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  1. Still no news on this?
  2. Hasnt for me. Logged out, restart, log back in, whatever combination you can think of. Still 'Communicating with online services' indefinitely. In addition to people mentioning the issue on here, the reviews for game the in the Xbox app have people saying the same thing. Its not an isolated issue
  3. Hi @BarryBL Same for me, I can get as far as the title screen below, once I click any button I get stuck at the black 'Communicating with online Services' screen indefinitely. If I pull my ethernet cable out it then lets me carry on without signing in, so I can get the report code: MMSA-JXCB-HXEC-GXEV. I can play the game as long as my PC is offline, as soon as it connects I get stuck at the same screen again. But I would like to play online if possible :) Both links to online services I can reach successfully.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion - that was my issue with Teredo but I fixed it ages ago using that method. All my other xbox game pass games work fine in multiplayer since. I've been trying multiple things to get this working for F1 2019 and still seeing issues, and given the threads for the same problem existed previously and for F1 2020 as well, I'm inclined to think that the issue is with Codemasters servers and their integration to Xbox for Windows. Bit disappointed no one from Codemasters has been able to confirm or even acknowledge after 2 weeks sadly.
  5. Please let us know. I've added extra exceptions to windows Firewall, disabled it, disabled router firewall. Still the same issue! Anyone able to help? I've noticed people have had this issue and experienced it with F1 2020 previously.
  6. Issue is still ongoing for me. Will not progress past 'Communicating with online services' screen until I unplug the internet, which I shouldn't have to do but I want to play online as well. I've just tried putting my PC onto another network - exact same issue. So its probably not my network setup. Would it be to do with being new to xbox game pass?
  7. Just went through a reset of microsoft store and an uninstall/reinstall of the game. No change, still stuck at the same screen. Any suggestions?
  8. Exactly the same for me as well. Downloaded via Xbox Game Pass yesterday and wont get past this screen (I've left it trying for the entire time of writing this post and no change): If I unplug my PC from the network it goes into the game but no online play obviously. If I plug back in and retry, it just tries to communicate forever again. Here are my XBox networking settings - my router was initially blocking Teredo and NAT was Moderate, but I've fixed that and still get the issue: Other multiplayer games, voice chat through XBox app work fine. Windows: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) Game version: 1.22 Estimate of time reported for the problem: 2020-07-31 10PM BST Is the problem always there or is it intermittent: Always Any troubleshooting methods attempted: Restart game, reinstalled game entirely, multiple PC restarts, modem/router restarts. Waiting and trying again in morning.