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  1. JosephAgnello

    Overtaking round the outside is too easy

    The AI never used to do this, when you launch the car round the outside of them at a corner, even when you are still behind them, they change their racing line so they get a terrible exit and it is too easy to overtake. The AI are still terrible on this game, I don't think Codemasters will ever design a good model.
  2. JosephAgnello

    AI still can't over take up the inside

    Are Codemasters ever going to fix the fact that if an AI tries to overtake on the inside, it gets stuck on the apex and can never complete the move? Just wondering.
  3. JosephAgnello

    My personal feedback @ half of season 2

    I think it's damning that Codemasters have basically not improved the AI model since F1 2014. 6 years and no progress. After the first corner, they still ridiculously queue up on their racing line, making it so easy to go up in the inside. They can't race wheel to wheel - if they try and overtake on the inside they get trapped on the apex. If it is just starting to rain, the model makes them pit at their scheduled time anyway. It's not good enough.