
    • What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried:

    Played around with the whole setup for a while. 9-7 wings, as soft a suspension as possible. 7-9 ride height and nothing even helps the issue. The only choice you have is to not take the normal line and lose time.. 


    Japan last year was atrocious with those ridiculously rough kerbs, it's a lot more enjoyable to drive this year, you just needs to respect them with your steering angle and right foot to ride them comfortably, kerbs are unforgiving at the moment you stop trying to adapt.

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  4. The car handling part, to be honest, it's all on you.

    Just like how Denial struggled to unlearn what he used to do in the Renault and adapt to the new McLaren, it's all part of the experience. Sim racers or even just sim-cade like this F1 series are always difficult to learn from the beginning, they're the Dark Souls equivalent to ARPG in racing games. Once you've gotten used to the physics it became a second nature and an absolute blast to drive, that, no arcade racers with their one-dimension physics would ever achieve.

    Though, I won't defend the part where the game indeed had so little actual new contents (and the fact that they even stripped some from the last game), or that terrible multiplayer performance...I'll just avoid it like a plague for now. 

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  5. 14 minutes ago, DonBlanko said:

    Now i am curious: what exactly happened with the AI in your 30% dirty air tests that makes you calling their behaviour "weirdly"? 😄 

    Spain turn 3 (the long flat out right-hander) for example, they would understeer and abruptly brake/slow down mid corner to stay on the track (overdoing in the process). If you tune the value to 100% they just flew right off the track 🤭

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  6. 5 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    is this correct or your opinion / estimation? 

    Hmm an option to increase the dirty air effect would be cool yes, but I guess, it is to complicated to progamme that easy, as we think. I mean the AI is programmed to work well with this kind of dirty air effect we have and are still addicted to have DRS for overtakings. Thats why we rarely see overtakes in rain. If there would be an option to increase dirty air, there wouldn't be any overtakes anymore. In real life the drivers can react to this and drive different lines to avoid the dirty air of the front car. So if we want an option like this, then there should the AI be able to get along with this. So CM would have to programme to different AI depending on dirty air settings. I think this is more complicated, than we think. 

    But overall I am really happy that we still have the effect of losing downforce. I can notice that in fast corners. And like that the Slipstream effect is not that strong like in f12019. Does anyone know how exactly the dirty air and slipstream was effected in the privious games? Maybe @DRTApophis?

    As Henricus12 said, those are the values of effect under slipstreaming condition in the game files, and the values are exactly the same as 2020. 

    Last year I've tried to increase the dirty air effect to 30%, and the AI started to struggle a little to cope with the understeer in high speed corners and behave weirdly, so I'm assuming if CM ever decided to increase the effect of slipstream, then the AI will definitely need adjustments.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Markmanor1516 said:

    😔 So obviously I get having your audio name is better then nothing but what is the point. may as well remove it as a audio name. My name is Mark Williams.  I have used my name since 2010. But now it just seems unfair as it makes it so unrealistic for me. 

    If you play on PC, there might be a way to fix it. 

  8. 48 minutes ago, marioho said:

    I haven't started career proper. The exclusion of this aspect is so disappointing...

    That Q&A with David Greco cannot come soon enough. I'm all in for the streamlined UX but this is a step too much and looks at odds with the direction the game went with the driving model. 

    Streamline the unnecessary workloads of players, not streamlining the system or mechanics.

    It's odd how whenever the word "streamline" is uttered by the dev, the outcome always seems to be going the wrong direction. Things weren't streamlined, the game simply got simplified. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    It didn’t need streamlining! They should be adding more depth every year not taking it away!!!

    If they really think this was a good idea they have no idea what their core playerbase actually wants from what i can see.

    If they want to appeal to new/younger audience they could add streamline OPTIONS, but they really shouldn’t be removing depth from the game in my view.

    As long as they kept the data board for race simulation I'm fine with it, which they didn't so I'm indeed quite upset (or did I just missed it?). 

    They should also just combined the fuel and tire wear simulation with race strategy simulation if they really wanted to streamline the system. Make Jeff to tell you to run with different variants of pace during the race simulation to complete those challenges and data collections. That would also justified the reason to run the full 5 laps program instead of just 3 laps, hardcore players would also be benefited by that because of more precise data on the strategies. 

    Also let Jeff to recommend you to use different tires (in random fashion) for the each programs instead of the same presets every single time. We can already make our own decision now, but I think it would be more immersive if you engineer tries to tell you what different data the team wants to collect every race. 

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  10. 3 hours ago, RedDevilKT said:

    Hey, why don't you tell us how you're earning XP very quickly? 😛 Congrats on completing it already though but unfortunately we can't bring it forward 

    OP is definitely a bit hardcore LOL

    Though I'm also almost done with it too so I can't wait for the next one to come, I just want more liveries and decals to play with! (Also can you ask if it's possible to make the decals purchased from the shop and podium pass to be usable as cosmetic item in MyTeam as well?...a shame that I can't use those classy logos as or pretend them to be sponsors 😔)

  11. 1 hour ago, Henricus12 said:

    About dirty air, would you really enjoy losing 45% of your downforce when following another car for the sake of realism?

    May be not that extreme, but I'm currently using 25% downforce reduction + 25% drag reduction on pc and it worked pretty well, I felt the slipstream is probably slightly stronger than real life (Though Daniel did reached something like 370kph on Spa with slipstream sometime ago I think), so I think may be I would tune it down to about 20-22% for the most realistic result (probably the sweetspot of realism x action).

    My front tires now definitely wear out faster than just 15% downforce reduction, but still not as extreme as real life I think.

    One extra note, I've also tried the 10% downforce reduction + 20% drag reduction recipe from some other mods, and I felt even though it might had provided way more actions, yet I think it was less enjoyable because of how unrealistic it felt (Hope 2022 proves me wrong, though LOL)

  12. 1 hour ago, AlexTT said:

    To add to this:

    when behind other cars, the front tyres tend to get too hot also. Doesn’t happen in 2021 game?

    I don't think the drag reduction effect is significant enough in the game to cause those understeering issue that heats up the front tires. 

    1 hour ago, AlexTT said:

    Well that’s pretty low.

    found this:

    According to the rulemakers, research conducted while creating the new regulations found that current F1 cars only have around 55% of their downforce when running one car length behind another.

    When presenting the new regulations, the rulemakers claimed that this number could rise to 86% on a 2022 car, with 94% of the downforce available at three car lengths (compared to 68% at present) and 98% when seven car lengths behind (79% currently).

    But these are baseline percentages that represent an estimated current value based on data supplied to the FIA by an F1 team, and a 2022 prediction that does not take into account how teams will interpret the new rules.

    Yea it's a bit on the low side, I remember reading an article about drag reduction under slipstreaming condition for an F1 is about 20% too, but I guess the low value in the game evens them out in some way. 

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  13. 4 hours ago, Bauer said:

    I did some experimenting and compared it to real qualifying results.

    A difficulty level around 78,79,80 will give the AI real life qualifying pace as far as I can tell. 

    One result for example:

    Baku 110 AI pole time = 1:36.2

    This year's real pole = 1:41.2

    Although still a bit ridiculous, but we have to consider how in-game track + tire + car condition are always or at least near perfect. Not to mention how our tracks weren't laser scanned, so lap times will never be truly representative to real life.

    Another factor is, if those lap times were done in Career/MyTeam modes, then they'll be even less true to life because of how upgrades are gonna affect the performance, and the same thing can be said to real life because they also upgrade their cars over the season or even have certain parts to fit specific tracks. 

    Unless the game could replicate every little detail from real life, the lap times will never be exactly the same in an F1 game. 

  14. 13 minutes ago, PSVwally said:

    2021 game version, lots of 2020 things in it. It feels like a bought a early version of the 2020 version with all the bugs in it and still missing a lot of new tracks with were and are used this and last year.  At this moment the 2020 version is working much better for me, so please fix the multiplayer.. How can you not have a working multiplayer mode in such a game these days?? Codemasters/EA did themselves not so good this time.  Really annoyed paying for a halve working game

    Sadly that's just how yearly releases sport games work, they have to reuse lots of assets to cut resources and development time, especially during this age where games are absolutely massive in terms of volume compare the back then. We'll be looking for a 3-5+ years cycle if they're gonna build things from the ground up with every release.

    Depends on whether they're gonna go full next gen with 2022, if not, I bet we'll probably see a lot stuff that're we're familiar there as well. 

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  15. 20 minutes ago, Neomo said:

    White menu looks great but at night its nightmare for eyes, strongly recommend to use night shift in windows

    Personally I adore the menu design of this year, I've a soft spot for bright or energetic color background menu designs. Though I also agree there should be a dark mode for night time, and wouldn't it be really cool to have different tones of menu to select in a racing game?

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  16. 22 minutes ago, diderooy said:

    Having to sign the same driver twice or the same sponsor twice in a single season doesn't speed things up...it slows things down (not that I mind that). I get that people might get bored, and I think that's the most likely solution, but that seems silly. Those people should just race 10-race seasons and will get the same kind of turnover 🙂

    Why would you get a mulligan on signing a driver you don't like? It's your team, you get to make decisions and you have to live with them too. 

    Thanks much for the response, friend! I will take a look at the possible workaround to see if it's helpful (on PS4).

    Well I'm sure lots of people are uninterested on F2 drivers while at the same time wanted to do a full season. Especially now that they've included the Iconic Drivers, I could imagine they would just wanted to sign them as soon as they've got enough credits.

    I personally think the current system works well for MyTeam at least gameplay wise (not Driver's Career though). If they're gonna stick with this current system, they just needs to do some touch up to make it work better (or more realistic in a way). For pure realism though, I guess there's no luck for us unless they completely rebuild the whole acclaim/leveling/contract system. 

  17. 12 minutes ago, diderooy said:

    I'm gonna put this out there and wait for someone to break it down for me, and I'm hoping to get an answer good enough that I don't go adding another suggestion. What is the reason for the contract lengths in MT mode?

    For the second driver, you have to give them two contracts...what current F1 driver has a contract like that? I'm sure plenty, if not all of them, have some sort of buyout clause, but surely none of the current race drivers aren't contracted through the end of the season?

    For the sponsors you sign, why are they so varied in length? It gives you an amount of days, but those days don't seem to fall with any particular timeline in mind. Mind you, I'm only starting MT for the first time and haven't gotten to the end of the season. But I'm guessing you end up with sponsors whose contracts cover the last few races of one season and then the first few races of the following season? That doesn't make sense at all. Why wouldn't most contracts you have the chance to sign run to the end of the season? I realize there are some sponsors that only appear for a few races in real life, but aren't they the vast minority (~1%)?

    These features are most likely design to speed things up, so you don't get a stale season with little to no change in between, imagine getting stuck with a driver you don't like for the whole season with no option to get rid of them. That being said, I do agree there are definitely more realistic ways to implement a contract system for drivers or even sponsors.

    If you wanted a more realistic or controlled driver transfer in MyTeam, you can try this method:

    But make sure to skip the backing up save part, I've tried backing up save in this year's game and it corrupted both of my saves (I'm not sure if they've fixed it yet), the method work just fine without it, just don't press proceed in the calendar and quit the game to redo things. 

    For career though, there's nothing we can do atm. 

  18. 45 minutes ago, SomaticCoast375 said:

    I join a ranked session which was in the middle of a race so I spectate the race. At the end it showed my safety rating going up. This needs to be fixed 

    Can't be unsafe if I'm just watching people crash 🤘

    Well, I believe it was just the game repeating your rating increase animation from the last race you've done and not actually increased from spectating. Like how the game first show you the acclaim level bar increase in career, where you know from the menu that you're level 2 acclaim before the first race for example, but then the game still show you're at level 1 and play the animation of acclaim bar going up to level 2 after your first practice...

    It's kinda difficult to describe by words 😩

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  19. 1 minute ago, sirio994 said:

    I was scared the AI would have been overaggressive, in particular in correlation with the new damage model in which even a small touch from behind could destroy your race. I'm more than happy right now. No problems with 1 on 1 battles. There's still a lot a of work to do when multiple cars are fighting and in first laps.

    They seem to be only aware of the car in front and the car behind. It leads to those weird moments where there no overtaking opportunity, cars are following each other and an AI decides it's time to dive bomb 5 cars and hit 3 of them...

    This year's AI is already slightly more aggressive at making moves than last year, but they still follow that trend of "If I'm not much faster I won't make a move", which, since all AI behave and drive in very similar pace or even in identical fashion, they ends up just joining that train in front of them. 

    At the same time they actually do have variants of behavior but could only commonly do it on players, because obviously humans could mixed up the situation for them to react in more ways, which is why players could felt the discrepancy in AI behavior between AI vs AI & AI vs player.

  20. 2 minutes ago, marioho said:

    @DRTApophis oh, Baku... To be fair though, the day we get an AI replicating what happened on that event we'll also have players left and right crying foul and shouting it's unrealistic.

    Well nothing could ever satisfy everyone, but I'm sure the more they could replicate real life or events that had happen would at least make majority of the dedicated players happy 😁

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  21. 15 minutes ago, marioho said:

    Said it in another thread, but the AI is one thing that is consistently praised by sim racers in the community. Even when labeling the franchise as arcadey sim, they still praise the AI behavior.

    It's a shame that other key aspects of the game are such a mess and that we don't get as polished a experience out of the box as we justifiably expect. More even so when little details go unnoticed, like double stacking in the pits. Or like they getting the rake profile of the cars right this time:


    For those with more hours in the game, is the AI weaving in formation laps and behind safety cars back to the game?

    They weave under safety car, but stop doing so the moment when the warning of SC is coming in is displayed, which is especially weird after seeing Max and Checo's double Red Bulls dancing passionately at a restart in Baku.

  22. 37 minutes ago, Evil Tactician said:

    Yes, those do exist, but you get a semi-random selection of 3 programme's every race.

    Race Strategy is always there it seems.

    I actually like it, it's more streamlined. The thing that took a major step back, is the menu where you pick R&D. That's the worst user experience I've ever seen.

    The new R&D menu is just atrocious, the worst thing about it is that the upgrade paths are actually the same as last year's tree, except now it's presented in an infinitely worse fashion that's unclear and confusing to the eyes. It's just a blanket that pretends it's something new yet it isn't.  

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  23. Although this year's livery designs in general had definitely try to address the issue from 2020 of decals getting washed away by the design itself, sadly decals on the car livery are still linked with both race suit and helmet that goes along with it.

    At the moment, in most cases where a design or color scheme of a car livery that would work well with multiple color decals, they won't work on the race suit and helmet without compromises if we can't select decals for race suit and helmet independently and separate from the car livery itself. We're pretty much stuck with only being able to make designs with only decals that are all with the same color, except for the decals located at the rear section of the car (2x rear wing, 1x engine intake, 1x side pods) because they're not present on the race suits. 

    It will really opens up quite a lot more combinations of color schemes we could use for the car livery if the decals are separate, I'm sure the designers behind the livery would have a lot more freedom too if they were also aware of this issue.


    Speaking of decals, I've also made a suggestion of allowing the use of decals purchased from the shop & podium pass to be use in MyTeam mode as cosmetic item:


    As well as an issue of some sponsor decals that are present in MyTeam mode, but for some reason that are absent from the multiplayer car customization:


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  24. 4 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    Since my main game mode is online it doesn't show the suit or helmet sponsor decals, only the basic design, I never really have to worry about it, I don't know why it doesn't, it would probably be a nice touch.. but that's CM for you lol. 

    I only focus on MyTeam mode so without this function is just a big stinger for me 😬

    I wanted to throw my money at the screen whenever a good looking livery is released, but sadly CM doesn't seems to want me to do that arghhhhh. 

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