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  1. Hi Shockwalton, Have you checked that the folders you unpacked all the files into match exactly the ones in the regedit script? They would need changing in the script if you unpacked/installed into a different drive and/or different folders. I have an SSD system drive [C:] and I want to keep space free on there so I installed into a separate big SATA drive [J:] so I had to make sure to get the folders on there to match the regedit script.
  2. Good detailed instructions, got it working on my Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system pretty much first go thanks. I installed it under a "regular" (not admin) user (but I had to be Admin to do the registry edit). Couple of weird things I could use help with: When I run the game it changes my Windows colour scheme to green, anyone got any idea why? The Error messages in the registry entry for missing/wrong etc DVD seem to be irrelevant. If I run it without the DVD or with a random DVD in the drive, the error messages from the game are not those from the registry entry. Which l
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