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  1. During the race... "ok, let's see if we can close the gap on the driver in front, he has a 5 second advantage"... well, I'm with Hard compound with tyres 6 laps old, the driver in front is Bottas who has just changed to Soft, and he is more than 2 seconds faster...
  2. Nuvolarix

    AI start with Soft tyres (P11+) ?

    Is there anything modified with patch 1.13 or just depending on track? I'm currently in Spain, from P11 to P20 almost everyone is starting with the Medium compound, only one with Soft!
  3. Patched with 1.13, is it possible? This is my Q2 of today (unfortunately didn't check Q1, I was in the track until the last seconds), first time I see everyone on the track except the top 2 in the standings Regards, Nuv [EDIT] PS: btw the top 2 ended the session in P8 and P10, safe for a miracle! So I guess really everyone should rejoin the track for a 2nd run, we could even add a feature for the top drivers "rejoin the track as last, start the run, and abort the lap if mathematically qualified" if we want to be as close as possible to the real, but ok, an easier full 2nd run would reach the goal as well
  4. "We are out of the qualifying zone, we need to push"... I'm in P10 OMG (Q2)
  5. During P3... "we have enough fuel left for just one lap"... but I'm already in the garage!!!
  6. Nuvolarix


    I link the post of my current rain stats here: I have to agree about "unrealistically dynamic" speech: actually once the track is heavily wet, it doesn't dry out in few laps in the real (like the recent Turkish GP), the transition should be slower in general and/or specific for each track. About the chance to rain, if not a totally manual setting (which obviously would adapt perfectly to the taste of every player), I like your "probability" setting, I would say also with lower values and be clear that a rain weekend should mean: - the unaffected weekends are totally dry (e.g. 18-20 GP in option 1) - the affected weekends have some rain which may be a) for all the sessions, b) just 1-2 sessions, c) during the race, etc. Regards, Nuv
  7. Nuvolarix

    F1 Esports ProSeries car power (?)

    Anyone from PC could take a screenshot of the TT leaderboard, let’s say Top 20? It would be really appreciated Searching for the best legit laptime. BTW @PJTierney, has Steam to be considered as PC right?
  8. Nuvolarix

    keep in memory TT bestlap video

    Hi CM, I really appreciate the feature to watch the replay of the bestlap of current TT session, I would appreciate even more if the bestlap video would be kept in memory, so one can watch it also in the future, not only after the current session. So there would be possibly two video to watch, the current and the overall bestlaps (if different). Today one must immediately save it in a way or another or the lap is lost. Thank you and bye Nuv
  9. Nuvolarix

    F1 2021 new Training mode (?)

    Hi CM, what about a new let's call it Training mode, similar to TT, but only private I would say and with some features like it follows... After choosing the track/time/weather/etc. (like TT) the player could choose how to play: - select the compound Soft - Medium - Hard - select laps number (1 or +) - select tyre wearing on/off - select starting wearing for each tyre - select the starting fuel amount - select on/off for fuel consumption - select on/off standing start This would allow a player to better simulate race pace, compare compounds, test the first lap, etc. without being in a GP/career with other cars around, retry and of course save best results like if it was a TT ranking, just made up only of player's own laps/sessions. Besides the leaderboard should allow the player to set filters about any toggle (e.g. all the compounds, or only soft, etc. + X <= tyre wearing <= Y + ...). This would be very useful for how I play this game, but of course I don't know if it may be appreciated by the most. I throw the idea there... Thank you for reading Kind regards, Nuv
  10. Hi CM, it would be nice if you merge the TT ranking from all platforms into one, if not possible directly in the platforms, it's ok also in a web page, like already done with F1 Esports Qualifying here https://f1esports.com/qualification/2021 Hope you can do it! Kind regards, Nuv
  11. Nuvolarix

    F1 Esports ProSeries car power (?)

    BTW after watching the performance at Monza yesterday, Tonizza was in pole position with 1:17,232 while the WR no aids in PS4 was (some days ago) 1:17,518. Tonizza is simply awesome but or their car is slightly faster than Mercedes TT or if not, perhaps they play with Regular Corner Cutting Stringency (?)... I really would like to know their car power.
  12. Nuvolarix

    F1 Esports ProSeries car power (?)

    Hi CM, I would like to ask which is the power of the car used by the Esports’ guys. Is that equal to the Mercedes in TT? And is this equal also to the Mercedes in GP mode and/or at the beginning of Driver Career/My Team seasons? Thank you in advance Kind regards, Nuv
  13. Hi there, I think same issue here just easier without any Skip session, simply trying to change one part (the first one) between P3 and Qualifying and immediately got that Warning. I didn't change that and went into Quals with old parts Cheers, Nuv
  14. Nuvolarix

    AI tyres BUG

    All my posts of today yes, they are 1.13, but I experienced the bug already before: my first post here is about 1.12 (12th of November) and if I well remember I should have experienced it also in previous versions. Cannot say exactly 'when'...
  15. Got once again, insane sector 2 in Zandvoort by Perez, this time perhaps I have important news... I'm almost 100% sure I used a flashback because a Racing Point (Perez?) went into my car when I was testing race pace with 95kg fuel. And I was just at the end of sector 2, not exactly sure if I was already in sector 3 when the incident happened, but then I perhaps restarted with flashback still in sector 2... This is what I remember. May flashback be the guitly? Bye, Nuv