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  1. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Hi and thank you for reply Is there a product ready to buy or could you share some pictures? I was thinking to the table clamps (if necessary with low FFB strength) because I may need to remove it sometimes, it may be harder in other ways, but at the moment I’m still studying the feasibility... Thanks
  2. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Hi there, I would have another question Is there any of you with a CSL wheelbase using it with table clamps? Could you please measure the distances in blue and/or red in the picture below? I have a kind of a curved desk and I need to understand if the clamps are long enough to work properly (e.g. the G29 clamps are just ok but even 1 cm less wouldn’t work for me). Thank you in advance 😊
  3. I can add/modify to my quoted post about PS5 at number 3), since the mic is integrated into the controller, just click the “PS” button of the controller and continue. It’s enough to keep it not too far when playing with the steering wheel. It works like a charme! 😎
  4. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Hi, thank you for reply Just to be sure, you mean the one I was asking about in the first post?
  5. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Thank you!
  6. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Ouch, really confusing method by Fanatec... Thanks again for your full explanation and yes, I will directly ask to them to be 100% sure before the purchase but it already helps a lot to have an idea
  7. Nuvolarix

    Fanatec F1 how many buttons available for Ps4/Ps5?

    Exactly and thanks, it surely helps! Perhaps with F1 2021 I may evaluate an upgrade from my current G29 although I’m still having a lot of fun, so I’m starting to “study”... The first thing that caught my attention is the poor number of buttons 🤣 but with a 4 positions-pad looks already much better. I'm still open to (not overly expensive) solutions also because the CSL Elite F1 bundle is currently unavailable at Fanatec Europe website. BTW your wheel is simply awesome! 😎 Reading the official website I didn’t consider it before because is labeled “PS ready”. Can it be used with a “basic” base, V1 or V1.1 if I’m not wrong (and “normal” Elite Pedals) without the need for anything else? Thank you again for your help Greetings, Nuv
  8. Nuvolarix

    Show % of used tyres when pitting mid race

    Yes and it would be interesting to have a clear picture of the available sets before the race when choosing strategy, how many for each compound, which percentage of usage etc. (and even better have the possibility to manually select them for each stint), perhaps it's just me but I cannot figure it out.
  9. Hi there, anyone using the F1 Fanatec basic wheel? How many customizable buttons for Ps4/Ps5? I see 8 buttons for sure (+3 Ps/Options/Share) but they are not so many for F1 2020, I’m wondering if the circled ones can be used too at least for surfing the MFD... How many usable buttons in total? Thank you in advance Kind regards, Nuv
  10. During the 68th lap at Interlagos (3 laps to go), I'm Bottas in P1 5,6 s. ahead of Hamilton P2 and 19,6 s. of Verstappen P3: "We have a problem at the DRS, come to the pits!" (or something like that). Actually I had DRS blocked on "activated" but, should I retire the car Jeff? I struggled a lot with lower downforce at rear but Hamilton reached me only in sector 2 of the last lap and I managed to win the final sprint (-0,185)! Very interesting and funny situation except for the comment This is the final corner (with DRS already opened) end_race.mp4
  11. Nuvolarix

    AI tyres BUG

    Yep, same here 1:10,low with (H)
  12. Nuvolarix

    AI tyres BUG

    Unfortunately not but I was at the box watching an Hamilton lap, one of those 1:08,9 and it was with (S), the game was showing that compound "live" at least. I didn't take a picture because I didn't suspect at all they would "become" (H) later About the laptime, in practice one Hamilton did a best of 1:10,002 with (H) for example, besides I don't think an AI 105 may achieve a 1:08,9 with (H) in GP mode at all. BTW I had ended my runs and was using accelerate time x3 after watching that 1:08,9 with (S), if it may help. I will check it in the future even if not it's not easy, I have to take "random" pictures in the first part of the session, and then compare them with the final results to show you the proof @BarryBL P.S.: now I'm on PS5 patch 1.17 and I transferred my saves from PS4, all is working fine
  13. Nuvolarix

    AI tyres BUG

    This is Interlagos @BarryBL
  14. Nuvolarix

    AI tyres BUG

    It was patch 1.13...