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  1. 35 minutes ago, SolidSnake84 said:

    Last night I went in photo mode and the game froze. Restarted the game. When it load up, I got a corrupt save. I seen people talking about it on the PC’s. Has anyone else on any other platforms had this issue. 

    Well my save just got corrupted, usually I backup my save every session in a race so if there's some major change I wanna make I can just use the backup save to go back in time, that's what I did in F1 2020 and had no issue at all. But my first attempt on this in this year's game, it corrupted my file, even the backup save was corrupted.

    I guess now I have to start all over, but what is this? By design? or just a bug?

    Also PC here, btw

  2. 19 hours ago, DizzyG3015 said:

    well, of course it matters. What else would you get excited about at this point except braking point and better car damage simulation. Everyone complained about the outdated car performances last year. if they are like last year and Hamilton wins every race, I can still play last years game because that's not what 2021 is like.

     Tbh I prefer clean races so enhanced damage model is nice to have but that's it. Apart from that and updated team liveries I don't see much new in this game. we don't have the new tracks, my team is basically the same and I forgot to mention, the ratings are a joke again. Bottas 92, Ricciardo 91 😂 not saying its a bad game, I had fun with 2020, just that I am underwhelmed plus forums are there to talk about what could be better right? if everyone is just here to say how great the game is, that seems useless to me. Anyway, what is gamebreaking to you?


    On 7/12/2021 at 2:55 PM, JeremyKrueger said:

    did my first 25% race started with 3 laps fuel over target ran out of fuel with 2 laps left id say that is the definition of broken feeling like i just wasted a bunch of money on Garbage

    There's nothing broken here, try to do Race Strategy in practice for the game to calculate your average fuel usage per lap, then in the race they'll give you the more precise fuel load/lap. After that it's all about your own fuel management ability, I could go one-lap down on fuel in 50% race with no issue at all, I bet the more experience drivers could go way below that without losing much pace. 

  3. I was really excited that there're and will be more decals added to the game this year, but at the same time disappointed that they aren't integrated into the MyTeam mode as sponsors...and it made me wonder, why can't we just have those decals purely as cosmetic item in the MyTeam car just like the way they are in the multiplayer modes?

    I always think only having 5 sponsors in MyTeam was a bit lacking, but if we can use those special decals bought from the shop and podium pass, we can then pretend them to be extra sponsors and make the MyTeam car looks more "realistic" like the real teams with huge amount of sponsors on the car. If this option can be add to the game, then the decals in the shop will be much more attractive imo. 

    The thing is, those new decals look really good, I think it was a huge shame that I couldn't use them in more different ways, so please, CM!

    btw, I think some sponsor decals (such as Zigzag) from F1 2020 are missing in the main menu customization...please don't tell me it's intentional LOL

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  4. It seems like some dialogues that we had in F1 2020 from the commentators at the beginning of the first race are missing in this year's game. It was the ones that talk about how there're now 11 teams on the grid and the new team is run by an owner driver or something along those lines. It was quite subtle but I really like how they mention it and it created good amount of immersion and made me feel special...without those lines this year it felt like "so my team is quite forgettable huh?" LOLZ

    Hope CM could add it back into game. 

  5. 1 hour ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi @armedhylander,

    Thanks for the report. 

    We do turn the AI up in terms of difficulty every year to give people a new learning curve to go on. I'm normally at around 103-106 each year, but start all years at around 85 and work up. Its just practice with learning the new changes and improvements to the game. Very much by design.

    Absolutely fantastic approach.

    I was starting to get more and more comfortable at catching the 110% Ai in F1 2020, now it's all back to square one, struggling like Riccardo in his McLaren with the new car's handling and strong Ai, and I love it LOL

  6. 27 minutes ago, ChicagoSeminole said:

    Of all the minor things to whine about lol. Cmon man. The game hasnt been out for 3 hours before the reeeeeee starts. How many fantasy careers does one need instead of just racing lol. 

    It literally took 30 minutes for me to used up all 3 slots because I was experimenting things, you can give me 10 slots and it still won't be anywhere enough in the long term. 

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  7. 18 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    Last year it was bad enough we only had the ability for 3 driver career and 3 my team mode saves.  This year we only have 3 in total between the two modes?   The ability to have more saves needs to come in a patch, no excuses!  What modern day game limits you to 3 game saves only?!   Unbelievable.

    I can't for the life of me understand some of the crazy decisions they've made with the game this year.   Love the new handling, visuals are a decent upgrade too, but the quality of life upgrades are basically non-existant.  It's pretty obvious every dollar went into "braking point" while neglecting the rest of the game and taking steps back in other areas.  I assume the other 3 game save slots went to the 2 player career mode.    Again, I ask why is the number of save slots limited anyways!?!?!  

    I'm stunned by this one, and quite frankly pretty ticked off about this decision.  It makes ZERO sense.  There better be an update coming to fix this; it's ridiculous you can only have 3 game saves between the two career modes.

    I have to agree on this.

    Can't believe I have to relive the struggling 90's in 2021...who made that decision to dropped the save slots from 6 (which was bad enough) to only 3 in total for both game modes LOL

  8. 2 minutes ago, Schneehase said:

    So - if you guys are interested to watch "myteam" career mode in lengthy live sessions streamed in the evenings, I am fancy starting a new playthrough. Feel free to request what you want to see 😄 will not be another F1 Alonso Alpine like below though, because they will be in the game already...

    So it's literally already out for the Deluxe pre-order players worldwide huh? But I would assume podium pass should not yet be available until it's official release date, right?

  9. 1 hour ago, pspps1 said:


    I was watching some video on YouTube about MyTeam in 2021, but I noticed that the 3 people I watched they all chose the "Full Calendar" option at the beginning.

    So, as an heavy "Custom Season" user, are in this option any changes or is it the same of last year?

    Thank you

    Almost looked like they intentionally trying to not show you that, for something as intriguing as the word "Custom Season" it's kinda sus that all three of them didn't even mention its existence LOL

  10. 5 hours ago, KNT2011 said:

    MY guess for this is it's either a championship mode and someone slipped up when describing it to a youtuber, who was the one who first announced it was a career mode. Or it's a one season deal with career style features such as car development etc. 

    Otherwise, it opens a backdoor to picking a licensed driver for a full career, and I don't think they would do that, or be able to with licensing issues, but certainly not without making it an option in full career mode as well. 

    As you say it's nearly here, we will find out! 

    It most likely will just be a simple Championship mode with no acclaim, driver transfer or even R&D development, only with real results involved, no way it will be an actual career mode since you aren't competing as yourself anyways.

    It's just gonna be a gimmick mode, hope they prove me wrong, though. 

  11. Let's steer it back to the topic.

    Personally I am all for something like a driver stat editor or team stat editor, the more the game is willing to gives us an option to turn it into a sandbox game the better. However I have to say the current driver stats and rating we have are quite vague and doesn't seem to be consistent across the board. If we simply just use the current system to build an editor for players to use will likely just ends in undesirable results, not to mention there's also driver growth involved in the progression which will make things even more complicated. 

    If we're gonna have a proper editor, the stats will likely needs to be a lot more specific into covering every little detail of a driver's ability:

    1. Qualifying (One-lap) Pace?
    2. Qualifying consistency?
    3. Race pace + consistency?
    4. Start light reaction?
    5. Launch speed + consistency?
    6. Overtaking ability?
    7. Defending Skills?
    8. Willingness of remaining side-by-side in corners?
    9. Aggression?
    10. Stamina?
    11. Tire management?
    12. Rain performance?
    13. Stress management? 
    14. etc, etc, etc, etc........

    Yea....only having 4 stats is simply not enough to distinguish driver from driver, for a driver stat editor to works properly we'll likely need to go a lot deeper.

  12. 3 minutes ago, MisterJes said:

    I typically just queue and wait until half a lap to start racing lol.  It’s just so unreal that I can even do that. I want to have real race starts but race starts are so easy it’s like cheating. At least for me. 

    Gotta love how there're people who're just like me 😆, I had to mimic the Ai slow start to make it "looks" more realistic in the replays LOL.

  13. I personally prefer to stick to one engine manufacturer per save, but only recently found out that I can only make 3 saves for MyTeam in F1 2020, so I'm wondering whether it would be the same for F1 2021.

    This time I would probably need even more save slots because I'm thinking of making an Akkerman MyTeam career alongside the other 4 engine specific careers. Is there any confirmations about this? 

  14. On 7/6/2021 at 5:20 PM, MisterJes said:

    Hey guys, I have been playing this game for maybe 400 hours now since it came out and I really think that the AI has poor starts.  I can always launch myself from 20th Pl. all the way up to like ninth or eighth Place every single race regardless of track. Does anyone else have similar experiences with this game? It’s totally unrealistic you never see this in real life I’ve never seen it unless there was a huge crash and somebody from the back of the grid got all the way up the front. Anybody else think that the AIs too weak with the starts?

    105-110% Ai here, with no formation lap.

    Most of the time Ai are extremely slow at launch, about a second off the line they would literally lift off the throttle to let you pass, only occasionally one of two of them would have a great launch and overtake multiple cars before the first turn. but most likely only about as quick as the player could do. 

    Then into the first few corners, they usually stuck in the two-lane train and drive extremely slowly, allowing the player to easily overtake 10 cars before anything starts the spread out. Only after the trains dissipate then they would speed up, and for the first few laps their pace would be quite fast and then settle down slightly after that.

    If you set formation lap to on, that's where the situation would become less predictable for players. The tire heat really effects player's car performance, if the warmup was done well you would have even more advantage than setting formation lap to off, but if your tires are cool the Ai would have massive advantage over you. If you skip the formation lap, your tires would usually be too cold and put you at a really bad situation for the first half of the lap, that's what I usually do if I wants to make my life harder 😆

  15. 3 hours ago, Schneehase said:

    I really think that Codies should have done a Bottas hotfix for this in the 2020 game (and I still do, I dont think its asking too much). The reason this has not been corrected earlier seems to be that Bottas being Hamilton in disguise was not consistent over all game modes, so the player reports about it were mixed. When Codies staff realized and to a certain extent admitted this problem (mainly in "myteam" mode with high AI settings) it was already very late.

    Btw I just finished another F1 2020 myteam season 1 playthrough, and Bottas has been crowned champion. He did it 1 race before the season was over, Lewis was runner up, then Max. As far as I can remember in all my myteam season one playthroughs Mercedes shared ranks 1+2. Comparing that to reality is difficult and non-immersive for me, since either teams, Mercedes and RedBull, feature such strong #1 drivers and weak wingmen IRL (at least that was the case until 2020 ended). The game in its current state does not reflect this at all, its always closer between Bottas and Lewis, than between Mercedes and RedBull. Which is a shame, it should not be so hard to fix it.

    F1 2020 is an awesome game and I will for sure play it some more time, but Bottas will always be there to dampen my immersion 🙄

    You know what, in one of the seasons I had recently where Merc'S R&D was not progressing too well, Bottas could still constantly quali & finish top 10, while Hamilton would fallen to 15-20 until their R&D catches back up but still struggling in the midfield.

    Hamilton is definitely too weak in the game and there's no way it's just a coincidence, might even be intentional 🙃

  16. On 7/3/2021 at 6:31 AM, SomaticCoast375 said:

    We have normal track limits which is too easy to corner cut and extend with but with Strict it’s always to the white line which as we in see in real life F1 is that you can sometimes go past the white line. So there should be a additional setting called Realistic so it’s mirrors what they do in real life

    It would be really funny to see if CM went all out and replicates FOM/FIA's inconsistent rules regarding track limits and other controversial stuff LOLZ

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  17. 3 hours ago, GlanePito said:

    Hey guys, I'm well aware 21 is just around the corner but I noticed '20 is very so I decided to pick it up on Steam for PC (will be playing with controller). I just have some beginner questions as I'm reasonably new to F1 (started following it last season). I would appreciate some advice/help on the following things.

    1. What difficulty should I start on?

    2. Should I jump into myteam mode straightaway or is there something else I should do first to get controls and gameplay down?

    3. My understanding and confidence isn't the highest in things like selecting tyres/strategy for qualifying and race, on the fly adjustments like fuel mix/brake bias/diff/. What do I do about these and race setups in general? Are the default recommended ones viable?

    4. Traction control/ABS? I've heard you can turn them off but I would prefer to have ABS off to keep it realistic


    1. What difficulty should I start on?

    Hard to tell, we're not sure how much experience and skill level you're at in sim/sim-cade racing games.

    If you're like me, who used to play a lot in games like Gran Turismo or Forza, but usually only race in lower classes that are much slower in pace like modified streetcars instead of something like Prototypes, than you'll probably struggle quite a bit in this game at the beginning because these F1 cars really require quick yet delicate controls, any tiny error could cost you a fortune. If you're using controller it'll be even harder.

    I started out at 100 difficulty.

    2. Should I jump into myteam mode straightaway or is there something else I should do first to get controls and gameplay down?

    Before I dive into MyTeam (which is the only mode I play), I went into doing hotlaps in Australia to get used to the physics. I'm not gonna lie, it literally took me a few days to get a hang of it and half way down that line I almost gave up because I just kept on spinning like a noob. Try practicing with the Haas car, it's a very nicely balance machine for beginners imo.

    The MyTeam car is quite tricky to drive in low speed corners in early game, I suggest you focus on upgrading the balance of the chassis and reduce drag at the beginning.

    3. My understanding and confidence isn't the highest in things like selecting tyres/strategy for qualifying and race, on the fly adjustments like fuel mix/brake bias/diff/. What do I do about these and race setups in general? Are the default recommended ones viable?

    On the fly fuel adjustments need to be practice and learn from experience. For car setups I recommend you look for the ones on YouTube and then adjust them to your own likings. Personally I would use their setups, then tweak the downforce setting to the range of 10 - 15 in total (value of combining both F & R wing) instead of going optimized and have them extremely low or high, because AI in this game only uses default setup, and I found that having a car with similar characteristic as them feel more enjoyable.

    4. Traction control/ABS? I've heard you can turn them off but I would prefer to have ABS off to keep it realistic

    You can turn both on/off.

    I would suggest you to have them both off from the get go, it would certainly make you game more fun and realistic down the line, the difficult practice is well-worth it. 

  18. 2 hours ago, Madmaz116 said:

    I agree with some of this , i thought the Ai was pretty good in 2020 in my opinion , best its ever been I think . I wouldnt be interested in pre season testing. , Customazation is poor on consoles , really poor. Re the 10 season career I think the only reason people dont go past year 7 or 8 is becasue its far too easy to keep your car developed at its MAX because the resource points just keep coming think and fast, I played with no track practice , and chose no events that gave me resource points and i was still able to earn a ton from the weekly resource thats given , its too easy!! Even with regulation changes.

    so yeh bit unfair to say some of it is "lazy implentation" but some areas could do with a facelift and i know some of that is coming in 2021 , cant wait.


    I'm very curious on exactly how much the resources gain settings in F1 2021 will affect it. During late game (season 6th) in 2020, setting it to only 25% gain with cheat engine,  even without completing all practice programs the regenerations are still a bit too quick imo. 

  19. 2 hours ago, Jobling1983 said:


    whats even funnier, is that over 500 people actually follow these characters on twitter 🤦‍♂️ 😂

    Well I didn't follow, but I find that to be quite a cool idea. I felt that it was more of a shame that they didn't go further and make these characters available in the driver market. 

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  20. More specifically, just the player car that seems to has extremely low ride-height during late game when R&D progression is near or maxed out (Downforce too high may be?). 

    I've been watching replays and noticed that the player car during the first half of each race was literally digging into the ground while my teammate's car had normal ride height just like everyone else, I've tried increase the ride-height and it didn't help. 

    Though, the problem seems to eased off as the car loses weight from the usage of fuel, but it wasn't like I ran a lot of fuel at the start anyways (always 1 lap down on fuel).

    Visually it looked quite ridiculous, and the car definitely make way too much sparks compare with other teams that are also maxed out (and even your teammate because they don't have this issue).

    I wonder if this will get address in F1 2021, because it really shows the inconsistency (on physics may be?) between player car and Ai cars. 


  21. 30 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    Is Palestine the only country whose flag is not in the game?

    I believe Taiwan is not in the game (as well as in Gran Turismo Sport) if I remember correctly. 

    Conclusion to this thread: Politics are BS and there's not much we or CM can do unless we wanted to get ourselves to be burn at the stake.

  22. 3 hours ago, morpheus47 said:

    Just thought of another question does the 2nd driver use the same preset , setup as you or do they use there own? Also does how much your cars are upgraded effect 2nd drivers? Because right now my cars are are real close to the level of team AMG overall. In fact powertrain and chassis is the highest. Im on my fourth weekend with Valtari Bottas and he has not impressed yet. I had him on another my team same thing at first even he was not good untill later so everything takes time in F1 2020.. And yeah it seems upgrading personal hasn't helped hes rated 99 overall has not impressed yet the second time.

    I'm near the end of season 5 with my newest save and slightly ahead of everyone in terms of R&D, but my 100 rating Checo is still only fighting in the midfield most of the time. I'll probably try to hire someone younger next time to see if that'll change even though their ratings will be also 100, because it seems to me that the driver's stats and rating on screen actually doesn't mean anything, I bet there must be some hidden numbers within the game files that determine their actual performance.

    Also, if you've paid close attention, you would have notice that the stats of some drivers actually decreases over time, it probably means that they're at their declining period, and usually those drivers will be much slower than other younger drivers once they've hit that state, even if their ratings are still higher.  

  23. 6 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    Hmm, I wonder if it's the cable I'm using then, assuming it's as simple as plugging one into the controller and the PC.

    May be it has something to do with the settings in the game option? I do remember there was a time last year when my controller suddenly lost all vibrations after a game update or something...but I can't remember how exactly I fixed it. 

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