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  1. Absolutely agree! 👍 Personally I would keep watching everytime until the last driver returns to the box, but to keep also the current behaviour it could be added a “click button to end session”…
  2. This is a normal flashback, you can see it well F1® 2021_20210803111511.mp4
  3. Yes, it works with F1 2020 but it was a "PS4 game" only, at the same way the "PS4 version" of F1 2021 works properly in PS5, but not the "PS5 version". Bit weird but it's like this. Cheers
  4. Hi CM (& co.), without proposing more complicated modifications such as the introduction of new parameters (steering wheel / controller, etc.), what about to simply add filters to the data already available? Without major implementation efforts (at least I think), the players would have the opportunity to better understand their level and position, excluding for example those who use aids (useful for a driver who does not use them), focus on a certain period of time (e.g. the last month), exclude cheaters by setting a minimum time or even choosing the team(s), realistic/equal perfor
  5. Hopefully @BarryBLmay have a look here... ☺️
  6. I checked it also in GP mode and yes, same graphic issue in replay/flashback, here the video. It's not very evident, perhaps because it is night but it's there (look at the kerbs). It's like a fogging of the screen. I've edited the title and the first post. IMG_4539.MOV
  7. PS: I do not convert it in .mp4 to suit the forum to not lose quality
  8. A detailed description of the issue. After the installation of the patch 1.05 I have the graphic issue in the video below when playing the replay of the bestlap, after the session: blurred vision in the center left. Never had before (I can publish old video if useful). Report Code GCTD-EKBH-AXXF-BASC Platform? PS5 (version PS4 of the game) Game-mode? Time Trial + GP mode (I guess any mode) EDIT What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Close and restart the game. Close and restart the PS5. Change gamma s
  9. A detailed description of the issue. Hi, I think there's a wrong screen in the Race Director about Free Practice, I think it's the one related to the Race instead Report Code VRCS-HPHX-PDSG-BASC Platform? PS5 Game-mode? GP mode What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Just exit and start a new GP mode, same result Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. Prova Libera 1 is Practice 1. It looks wrong because 'Soste' (= 'Pit Stops
  10. Hi CM, today I launched the 2 players career for the first time, hoping it could work in LAN too to play it with my son, but unfortunately it works only online. I was fearing that, in fact I didn't speak about this opportunity with my son before to make the check, would it be possible to add this kind of game also in LAN? LAN feature is the most important of the game in my case, I can enjoy what I like together with my son, this is unmatchable, but there was no way in F1 2020 and in F1 2021 too to save anything (no slots for LAN game) so that it's just impossible to play a whole cham
  11. A detailed description of the issue. I'm reporting it as a bug as maybe it is, as I can't find any way to enter the name except in the 'driver profile', please tell me if I'm wrong. Both players are named "Giocatore Uno" which means "Player One" rather having the driver profile name (or a personalized one). Not even Player One and Player Two ☺️ Report Code EXGP-MSEM-GCSG-BASC Platform? PS5 + PS4 Game-mode? LAN game What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Just exit and retry, always the same.
  12. Well, this is absolutely shocking 😕 I hope there will be a fix somehow, perhaps starting from the "hybrid" use of the PS4 version as regards the voice control aspect, I don't know. Just thrown there, but I can't think of an F1 game without voice control 😢
  13. ... unless you install in your PS5 the PS4 version of the game (if you own the digital copy) 😶
  14. Hi there, given that I haven't raced much yet, if not a little in Monza, I add here the data I have collected as a comparison between F1 2020 & F1 2021 AI 110 with PS4/PS5. Some notes: -1- they are taken in a single attempt in GP mode, so they may not be super accurate -2- I still have no idea how fast I can run 2021 cars, so the table has absolutely partial meaning (for example I'm currently a couple of tenths slower in Monza, while the AI looks the same) Based on my experience in F1 2020 where at Silverstone I was struggling to keep up with the AI, I welcomed the cl
  15. Unfortunately I have to agree, I was already missing saving slots in F1 2020, with F1 2021 without the Championship Mode I'm quite in trouble on how to enjoy the season. According to F1 2020 features I was planning to play 1 GP mode 100% (dry only at higher AI) + 1 Championship mode 100% (dynamic with slightly lower AI), but now I really don't know what to do right now, besides without 3 tracks I should even wait for them... Just my personal problem, but a mess... 😢
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