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  1. 20 minutes ago, Bicarda said:

    Happy to hear that myteam is working properly. Might give it a try. 

    Multiplayer on the other hand is once again a mess.

    Lobbies are still loading forever, with no way for the host to progress, kick the people responsible, etc. 
    Huge screenfreeze for everyone on start of one shot quali hotlap. 
    Races (or quali) end prematurely sometimes. 
    League mode is still unusable (3rd game in a row. such a waste of time as it is) 
    Safety car still gets confused about positions sometimes and randomly stops and lets everybody past. 
    annoying things like the rpm glitch are still not fixed (tho this is a minor complaint compared to the rest.. it's very anoying driving side by side with someone who has it) 

    And those are just the thing i noticed in like the first 6 races i did. 
    I'm veeeeeeeeeery sure we will find loads and loads more new and exciting ones when the league races start and we're actually gonna do 50% or longer races. 

    I really hope they DO make the bugfixing their top priority and make the game work first, so leagues don't have that many issues. And after that is done, start looking at fixing the order of the bot train. 

    Yea I've just started to dig into the multiplayer last night, have to agree with you...it's kind of in a rough stage right now, though I'm sure most of these will be patch at some point since so many are having it. 

  2. I voted for cut story mode and focus on Career/My Team.

    Braking Point had some decent cutscenes, characters and storyline, though I dropped it after just 2 chapters (and just watch the cutscenes on YouTube). Because personally I've already went way past the point where I would get excited on doing scenario challenges in a racing game, it's just very boring for me. 

    MyTeam/Career in this franchise is what really separate it from most other racing titles, there's still an enormous amount of potential yet to be discovered. If the resources had to be reallocate from it to a new story mode that would only takes less than 1% of my playtime (I spent 1500+ hours on last year's MyTeam mode), then I would strongly object the decision.

    I mean...once you've finished the story, that's it, there's nearly zero replay value, while I could go on and on with the careers. Being a new person with every new save, facing different and unknown circumstances every time I hit the track, I write my own story, there's unlimited replayability

    Though that being said, it's just my opinion, F1 franchise is aim for the regular masses so I could see the reason behind the marketing decision of having Braking Point as the focal point, especially after seeing how successful Drive To Survive had become. It's just that, it really sucks for us really dedicated players knowing the focus in the development this year won't be entirely on the game mode that we most loved.

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  3. 43 minutes ago, MPHGP817 said:

    I’ve noticed that too. The best examples I can think of off the top of my head are the final turns in Austria, Copse and the corners after at Silverstone, and Pouhon at Spa. No matter how much downforce I put on and no matter how I played with the Diff I couldn’t go as fast as the AI. I was losing 0.150-0.300 a lap at those corners. I’m in the Mercedes and I still had a hard time.


    33 minutes ago, Luke1991 said:

    Agreed. On previous games I played on 104 but I’ve had to drop it down to 99 just to be able to compete. Sector 2 at Silverstone is joke. Same goes for sector 2 at Barcelona. They’re the only 2 tracks I’ve tried against the AI so far. Please address this codies. 

    Nothing is wrong here, to be blunt, setup doesn't suddenly make everyone drives like Senna.

    Ask some of the driving gods around the leaderboard and they'll be very happy to proof you can do just the same as the hardest AI or even way more than the AI could ever hope for. Those high difficulty settings are designed for them, so for us regular mortals, just tune it down, there's nothing to be ashamed of to do so.

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  4. 9 hours ago, svensenk86 said:

    Agree here and pointed this already in the impressions threat. The sound of the cars is stunning 👌 the helmet mix is a great addition. Not sure if i will use it though as the "normal" sound is so good. Thanks for this guys 

    With a good headset it was fantastic, really love how "weighty" the noise felt in the cockpit 💯

    The shifting was like punching through your body. 

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  5. 1 minute ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I think there are some pretty major graphical bugs across all platforms and at least yesterday there seemed to be big multiplayer issues. I think wheel support issues for some are game breaking. Lapped cars not being ghosted in multiplayer is a big issue too actually. I'm probably missing other issues important to some.

    Beyond this I this we're in a similar state to last year I think.

    Interesting, I guess luckily I don't play multiplayer all that much to encounter the bugs (Still have PTSD getting taken out of lap 1 after all the waiting time in the lobby lol). Well, last year's game was actually not that bad either, CM's game was never really that bad in terms of bugs compare to many others in the market nowadays tbh.

    1 minute ago, Ultra3142 said:

    To clarify, by 'graphical bugs' I meant the overall image quality not being where it should be, not the occasional glitch.

    Haha I bet my system is probably too weak to tell a difference lmao (can't even run max settings without feeling fps drop lol). 

  6. 43 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I expect Codemasters will be prioritising bug fixes right now. I certainly hope they are.

    Though there really weren't as many bug this year isn't it? I myself have put quite many hours in MyTeam since the early release and still haven't encounter a single bug, like for real. I think the game is actually quite polished this time.

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  7. Just now, azombie1223 said:

    First season of My Team and he is dominant. I guess Botta is still our Overlord for F1


    Not entirely sure yet since I haven't reach far enough into the season, but I felt Hamilton is slightly stronger now compare with last year, he out qualified win races over Bottas in about a 50:50 ratio....which indicated Bottas is still a bit too strong that's for sure 😬

  8. 43 minutes ago, UKDragonsblade said:

    China Shanghai is second on my season, after Bahrain. Abu Dhabi is always last!

    Wait, is this actually true? I've been finding China being last would be really weird.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Pawel567 said:

    Driving in the rain in F1 2021 with average or no traction is not possible because when I step on the gas, suddenly my car flies and I spin/land in a bandaid.
    Please help me with this issue of how to drive in the rain because for me it is impossible to drive and I hope they fix it in the patch.

    Throttle control, my friend.

    There's no issue with driving without traction control on wet surface in this game, and I even find it easier than dry condition because the pace is much slower so it doesn't require as much reflexes and precision, therefore more forgiving.

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  10. 2 hours ago, archie108 said:

    The AI is way faster on the straights. Is there a setting I can change for this? There's no issue on the rest of the tracks but on the straights the AI is way faster. 

    First, is it MyTeam mode?

    If yes, the base MyTeam car is very heavy and has quite a lot of drag, try to upgrade drag reduction because it will helps out massively. You can also try to pick a more powerful engine from the start, engine upgrades are extremely OP. 

    Second, what's you downforce setting? If the AI still follows last year's trend, then they're probably gonna use default setup for every track. The default setup is 16 points of downforce in total, try to either match it or go slightly lower if your car still has too much drag. 

    Third, sometimes it's just a misconception, the DRS + ERS overtake made them seemingly much faster than player, but in reality, you can do almost exactly the same as they did to you. 

    Hope this helps.

  11. 3 minutes ago, marioho said:

    It bothers me that the AI and the player for that matter are capable of setting times significantly faster than real life. And feeling that the AI sometimes seem on rails, just handicapped - like when racing in the wet in previous games.

    Now having to lower the difficulty is really a no-issue, in my opinion. I would me concerned if I didn't have degrees of difficulty to raise or fall back to, like 1 being too hard and 110 a piece of cake.

    Codemasters has confirmed though that it is intentional. The AI gets better overall on each installment. Then again, those parameters being satisfied I really see no problem.

    Out of curiosity, after getting used to the new handling how many points did you guys need to decrease in the AI level?

    I lowered the difficulty by about 5% on average so far (used to be 105-110 depends on track), though that might have something to do with not having optimized setups yet, I'm just focusing on making the car easier to drive so I can do consistent lap times.

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  12. 3 minutes ago, littlelasso said:

    No it was done in grand prix mode.

    That's interesting, well I guess we'll need to wait till what CM is gonna do to the car performance, I heard they're working on a patch of rebalancing.

  13. 1 minute ago, littlelasso said:

    Yeah but the current world record time around Austria is a 1.02.020, 6 tenths slower than the time Hamilton's AI set. I think that's kind of broken.


    Was it done in Career/MyTeam mode though? The upgrades' effect are massive in this game. 

  14. 22 hours ago, LJLiam8 said:

    Had to add extra components on my team due to wear, I didn’t get a penalty even though I should have. Anyone else having this glitch?


    8 minutes ago, littlelasso said:

    In my opinion the AI are too fast. In the previous game I could beat them on 110 difficulty with no assists on most tracks with the Mercedes. Now I am always atleast a second off the pace of the AI. The lap times they set are way faster than real life. I just did a qualifying session around Austria and Hamilton set a 1.01.470 while Max Verstappens pole time in real life was a 1.03.720. I rode onboard with Hamilton's AI and he is braking 20 or 30 meters later than I can and he is just lifting for a second and then straight back on the power through turn 7 and 9, which seems so crazy to me. 

    Obviously, the max difficulty settings are build for people like this:


    Although I do agree the cars are a bit too fast this year compare to real life (which probably has something to do with engine power), if it's too hard for you then you should tune the difficulty lower, it's not a shameful thing to do. Not everyone here is a monster like the video above, but for those who are very good at this game they would be looking for more challenge which is exactly what this year's game did. 

  15. Just now, marioho said:

    It would appear that Ferrari junior driver Robert Shwartzman will be permitted to still race under the Russian flag in Formula 2 as it is not an FIA world championship, putting it outside of the CAS ruling.

    From the article I linked above. Mate, and sometimes I think my condo meetings are complicated...

    Aha so that's why, man, tough luck for our golden boy Mazepin then LOLZ 

    (Gotta try to find a way to replace Mazepin with Shwartzman in Haas then so I don't need to see that random flag anymore, such an eye-sore lol)

  16. 1 minute ago, NestoChe said:

    I remember it had something to do with the Russian Olympics scandal but I might be wrong  


    Russia Banned From Olympics and Global Sports for 4 Years Over Doping. ... The World Anti-Doping Agency also barred Russian sports and government officials from the Games and prohibited the country from hosting international events.


    But how come Robert could still retain his Russian flag in the game? 

  17. 1 hour ago, SilvesterSaNN said:

    So lemme get it straight.. everyone in the game says at least once the name casper but we don't get it as a choice for our audioname? I'm a casper I want to hear my name lol.

    I was hoping to make a Casper MyTeam career, but just figured out his audio name doesn't even exist...it's a small thing, but still quite a disappointment tbh. 

  18. 9 hours ago, GrandPuba2000 said:

    Yes I have to agree with you, they are very inconsistent with the current release 1.03 not only in TT but also races etc.

    Silverstone end of hangar straight turn to the right is more inconsistent then last year, running too wide seems not cause any invalidations where you would expect them ( also with turn 5 on the astro turf and the curb, bit the same you experience with this corner in Austria ), this specific corner in Austria, in Bahrain the right hander corner 13 run off area and so on for different circuits...


    Well, I guess this is that one thing CM managed to authentically replicate real life LOL

  19. 13 hours ago, v12vanquish135 said:

    *finish quali training program, select pit now*

    Jeff : "Perfect, pitting this lap."

    2 seconds later.

    Jeff : "You need to pit within two laps, the tank is empty"

    Literally as I enter the pits

    Jeff : "Box this lap please, box this lap."

    For crying out loud Jeff, how is it 4 games in a row now that you do this to me? Selecting "box now" should overwrite his box instructions.

    Well Jeff was just trying his hardest to drag that Kimi and Yuki out of us. 

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  20. 3 hours ago, ssalter772 said:

    Don't even tell me about it, it's the one thing that drives me mad in terms of customisation, like the majority of other racing games have this. Look at the photos I've linked, one fits perfectly then the other side is slightly over 😂

    Please add this Codies! 



    Arghhhhhhh my OCD is coming out STOP IT!!!

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  21. Strongly agree! 

    There should even be options to alter weather and race time like the Grand prix mode, the Career/Myteam modes re-playability would be literally off the chart if these options are available. If somehow it has something to do with limitation made by FOM, I wonder if it's possible to convince them and make it the way it is now on just the first season, then opens/unlock it for 2nd season and onward.

  22. 1 minute ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    Surely there has to still be the option to this off?

    It would be beyond belief for me that they would remove such a requested, and already implemented, option??

    If it's MyTeam mode there isn't an option to turn it off even in last year's game. Only driver career has it. 

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