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  1. It most likely will just be a simple Championship mode with no acclaim, driver transfer or even R&D development, only with real results involved, no way it will be an actual career mode since you aren't competing as yourself anyways. It's just gonna be a gimmick mode, hope they prove me wrong, though.
  2. Let's steer it back to the topic. Personally I am all for something like a driver stat editor or team stat editor, the more the game is willing to gives us an option to turn it into a sandbox game the better. However I have to say the current driver stats and rating we have are quite vague and doesn't seem to be consistent across the board. If we simply just use the current system to build an editor for players to use will likely just ends in undesirable results, not to mention there's also driver growth involved in the progression which will make things even more complicated. If we
  3. Gotta love how there're people who're just like me 😆, I had to mimic the Ai slow start to make it "looks" more realistic in the replays LOL.
  4. I personally prefer to stick to one engine manufacturer per save, but only recently found out that I can only make 3 saves for MyTeam in F1 2020, so I'm wondering whether it would be the same for F1 2021. This time I would probably need even more save slots because I'm thinking of making an Akkerman MyTeam career alongside the other 4 engine specific careers. Is there any confirmations about this?
  5. 105-110% Ai here, with no formation lap. Most of the time Ai are extremely slow at launch, about a second off the line they would literally lift off the throttle to let you pass, only occasionally one of two of them would have a great launch and overtake multiple cars before the first turn. but most likely only about as quick as the player could do. Then into the first few corners, they usually stuck in the two-lane train and drive extremely slowly, allowing the player to easily overtake 10 cars before anything starts the spread out. Only after the trains dissipate then they would s
  6. You know what, in one of the seasons I had recently where Merc'S R&D was not progressing too well, Bottas could still constantly quali & finish top 10, while Hamilton would fallen to 15-20 until their R&D catches back up but still struggling in the midfield. Hamilton is definitely too weak in the game and there's no way it's just a coincidence, might even be intentional 🙃.
  7. It would be really funny to see if CM went all out and replicates FOM/FIA's inconsistent rules regarding track limits and other controversial stuff LOLZ
  8. 1. What difficulty should I start on? Hard to tell, we're not sure how much experience and skill level you're at in sim/sim-cade racing games. If you're like me, who used to play a lot in games like Gran Turismo or Forza, but usually only race in lower classes that are much slower in pace like modified streetcars instead of something like Prototypes, than you'll probably struggle quite a bit in this game at the beginning because these F1 cars really require quick yet delicate controls, any tiny error could cost you a fortune. If you're using controller it'll be even harder. I st
  9. I'm very curious on exactly how much the resources gain settings in F1 2021 will affect it. During late game (season 6th) in 2020, setting it to only 25% gain with cheat engine, even without completing all practice programs the regenerations are still a bit too quick imo.
  10. Well I didn't follow, but I find that to be quite a cool idea. I felt that it was more of a shame that they didn't go further and make these characters available in the driver market.
  11. (After months of crunching on getting update for all the tracks done) Breaking News: "FIA had greenlighted the proposal of racing on Mars for the first time at the end of this year!" CM: "%$%@&&$#@*!$&#%!$❤︎"
  12. More specifically, just the player car that seems to has extremely low ride-height during late game when R&D progression is near or maxed out (Downforce too high may be?). I've been watching replays and noticed that the player car during the first half of each race was literally digging into the ground while my teammate's car had normal ride height just like everyone else, I've tried increase the ride-height and it didn't help. Though, the problem seems to eased off as the car loses weight from the usage of fuel, but it wasn't like I ran a lot of fuel at the start anyways (alwa
  13. I believe Taiwan is not in the game (as well as in Gran Turismo Sport) if I remember correctly. Conclusion to this thread: Politics are BS and there's not much we or CM can do unless we wanted to get ourselves to be burn at the stake.
  14. I'm near the end of season 5 with my newest save and slightly ahead of everyone in terms of R&D, but my 100 rating Checo is still only fighting in the midfield most of the time. I'll probably try to hire someone younger next time to see if that'll change even though their ratings will be also 100, because it seems to me that the driver's stats and rating on screen actually doesn't mean anything, I bet there must be some hidden numbers within the game files that determine their actual performance. Also, if you've paid close attention, you would have notice that the stats of some driver
  15. May be it has something to do with the settings in the game option? I do remember there was a time last year when my controller suddenly lost all vibrations after a game update or something...but I can't remember how exactly I fixed it.
  16. Come to think of it, I do sometimes hear the noise from other people's controller when I play Forza back in the days. Though I personally still prefer the stronger vibration because I found the Xbox One version of it gave me a wider range of feedbacks compare to my Series X, it had a lot more depth to it...or may be I just haven't got used to the new one yet 😓 About vibration working on PC for both version of controllers, I just plugged them in and they works, I'm running Window 10.
  17. I just bought a new Xbox Series X Controller to replace my old Xbox One controller which had really bad drifting issues, but I've noticed the new controller has significantly weaker vibrations compare with the old one on PC 🤔 Is the new one not fully compatible with the current game? I've tested it with the accessory app which shows the vibration motors should be working fine, but it's very weak in this game despite I've set everything max in the options. I mean...it's not unplayable, but I would surely be worry if it's going to be the same with F1 2021, the lack of feel is really catchin
  18. Yea I would say it's a bit tricky to find the right balance. Atm even just random failures and penalties Ai had irritates me, but may be that's because it's an unfair situation since players are pretty much immune to those issues, it kinda made me feel like I'm cheating and they literally ruined many good races I had with Ai.
  19. They quite often spun out on that final flat-out turn on the main straight of Baku, touch the curb and lost control, then massive pile-up follows. Sometimes they hit the I'm Stupid corner and lost bits of their wings too.
  20. The Ai in F1 2020 could already make quite a fair bit amount of mistakes especially on city circuit and when they're under pressure. The thing is, Ai in some games are either trying too hard pretending to be human that they drove like 10 years old in multiplayer, or that they were so cautious at trying to "race you clean" that they'll literally make way for you to pass them and they ended up being slow and uncompetitive. To be honest, if you excluding practice where everyone is testing the limit, real life F1 driver don't really make much mistake on regular circuit anyways, they're
  21. Did you use flashback to redo the first turn? This strange AI behavior where multiple cars suddenly swinging left and right violently pretty much only happens right at the moment you release the flashback, but only about once in a few flashbacks. It can happen on any tracks, but I've only seen they do this on the straight. About the switcheroo move someone mentioned in this thread, that is caused by different circumstances. Usually just AI trying to make their move on one side but then the lead car close the cap and forced the car behind to switch side at the very last moment, it us
  22. On the grand scheme of things, the forum probably only represent less than 1% of the whole population of the game. I bet 90%+ of the players are unaware of the stuff we talked about like updating race tracks and other stuff in the forum as enthusiasts, so that alone is probably not as good as a selling point than having something "dramatic" like Breaking Point in the eyes of general public.
  23. Before preordering, I just wanna confirm whether or not the additional contents and bonuses would be available for other accounts within the group of my family library sharing on steam like F1 2020? I play my games with multiple accounts, so if it's restricted to just the one that purchased the game than I will have to consider which account I should use and stick with it.
  24. The Ai is obviously based on their F1 2020 counterpart but in a more refined package, which is a good thing since I haven't been having so much fun racing Ai in a decade until now. It's not perfect of course, but still miles ahead of pretty much all other racing games from recent years in my opinion.
  25. Yea...on PC you've quite a lot of freedom to shape the game into many ways you wanted. I highly recommend to invest on a good PC just for that purpose because it's well worth it, unless you're more focus on multiplayer.
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