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  1. saggyboobsock

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    I won't be able to add the report code, as the game doesn't get to the main menu. Literally the first online check after pressing any button on the first title screen is where it is not working. I've tested both links and they both show a green circle with white tick and successful etc.
  2. saggyboobsock

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    I am connected via ethernet, stable download speed of 100Mb/s. I do not have any issue with network connectivity or speed, that is not the problem. I have F1 2019 on my PS4 and it works fine (game bought via PS Store). It's just the PC through Xbox Game Pass/Microsoft Store that has the issue with F1 2019. I already know how to open ports for NAT - I've configured Modern Warfare on my PS4 and PC (BattleNet) and they're Open NAT type. The video you mentioned doesn't give the port numbers so I can't forward them to apply Open NAT, do you know these numbers?
  3. saggyboobsock

    No connection to network services F1 2019

    I am in the same position as SleekRL, downloaded via Xbox Game Pass for PC and the game doesn't get past the first "Communicating with Online Services..." screen after clicking any button on the title screen, sits there indefinitely, so I Alt+F4 the game. First open of the game I was able to go through the character setup process, but once that saved it went to connect to the online services and became stuck. Have tried many other times to get online but it's not working. Last attempt was 2020-07-31 9:54 AM UTC. I tried to find the ports to open NAT for the servers but can't find any info on which ports to use. Windows: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) Game version: 1.22 (but Microsoft Store shows 1.66.9979.0) Estimate of time reported for the problem: 2020-07-31 9:54 AM UTC Is the problem always there or is it intermittent: Always Any troubleshooting methods attempted: Restart game, restart PC, modem/router Title screen with version; Game version as shown in Microsoft Store;