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  1.  I think this is the best advice you can get. Well written.    I strongly believe that this problem is a two-way street.  If you don't want any problems you can easily avoid them. Unlike real life, you have very good methods to completely detach yourself form this negativity but you need to stay consistent. Either you in or completely out of it. There is no in between. I don't have any sympathies towards those who decide to smash people out in revenge.  I only respond to friendly voices and just simply avoid the people i know will try to take me out. Worked out for me so far  :smile: 
  2. NWRStorm

    Aor boosting

    Well, excuse my language but that is completely bullshit. As recent as yesterday I was racing that one lap time attack with you guys. After two races, one in your club went in to game- chat start throwing unprovoked pointless insults at me with a lot of beep words, basically saying I should get my f**king fully upgraded civic out of there. (it was a new one btw). Not to mention that I was taken out at SPA by your members. Now, I have never kicked you or any in your club, in fact I am never the host. I might have been in a lobby where you been kicked, but that's hardly my fault. I have never been abusive to any of you (voice or text) and I certainly never taken any of you out on the track. So could you please tell me, in what possible way have I messed with your club besides from winning the races? If you wanted to kick me out, I wouldn't have any problem with that, is your lobby. But next time you want me to leave during a championship, just send me a simple message and I will be gone in a heartbeat. I respond to respectfulness, not intimidation.    
  3. NWRStorm

    Grid/Codemaster's killer

    Easily, I don't think so, but still.... It's done with a keyboard. It's beatable, but not by much. What result do you get by trying it or you don't have Grid 2? At worst just look at the leaderboard time on the 360. Yes, im fairly confident that that time is beatable. Mercedes C63 AMG, fully upgraded on power only would have smashed that time by a couple of seconds I believe.   I remember a power lap around that route, the best times were 2.13 and that was Tier 1. Perhaps you could argue that is a hard time to beat with that specific car, but that's about it.  Oh yes the leaderboards :) No one really put any effort in them, did they?  "Ive beaten your time and ive only used two flashbacks!"  
  4. NWRStorm

    Fastest platform?

    No, 360 is faster, we have fanticUA.
  5. NWRStorm

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    Why do you assign a NWR tag that doesn’t even exist? He is the leader of R2W, another club. really????? I thought he was NWR, and had changed his name.  My apologies to NWR,  I will edit it.   No worries mate, I guess you will have to wait for the famous NWR tap ;)
  6. NWRStorm

    Stewards Inquiry Please

    Why do you assign a NWR tag that doesn’t even exist? He is the leader of R2W, another club.
  7. NWRStorm

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    But Camron, thats the Sport Circuit... They are talking about the GP Circuit, the one you doing in playlist. Its the same track dont know which way is faster though.   Ive seen a high 1.18, most recent by Dragonlord.   
  8. NWRStorm

    Only loaner cars in Time Trial

    Then don't? Your progress in SP has no affect on TT mode. From my understanding you get a fully upgraded car with the option to tune and always 100% condition. Seems equal to me.
  9. NWRStorm

    Q&A Thread - Part 2

    Can we pick the starting order again or is it like Grid 2?
  10. NWRStorm

    What do you believe makes a great racing team

    I’m going to look pass the fact that the answers are subjective and with a wrongful conclusion.  The answer number one comes with the premises the the fastest team can’t and won’t race together. I can’t recall any teams that don’t race with each other so that statement I find irrelevant.   Is quite obvious that you referring to a specific team in answer 1 and likewise that you referring to your own team in answer 2. Therefore is really hard to choose an objective answer.   I can only talk for myself and partly for my own team. In our team we all playing different games and that's probably the most likely scenario for most of the others teams as well. But with the release of Autosport I think the teams are going to regroup, just like the release of Grid 2.