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  1. My mistake. My practice gearbox was in really bad shape.
  2. I play on auto shifting and lately the game doesn't shift for me. I can drive 1 lap fine then the next lap most gears redline for like 4 seconds before the game shifts gear, same problem with downshifting, the car is in the wrong gear way too long. If I try to manual shift the game doesn't let me do it, nothing happens when I press my mapped buttons. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. I played 4 seasons of My Team when the game came out and I had a safety car almost every race, sometimes twice a race. I started a new My Team save a few weeks ago and so far after 19 races I have not had a single safety car! In my race in Japan a car parked himself 5 meters away from the road right by turn 1, you drive 320 Km/h there and no safety car came out! The flashback trick didn't work for me. This no safety car glitch is so annoying to have. I play on 50% race distance.
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