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  1. I forgot about the wear component when simulating a session. The Driver Acclaim comment is interesting, to cover both then it seems sensible to do one lap in a session where there is nothing left to achieve. Otherwise I’m thinking Jeff wouldn’t keep moaning about non-participation for no reason.
  2. I just simulated the last session and he still moans, some NPCs will never be happy! I like to do time trial to get a base setup then tune it slightly to the ability of the car which was super important in the first season since it was a bad car but less-so now. Just small tweaks which I do in Practise 1 with the first 4 practise programmes and maybe quali sim just to get the fastest lap for my sponsor. The AI never uses softs in first quali so it’s easy to get in. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any feature of the game and genuinely losing out by not taking part in those practise sessions I have nothing to do in.
  3. So I’ve been wondering, I can complete all practise programs usually within 2 of the 3 sessions. I’m on 50% races so I get longer sessions. If I complete all programs, exceeding targets on them all (usually but sometimes quali pace catches me out and I can only reach target). Is there any reason or benefit to even loading the final session or is it fine to skip and Jeff keeps whining at me for skipping them for the sake of it? I’m currently on season 2 of My Team and of I’m maximising resource points then that’s all I need from the sessions, right?