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  1. please help us. I still have this problem and am really starting to think that it will never be fixed because its a older game. Please can this be looked into.
  2. yep still got this issue. Getting really frustrated now.
  3. can someone please have a look at the issue. Nothing I try is working at all.
  4. I'm still struggling. I really hope it can be fixed as I think it's something to do with Microsoft after the release on the game pass. So infuriating though as really want to play!
  5. still got this issue. Anybody got any answers?
  6. Every other game works on my pc and yet F1 2019 is still not working. Lost all hope now. No idea what it is and so disappointed I can’t play.
  7. I get about 120mb/s download speed. But there is no way for me to wire a ethernet cable. How do I change NAT types?
  8. sadly I have no chance of getting an ethernet cable. My internet to my pc however is very strong even without one. Is there anything else you could suggest because i’m desperate to start playing! Also how do I open NAT types? Thank you.
  9. exactly the same problem as me. I’ve chatted with xbox and that didn’t work either...
  10. Hi. I have just got F1 2019 on the game pass for PC and can’t believe this is still an issue. I can’t even get into the game! I have reset my internet, reinstalled, done everything possible and I still can’t play the game or get to the menus because of thisscreen. Please can somebody help me as have hadno reply on twitter. Thank you. 
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