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  1. Nice pick on the decals for the nose, sadly in most cases a car livery design in this game that involves multiple colors of decals will not work well with the race suit that goes with it. Only the stickers on the rear section of the car are free of this interference (2x on rear wing, 1x engine intake, 1x rear section of sidepods). Honestly, when can we select decals for livery, race suit & helmet individually?
  2. Sounds like it's the usual bad habit of where players are used to just squeeze the AI to take advantage or simply ignoring their existence and expect them to back out whenever you wanted them to. Respect the AI like you would respect a real driver and you'll have an absolute blast with this year's AI.
  3. I think decals are shown on the cars in multiplayer modes, just not on the race suit and helmet for whatever reasons... Speaking of decals in multiplayer, I've made a list of decals that are included in the MyTeam mode but strangely not selectable in multiplayer (which is the other way around from this topic): A+F Asiatic Dynamics Avolo Charge Equinox JPB James V.S. Jingshen Kassandre Niesga Ottoman Opaque Pacifico Painite Polor Sudu Zigzag Quite an amount of missing stuff tbh...
  4. This function has to be back. I used to be adjusting difficulties by just back out to menu and going back into restarting the race in order to change difficulty setting in the loading screen in F1 2020. Now I couldn't do that without that function, Then I tried just backing up the save and use save & load method to change difficulty, and you know what happened next? The game simply destroyed my save data and even the backup save didn't work, experimented it a few more times and it was the same result.
  5. I think the change of grip of the tires are a bit more linear this year, I seems to be able to read deeper and react to them more accurately because of it. I'm not good at setup myself, but so far non of the last year's setup I took from the time trial players work this time around, even the default setup works better in a lot of cases imo. Atm the only setup that seems to work consistently for me is: Even or sometimes higher front downforce than rear Very hard front/soft rear suspension + very soft front/hard rear roll-bar + high ride height (4 or above) And then I just go
  6. After some extensive practices, I actually find this year's car easier to drive than last year. Surprisingly the car had tons of rear end grip and could take corners like Suzuka Turn 9 much easier, as long as the car is on the grey stuff and not unsettle in anyway shape or form, of course LOL. About understeering, if you excluded the broken AI (which I believe is probably just a messed up on the dev side) on some tracks, the car really only unsteer on very slow corners, but you can still sorta fix that with setups or just adjusting your driving style a little.
  7. A detailed description of the issue. AI seemingly are able to take this specific corner (Zandvoort turn 7) at much higher speed than players could physically do in the same car, and despite tuning down the difficulty setting from 105 to 95, they're still taking that turn at very similar speed. I've heard other tracks have similar issue, which I've tested Silverstone, Spa, and Austria, yet this specific corner in Zandvoort is way worse than any of those tracks. Platform? PC Game-mode? So far I've only tested Grand Prix mode, but I'm assuming Ai would be even faster in
  8. A detailed description of the issue. Numbers of sponsor decals which are available in the MyTeam's customization are unavailable in the main menu's customization, also vice-versa. Report Code CECT-GVHA-PDGA-GKMG Platform? PC Game-mode? MyTeam Customization [Car Livery], Customization [Car Livery] What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. I believe this is just an issue with contents that were forgotten to implement for different game modes during the development process, I've tried reinstalling the game, but no differenc
  9. RGB and many other decals (Not including the new ones from the shop added in 2021) are only available in the MyTeam customization tab, but not in the one in the main menu where you customize the FOM car liveries for multiplayer or time trial use. I'll probably make a list of missing decals and make a bug report later.
  10. I also think they've changed some of the profile of some of the kerbs, some of them are actually easier to ride over than last year which was literally like ice. The issue seems to be just the massive vibration the car had when you've hit them with a aggressive angle, drove onto them smoothly and they felt just like last year's kerb. And I agree, I like it this way, the new challenge really gave the game a different feel to keep it fresh, and when you're able to conquer them it's very rewarding!
  11. I thought that was the case at first, until I'm starting to get used to it, as well as seeing the difference between a bad car & a good car. What I've noticed is that, the new game MyTeam car was absolute garbage dealing with the kerbs. But then when I started driving the Mercedes and Redbull, the story is totally different, they ride the kerbs like dream, well, still a bit trickier than 2020 but the difference is dramatic. It's definitely the benefits of having significantly better aero or chassis.
  12. I've noticed the RGB logo in MyTeam mode is missing in the selection of the customization tab in the main menu. Along with that, I think there might also be a few from last year's game also missing (Such as ZigZag), but I haven't been able to confirm whether those decals are absent entirely from the game, or just like the situation of RGB. Did anyone gone far enough into the MyTeam career to have a full list of sponsor in this year's game? (Both Primary and Secondary) Also...to the dev, can we have those decals purchased from the shop be usable in MyTeam as purely cosmetic item? See
  13. AI is stronger, and the cars are trickier to drive this year, but this is no bug and nothing needs fixing. There're still some monsters out there almost winning against 110% AI in Monaco with a bloody Haas you know? Just practice hard, that's all I've gotta say, it's worth it.
  14. Yea I've just started to dig into the multiplayer last night, have to agree with you...it's kind of in a rough stage right now, though I'm sure most of these will be patch at some point since so many are having it.
  15. I voted for cut story mode and focus on Career/My Team. Braking Point had some decent cutscenes, characters and storyline, though I dropped it after just 2 chapters (and just watch the cutscenes on YouTube). Because personally I've already went way past the point where I would get excited on doing scenario challenges in a racing game, it's just very boring for me. MyTeam/Career in this franchise is what really separate it from most other racing titles, there's still an enormous amount of potential yet to be discovered. If the resources had to be reallocate from it to a new story mod
  16. Nothing is wrong here, to be blunt, setup doesn't suddenly make everyone drives like Senna. Ask some of the driving gods around the leaderboard and they'll be very happy to proof you can do just the same as the hardest AI or even way more than the AI could ever hope for. Those high difficulty settings are designed for them, so for us regular mortals, just tune it down, there's nothing to be ashamed of to do so.
  17. With a good headset it was fantastic, really love how "weighty" the noise felt in the cockpit 💯 The shifting was like punching through your body.
  18. Interesting, I guess luckily I don't play multiplayer all that much to encounter the bugs (Still have PTSD getting taken out of lap 1 after all the waiting time in the lobby lol). Well, last year's game was actually not that bad either, CM's game was never really that bad in terms of bugs compare to many others in the market nowadays tbh. Haha I bet my system is probably too weak to tell a difference lmao (can't even run max settings without feeling fps drop lol).
  19. Though there really weren't as many bug this year isn't it? I myself have put quite many hours in MyTeam since the early release and still haven't encounter a single bug, like for real. I think the game is actually quite polished this time.
  20. Because Sainz is about to take over the world.
  21. Not entirely sure yet since I haven't reach far enough into the season, but I felt Hamilton is slightly stronger now compare with last year, he out qualified win races over Bottas in about a 50:50 ratio....which indicated Bottas is still a bit too strong that's for sure 😬
  22. Wait, is this actually true? I've been finding China being last would be really weird.
  23. Throttle control, my friend. There's no issue with driving without traction control on wet surface in this game, and I even find it easier than dry condition because the pace is much slower so it doesn't require as much reflexes and precision, therefore more forgiving.
  24. First, is it MyTeam mode? If yes, the base MyTeam car is very heavy and has quite a lot of drag, try to upgrade drag reduction because it will helps out massively. You can also try to pick a more powerful engine from the start, engine upgrades are extremely OP. Second, what's you downforce setting? If the AI still follows last year's trend, then they're probably gonna use default setup for every track. The default setup is 16 points of downforce in total, try to either match it or go slightly lower if your car still has too much drag. Third, sometimes it's just a misconception
  25. I lowered the difficulty by about 5% on average so far (used to be 105-110 depends on track), though that might have something to do with not having optimized setups yet, I'm just focusing on making the car easier to drive so I can do consistent lap times.
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