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  1. First, is it MyTeam mode? If yes, the base MyTeam car is very heavy and has quite a lot of drag, try to upgrade drag reduction because it will helps out massively. You can also try to pick a more powerful engine from the start, engine upgrades are extremely OP. Second, what's you downforce setting? If the AI still follows last year's trend, then they're probably gonna use default setup for every track. The default setup is 16 points of downforce in total, try to either match it or go slightly lower if your car still has too much drag. Third, sometimes it's just a misconception
  2. I lowered the difficulty by about 5% on average so far (used to be 105-110 depends on track), though that might have something to do with not having optimized setups yet, I'm just focusing on making the car easier to drive so I can do consistent lap times.
  3. That's interesting, well I guess we'll need to wait till what CM is gonna do to the car performance, I heard they're working on a patch of rebalancing.
  4. Was it done in Career/MyTeam mode though? The upgrades' effect are massive in this game.
  5. Obviously, the max difficulty settings are build for people like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UY7YrfdnI5g Although I do agree the cars are a bit too fast this year compare to real life (which probably has something to do with engine power), if it's too hard for you then you should tune the difficulty lower, it's not a shameful thing to do. Not everyone here is a monster like the video above, but for those who are very good at this game they would be looking for more challenge which is exactly what this year's game did.
  6. Aha so that's why, man, tough luck for our golden boy Mazepin then LOLZ (Gotta try to find a way to replace Mazepin with Shwartzman in Haas then so I don't need to see that random flag anymore, such an eye-sore lol)
  7. But how come Robert could still retain his Russian flag in the game?
  8. I'm not sure whether it's a miss or intentional, but Mazepin has the "Other" flag while his fellow Russian Robert Shwartzman still has the Russian flag. hate him or not, I still have to say it looks really weird to have a random flag shown on the grid instead of a proper country flag.
  9. I was hoping to make a Casper MyTeam career, but just figured out his audio name doesn't even exist...it's a small thing, but still quite a disappointment tbh.
  10. Well, I guess this is that one thing CM managed to authentically replicate real life LOL
  11. Well Jeff was just trying his hardest to drag that Kimi and Yuki out of us.
  12. Arghhhhhhh my OCD is coming out STOP IT!!!
  13. Strongly agree! There should even be options to alter weather and race time like the Grand prix mode, the Career/Myteam modes re-playability would be literally off the chart if these options are available. If somehow it has something to do with limitation made by FOM, I wonder if it's possible to convince them and make it the way it is now on just the first season, then opens/unlock it for 2nd season and onward.
  14. If it's MyTeam mode there isn't an option to turn it off even in last year's game. Only driver career has it.
  15. If this is MyTeam mode, you can try this: I've found the method to control Ai drivers to sign with specific team Since the market system is pretty much identical as F1 2020, I assume this method will still work.
  16. Well my save just got corrupted, usually I backup my save every session in a race so if there's some major change I wanna make I can just use the backup save to go back in time, that's what I did in F1 2020 and had no issue at all. But my first attempt on this in this year's game, it corrupted my file, even the backup save was corrupted. I guess now I have to start all over, but what is this? By design? or just a bug? Also PC here, btw
  17. There's nothing broken here, try to do Race Strategy in practice for the game to calculate your average fuel usage per lap, then in the race they'll give you the more precise fuel load/lap. After that it's all about your own fuel management ability, I could go one-lap down on fuel in 50% race with no issue at all, I bet the more experience drivers could go way below that without losing much pace.
  18. I was really excited that there're and will be more decals added to the game this year, but at the same time disappointed that they aren't integrated into the MyTeam mode as sponsors...and it made me wonder, why can't we just have those decals purely as cosmetic item in the MyTeam car just like the way they are in the multiplayer modes? I always think only having 5 sponsors in MyTeam was a bit lacking, but if we can use those special decals bought from the shop and podium pass, we can then pretend them to be extra sponsors and make the MyTeam car looks more "realistic" like the real teams
  19. It seems like some dialogues that we had in F1 2020 from the commentators at the beginning of the first race are missing in this year's game. It was the ones that talk about how there're now 11 teams on the grid and the new team is run by an owner driver or something along those lines. It was quite subtle but I really like how they mention it and it created good amount of immersion and made me feel special...without those lines this year it felt like "so my team is quite forgettable huh?" LOLZ Hope CM could add it back into game.
  20. Absolutely fantastic approach. I was starting to get more and more comfortable at catching the 110% Ai in F1 2020, now it's all back to square one, struggling like Riccardo in his McLaren with the new car's handling and strong Ai, and I love it LOL
  21. It literally took 30 minutes for me to used up all 3 slots because I was experimenting things, you can give me 10 slots and it still won't be anywhere enough in the long term.
  22. I have to agree on this. Can't believe I have to relive the struggling 90's in 2021...who made that decision to dropped the save slots from 6 (which was bad enough) to only 3 in total for both game modes LOL
  23. So it's literally already out for the Deluxe pre-order players worldwide huh? But I would assume podium pass should not yet be available until it's official release date, right?
  24. Almost looked like they intentionally trying to not show you that, for something as intriguing as the word "Custom Season" it's kinda sus that all three of them didn't even mention its existence LOL
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