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  1. What about a engine Update? Ferrari engine ist way too good. And especially the Ferrari. It’s disgusting. In reallife we all see how trash Ferrari and all teams with ferrari engine are. Mercedes should be miles ahead of all others. How much longer we have to wait, to get realistic car Balance??
  2. 1. Detailed description of the issue my friend and I are playing in a private League. And 9 Times out of 10 we cant get past the practice session. There‘s always a Error message saying: the attempt to submit results failed. Our connection is fine btw. Tried to start a new league, but the problem is the same. Hope anyone can help us. All we want, is playing the game.. 2. Platform Ps4 3. What version of game you are using? 1.06 4. Game-mode Multiplayer-League 5. what are your replication Numbers? we tried it the whole week everyday. Start practice Session, try to move to the Qualifying with my friend. Then error message occurs. Sending the results failed. Back to the menu, and we can only start the practice session again. 6. what Troubleshooting have you attempted? Tried to open a new league 7. what peripherals are you are using? wheel and pedals
  3. Can anyone help? After the practice session, we cant Go to Q1