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  1. MaselkoZet

    Realistic dirty air, slipstream and DRS in F1 2021

    THAT would have been a great addition, but i think that Dirty Air setting and Slipstream should be connected into one. And to not make things that much complicated, maybe just: -Normal setting(as it is now) -Simulation
  2. MaselkoZet

    Movable brake markers

    If You are playing full racing weekend(with practice sessions), then I recommend You to start playing with racing line only in brake points. Drive about 3-5 laps(for me 1-2 is actually enough)or more if You have to, BUT when starting to brake on corners always watch where the red line begins compared to boards or other elements and disable the line after that. I'm doing like that and it's very easy to remind correct braking points. When I enter first practice session I just put on acclimatization program with braking line ON. I'm doing 1-2 laps and then turn the line off complete the program and move on to tire management or if i feel that I'm slow just drive out with hard tires, for ~5 laps.
  3. Correct the calculations of required time in the Qualifying pace program. I'm not 100% sure it's not a bug, but I bet that it's not a bug because I happens to me every time. The way game calculates your required time is completely wrong. It's kind of obvious that 3rd training is most of the time a training session where the fastest times are set. And that' how it is in the game, but the Qualy Pace is poorly done because it requires from you setting a time that's 100% not realistic. I will put the screens because it's too much to write about.(Screens are from 2nd race of 1ST career season(almost stock Alfa Romeo car)) I'm not sure if it's only Pace program calculations wrong or the times that AI sets just too low. Like You can see 1:30.361 is not enough even for the "green", and game is guessing I will take 19th place(career mode 20 drivers). I'm not completely rookie in racing games, so I kinda "feel" where is the limit of my maximum time and that was it.(I actually tried to take "green" about 15th times and this time was my max). So judging by this You could say i should lower difficulty but looking at the 3 rest screens that's not the case. As You can something is definitely wrong, because my time was almost on podium (+0.056). And I didn't even get the "green".... And i have done Qualification on the same AI level and here are the results. Next Request is to please please make the boards informing when is the corner(150,100,50) bigger please. When You are playing with the "line" informing when to brake it's not necessary, but without it, it's very useful. But it's really hard to see them on some specific braking points(especially when someone (like me) needs a bit higher fov than default and doesn't have big monitor (like me), only 24 inches). Now for the important part which is the Career mode(not My Team). When You are starting the regular Career mode You need to choose If you even want to do any F2 Races, and when you choose yes You are informed that Your driving skills will matter in terms of your futures in F1(don't remember the exact words). Well I was like OK I will play the 12x2 races. And after completing all of them, I WAS SO ****** AT THIS GAME THAT I STOPPED PLAYING FOR LIKE A MONTH. Why are You doing this Codemasters?? Why are You lying that it matters, LIKE IN LAST YEAR'S GAME, when it DOESN'T EVEN MATTER??? Why did You delete this feature ??? Maybe it wasn't perfect I don't really know, BUT IT WAS GOOD. I'm not talking about whole STORY Mode, Because I actually didn't liked it, but I liked that game was looking at my skill and I had more or less value for each team. It really needs to be BACK in the game. And it should be improved in the next game, not deleted!! I liked the idea of making your chances for Mercedes seat LOWER because you choose Ferrari driver academy, for example. Because, while it's not perfect solution, IT IS better than NOTHING. I guess You were just so focused on the My Team mode, that You forgot not to delete good features from last game...
  4. MaselkoZet


    I wonder if real F1 teams can check durability of parts in percents, with such accuracy? This should be changed somehow too.
  5. MaselkoZet

    Pit stop without changing tires

    As I said in first post I was driving F2 car, where you have less pit crew, even changing tires takes longer because they are changing them 2 at one time. And with front wing they changed it first, a then proceed to the side of my car to change the back and after that the fronts. I know you are talking about F1 but its different. Well If this is true then OK, it's nothing to speak about. But it would be stupid rule in F2 sprint race, where you have less tires to choose, so I think changing tires is not necessary. Like I said it was F2 race, the only compound to choose was: very used mediums from previous race, new softs and very used softs, so there was NO better strategy. In F2 you have very limited choice of tires. If the rest of the race would be clean then i couldn't even think about points,but there was safety car co without second pit i would have been 16 after green flag.
  6. MaselkoZet

    Pit stop without changing tires

    Hello, yesterday when I was playing on career mode in the F2 cars, I destroyed my front wing on first lap of Hungaroring coming out of turn 15, just before last corner. It was a sprint race and i could easily do it on 1 set of tires, which i had on my car, but my wing was completely gone so i had to pit and then when looking into MFD i realized that I can't just change my wing and drive away, I had to change my tires too. I think it shouldn't be like that. You should be able to not change tires and just fix your car. It destroyed my race completely because i lost about 5 sec for changing tires to soft AND after some laps i had to pit again to change my tires back to the ones i started race on, because there was no way i could end this race driving 13 laps on soft compound(50% races), it makes completely no sense at all. If it wasn't for my second pit stop i could even manage to gain some points because of 4 DNF's and safety car.
  7. MaselkoZet

    Pause function

    Well for me actually the most important is talking with race engineer since i already mapped fuel changing and ERS to the wheel, differential is always the same on whole race, I juse set it before starting. For brake bias it's almost the same, I only change it when i see that front/rear tire wear is significantly different. About voice commands, well If you are playing when it's day it is ok, but I'm mostly playing by night due to lack of time, so I can't just speak loudly when it's so silent. My family members are in the next room. Being able to pause the game as it is now is unrealistic too, talking to your engineer by choosing words and not speaking is unrealistic too. Every cameras except cockpit are unrealistic too, being able to remove visibility of the halo is unrealistic too. Should we just delete or this things because of immersion? It's not an excuse. And I'm DEFINITELY not appreciating missing braking point and driving straight into other AI's and having to 'go back in time' which is definitely not realistic at all. If You wouldn't like to pause the game and "talk" to your engineer you wouldn't have too. Yes it is easier in 2020 than in F1 2019 mainly because of the ERS thing which is why i'm now playing with manual without tc,abs off and no line. But I don't think i will learn where i can ask my engineer of anything because after playing exactly 68 hours in F1 2019 and for now 61 hours in F1 2020(95% of the time it was career with my player/my team) I still can't do it and it's a lot of time for me. Maybe I wrote about not what i meant in first post so sorry, but MFD as of MFD is not a big concern. The main problem is communication with engineer.
  8. MaselkoZet

    Pause function

    Hello. I would really like to be able to pause the game while racing, but not like it is now when You just press exit button. I'm talking about more of a pause mode when the time freezes but there is no menu in the middle and most importantly, to be able to use the MFD. So i can actually see what I'm doing when driving.It's my second F1 game and I can't concentrate on driving and looking at the right side on my MFD. It is very annoying when i have for example talk to my engineer, I don't remember where is every question that i can ask, so i have to look for it and since F1 is fast game, even on the straights 90% of the time I miss the braking point or any other mistake is made by me.If i could just pause the game and use MFD it would be very very helpful.