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  1. Hi, my main points are: new handling according to F1 2022 cars; AI-2022 performance ready at the release (which doesn't mean no performance patch, simply no 2 months of 1 second faster cars in july-august like with F1 2021); a lot of more save slots in any game mode, included GP mode and LAN game; new tracks available at the release as well (or possibility to 'add' the new track in any already started and saved season, included GP mode and LAN game); brake bias back to the improved mode of the beginning of F1 2021 (or similar); weather choice in any champi
  2. Personally I'm running a whole season in GP-mode (because I like to play cars equal to multiplayer, without evolution) and yes, I desperately need savegame in this mode as well! This year my workaround is a double installation (!!!) of the game, both PS4 and PS5 version in my PS5, in one I play my GP-mode championship, in the other I practice etc. But what about F1 2022? Really hope something will be done! My suggestion: what about something like 20 savegame slots in total to be used in any mode (Career, Championship, GP, etc.) ? Greetings, Nuv PS: also adding the possibil
  3. Hi, here what happened to me today (patch 1.14) during the last 3 minutes of Q1 (GP Mode). The AI car, in its outlap, wasn't only keeping the line but it also slowed down a lot in the chicane! AI behaviour Quals.mp4 PS: I invalidated my lap just before the corner only because I knew what was going to happen (I had just used a flashback because of that) and I attempted a line as wide as possible hoping to avoid the collision but at the same time don't lose time, it wasn't possible.
  4. And in fact I was wrong, or in F1 2020 was different or simply I don't remember what I did the past year, however thank to your tip, I could finally change the names, everything fixed! 😍
  5. Hi and thank you for the tip, I will check it but I don’t remember anything similar in F1 2020, the names were just inherited from the profile. But I may be wrong so I will have a look…🙂
  6. Thank you to both @Meza994and @Revioli for the constructive confrontation, I think we are aiming for the same result, we all love realism but probably we still need some compromise to better enjoy a simulation game at this era. Hopefully we’ll get closer to realism step by step without losing fun 😉
  7. Ok, I understand it may be a risk, boring races etc., so let’s sat I would turn it into “food for thought” rather than a request 😉 Nuv
  8. Well, I understand that strategy may be an interesting “feature” but all in all the better the game simulates the real the more I’m happy. But just my own idea. However it’s surely minor matter also from my point of view in comparison with new handling 2022, possibly better kerbs etc. A new toggle like the 2021 one about the Safety Car could save all of us! 😅 I’m joking but perhaps not too much… 😬
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has already tested the new CSL pedals by Fanatec (link here) with F1 2021 (and possibly PS5), besides, especially about the version with load cell brake, how they are in comparison with the previous CSL Elite pedals (here the old brake LC) ? I read the throttle hasn't got a potentiometer anymore but a hall sensor, while the new brake LC is slightly different with a spring replacing a foam. For a future upgrade (from the basic version with 2 pedals) I would be glad to have some opinion about the feeling comparison... ☺️ Thank you in advance! Nuv
  10. Hi Codemasters, hi @BarryBL, I would like to share what the 2022 pitstops will presumably be like accordingly to Mario Isola from Pirelli: https://www.racefans.net/2022/01/01/racefans-round-up-01-01-4/ Most of the races will be a one-stop strategy, this would suggest a rework in the game too, I'm sure there will be many other things to do to simulate the car's behaviour in 2022, but this would be quite important as well IMHO. Both wear and loss of grip could be recalculated to ensure that the 1 pit stop strategy will be the most convenient in most cases (clearly I am referring to 1
  11. Hi, I rewrite here after a long time, the bug is small but annoying, would it be possible to fix it? I point out again that 'Giocatore Uno' means 'Player One', here another picture: In F1 2020 there was not such an issue, the names of the two players were correctly displayed. Thank you and greetings, Nuv
  12. Today a funny thing happened, after the race on my SimHub screen, I noticed a strange final lap of Hamilton in 1:59, in fact we all got closer. Studying the telemetry I verified that he had run out of fuel! 😄 This is the last lap of Hamilton: This is Bottas: Hamilton was missing 0,8 kg of fuel to finish the race properly, but he won the same (Verstappen retired after 5 laps). In fact he started with less fuel than Bottas (104,6 vs 107,8), this is lap 1: As long as it doesn't happen too often (but it's a first for me), it was a
  13. Hi there, asking for the revision in the subject for F1 2022, in short here what happened: Verstappen and Hamilton qualified with medium in Q2; in Q3 Hamilton P1 and Verstappen P2; at the start Verstappen P1; Verstappen gained around 10 seconds of advantage after 36 laps over Hamilton; BUT here the pit stop strategy: Hamilton with fresh tyres 1:13,5 (AI 107), 1 second lower than before: Verstappen who was 3-5 tenths faster per lap, continued and continued till lap 59!!! Going obviously slower and slower and losing not only t
  14. Hi there, I was thinking, during the race the blue flag works pretty well, the AI car slows down in the right places, lets you pass and then accelerates again. It should simply behave the same way with an 'inlap' or 'outlap' during a qualifying session, with the only difference in the latter case that if the AI reaches the last corner, at that point it launches for its hotlap without slowing down anymore. Hoping that the problem will be fixed soon, regards, Nuv
  15. The "pole AI 110" comes from a Short Qualifying session (18 mins) in forced DRY conditions, so it must be the very best they can achieve. Obviously 1-2 tenths could be improved by repeating the session more times. BTW the same conditions of all my other tests in this topic. Regards, Nuv
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