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  1. drtRAL

    Soft Lock doesn't work. PC - G27

    I Had this problem too on my g27, but then I found somewere that you need to do in this specific order: -1st you need to turn off soft lock -2nd calibrate wheel -3rd now turn soft lock, and test *make sure you have 900 degrees on logitech profiler!! maybe you only have 540º
  2. Hi everyone, the co-driver on Germany verbundsring doesn't say a very important note after crest (square left; 1left or 2left) as you can see in this(my) video. I tried more than once and is always like this.. can codemasters fix this? or anyone knows a solution? *there are other very late pacenotes that need to be said earlier like in Australia - Bondi Forest, after a 6th gear straigth then there is a big jump and you need to land already braking for a square right, but with faster cars the co-driver should say "square right" before the jump! not on or after!!