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  1. Nuvolarix

    F1 2021 LAN please add savegame!

    Thanks for the tip but for now I would like to avoid the PS Plus subscription, my son is still very young From what you say the multiplayer online already has got a proper savegame, I'm wondering if it can also be added in LAN...
  2. Nuvolarix

    F1 2021 LAN please add savegame!

    Hi CM, as in the subject, I'm enjoying so much your game in Single Player because of the awesome AI but I'm also enjoying it in LAN with my son (and AI too). Only pity is that in LAN game you could even create a kind of a championship, chosing tracks etc., but there is no way to save the game and restart from there, having a drivers/teams ranking also. I would really love it, at least a kind of GP-mode save, which is not the best but better than nothing. BTW I think also GP-mode would deserve a better savegame, similar to My Team and Driver Career mode. Thank you if you may consider it for the next release Nuv
  3. @Monzie83, my 3rd party headsets actually have never been recognized (about mic), but I understood it only yesterday by using for the first time the supplied earphone/mic and I saw that "working" message for the first time Yes, my controller is set to never turn off (I play 100% distance), this may also be added in the troubleshooting maybe @BarryBL I did it again today and from my side I can confirm 100% working so far both in Driver Career and in GP-mode, not only race but also practice, just perfect! I love this stuff
  4. Hi @Monzie83, I have to thank you because your topic and more precisely your quoted UPDATE, helped me to solve my problem and finally get the radio working on the PS4, even using a steering wheel! In fact I did several attempts in the past but, I don't know why , I was always using my own headphones, mics, etc. rather than trying with the supplied earphone/mic. Now it works like a charme! In case other steering wheel players are in trouble with the radio controls on PS4, here my steps: 1) turn on the PS4 with the steering wheel already plugged in; 2) click the steering wheel "PS" button and enter the account (the PS4 mainscreen appears); 3) with the supplied earphone/mic already connected to a controller, click the "PS" button of the controller, after few seconds it will say the mic has been connected; 4) now it's enough to normally play F1 2020 with the steering wheel, the radio commands will be recognized through the controller's microphone (which should be positioned close to the driver, mine is right behind the steering ring). Cheers, Nuv
  5. Nuvolarix

    patch 1.15 equal performance in Time Trial

    I did some laps in Hungary TT, too few to feel the differences though, I will retry probably the next week at Spa. However yesterday (always in Hungary TT) I tested mainly the Red Bull in comparison with Mercedes and my feelings are slightly better in trail braking and traction out of the curve, always if it's not just my imagination
  6. Nuvolarix

    patch 1.15 equal performance in Time Trial

    Tomorrow I will give it a shot 👍
  7. Thank you to both @BarryBL @steviejay69, professional deformation
  8. Nuvolarix

    CM I'm impressed

    Here I was asking about...
  9. Nuvolarix

    CM I'm impressed

  10. Nuvolarix

    patch 1.15 equal performance in Time Trial

    Ouch, first of all thank you for reply. Are you sure about that? This would make it harder to pick out the "fastest" car for each track (IMHO) , while till now it was easy, just the Mercedes...
  11. Hi, I got it once again, having both the players retired from the race. @BarryBLit looks this is the key to reproduce the bug, I did it with the following steps: 1) run a LAN game with 2 human players (and all the others AI); 2) start the race; 3) immediately retire one car, in my case it was the guest car (I went against the wall and a SC came out, not sure if it's necessary); 4) retire also the second car. Before I completed one lap with the host car (probably not necessary), to be more precise I let the AI drive my car after clicking "options" button in my PS4 controller. These are the race results for the two players: host guest I reproduced the bug with 2 controllers and 2x patch 1.15. For a full description everything I wrote in the main post is still valid. I can add that probably there's also something weird about pit stops because (I notice it now) some drivers ended the race with 0 pit stops, while we are in a 25% race in both cases. Unlike the first post, now the race times at least look "the same" among the two players, just in wrong position. Available for any further clarifications or tests. Thank you and regards, Nuv
  12. Hi there, are the cars fully identical with the new feature or not? In other words, are they all a Mercedes with different liveries, or retain some of their own characteristics (perhaps not the engine power but something else) ? Cheers, Nuv
  13. Hi CM, I love this game in general and I love LAN games with my son, only stuff I'm missing there is the possibility to watch our race, replay or even better highlights... would be possible to add there the same feature as single player? If not in F1 2020 would be great also in F1 2021... Thank you for reading Nuv
  14. Nuvolarix


    Personally I’m now running a whole season of GP-mode with Dry conditions! It wasn’t mainly for weather puropose but rather for AI consistency. But once I was there... 😜
  15. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. After a LAN-game with my son, I faced a strange (big) bug about the race results! It was a 25% race in Austria with 2 human players connected in lan and all the available opponents AI in track too. We both ended the race with fatal damage: I was on lap 6 or 7 if I well remember, one AI car was retiring, I was very close to another AI car and when it has (heavily) slowed down I couldn't avoid it. The Safety Car went out, my son still on track, only 5 cars pitted, included my son who was at the bottom as the 2nd car with 1 stop already. I don't remeber all the others but Perez was the one who was ahead of him with pit stop done (this may be important to understand something about, please continue to read). After the race restart in lap 10 or the like, my son had a big accident too, fatal damage and game over. The podium footage started and I commented about Perez winner with Stroll and Gasly on the podium, while my son told me Hamilton did! So that I took the pictures of the race results, this is mine (I was the host) with Perez winner which may have a sense because he was the 1st of pitted cars during lap 8-9: This is what my son can see in his PS4, Hamilton winner: As you can see the fastest times are exactly the same (e.g. Hamilton 1:09,225 Galsy 1:10,471 etc.) but the ranking is completely messed up! You can notice also that not only the two final results are different, but they are also both individually wrong! In the host picture you can see Hamilton in P10 with +3,398 s. which should rather put him in P2 (same for P11-P14). In the guest picture you can see P11 Stroll (+13,255) and P12 Gasly (+17,186) which should rather be respectively in P10 and P11 ahead of Kvyat. Besides the final race times are very different and no one matches (22:23,345 vs 22:26,743). Platform 2x PS4 What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 2x 1.14 Game-mode? LAN game We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? We played 3 races in the same track and same settings, the wrong one was the 2nd, the only one in which we both ended with fatal damage and a SC went on track like described. How do you make the problem happen? Got one time, perhaps the previous description may help to reproduce the bug. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue None What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) 2x Logitech G29 Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Thank you and regards Nuv