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  1. Yes, Even "unofficial" tracking works - ps3 eye camera.
  2. I think 2 modes + OT button should be enough. On medium you should be able to charge the battery a bit quicker than now. On high mode, you should be able to drive a whole lap and the battery should be the same/a bit lower than before choosing high mode. So in theory if you are leading, you don't need to constantly click the OT button to use some energy, but you can just put it in high and drive and after whole lap the battery level should be roughly the same.
  3. Another idea. I would suggest Q1 with the same length as it is, 10 drivers eliminated. After that Q2 which determines top 10 grid and of course the tires in which drivers got into Q2 are the ones they are gonna start the race on.
  4. All tracks laser scanned, ahhh. A man can dream
  5. Funny thing is, when you get damage MFD doesn't always come up. I was racing in Monaco and after a small touch the MFD didn't come up, but i decided to check it myself and I had visible almost yellow damage on one side of front wing. Then through whole race EVERYTIME one of the tires reached 20% wear(or multiplication of it; 20%,40%,60%) the MFD was popping like crazy through the corners. Honestly, It's just out of my mind what are they doing with this game.
  6. Ah yes, of course the licensing problem. Just like they can't add damage because of that..... oh wait.
  7. Did you drive all the race weekends with the same session length set? (Like, always 50% or always 25%, or did u change that?)
  8. Something that also would be very helpful is to make it that after selecting 2nd page of MFD, on the track map there should appear a circle with some special color (double/triple colored?) which would show you where (more or less) will you come out after pitting.
  9. The way of acquiring new parts (MGUs, Gearboxes, etc.) should be changed a little. I was thinking of this even in last year game, but i thought it would be done in the new one. So first of all, new parts should cost money, that seems pretty basic to me. It will be additional "thing" that you as a team boss should think about when spending money. The other let's say improvement is the way of giving penalties for new components. In real life, teams/drivers will take grid penalties only after they used up the available parts and if they are in need, they will take additional parts and take t
  10. I also don't buy the excuse of "it will be buggy". If it's possible to overtake the safety car when you are still not lapped (but SC comes in front of you and you are not leader), then surely it's possible to make it work when you are already lapped.
  11. Hello, I think something should be done with downshifts in the F2 cars. Specially to test it out, i drove a race week in the old game - F1 2020 with the F2 2019 and 2020 cars. The 2019 cars are just great in that aspect you can downshift earlier and it wont bother you mid corner. F2 2020 cars in old game are worse in that aspect, BUT still better than in 2021 game. All 3 race weeks i drove in Barcelona and ONLY in the new game i had problems with this, when you are going into a left corner sometimes you CANT downshift until you slow down SO MUCH that you are already mid corner and you have to
  12. It happened to me in last year game F1 2020. I posted a suggestion for the same change like you did and nothing happend even in F1 2021, so i doubt Codies will change that.
  13. Short track are not called "short" just for fun, I also think they should stay as they are now. What I would like to see is 75% races or atleast 66%, because 50% is a bit short for strategy to become a big factor of your result, and 100% races are a bit too long atleast for me. 75% would be a little over 1 hour of racing which i think would be a good challenge. Also when racing in singleplayer the AI would have more laps to execute 2 stop strategy that they are using and ALWAYS losing on 2 stop comapred to 1 stop , because of traffic.
  14. MaselkoZet


    My problem with sound is that when you have speech to max and rest lower something weird happens and some speech sounds are higher(like they should), BUT others are quiter (like they are not in "speech" sounds group).
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