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  1. Short track are not called "short" just for fun, I also think they should stay as they are now. What I would like to see is 75% races or atleast 66%, because 50% is a bit short for strategy to become a big factor of your result, and 100% races are a bit too long atleast for me. 75% would be a little over 1 hour of racing which i think would be a good challenge. Also when racing in singleplayer the AI would have more laps to execute 2 stop strategy that they are using and ALWAYS losing on 2 stop comapred to 1 stop , because of traffic.
  2. MaselkoZet


    My problem with sound is that when you have speech to max and rest lower something weird happens and some speech sounds are higher(like they should), BUT others are quiter (like they are not in "speech" sounds group).
  3. Aaaand red flags don't add anything to the strategy of the game ? SO tell me for what there are safety cars in the game, from what i can tell it will be something like um... idk, maybe the thing that you typed in your comment "restore the racing environment to safety standards" SO safety cars are useless to, these are just pixels you can make them just disappear, SAME goes for the debris left on track.
  4. I am sure the virtual marshals and virtual pixel environment will be just fine without safety car and yellow flags too, but You used them anyway, why ? Honestly , I don't get it why people are coming with this stupid argument that you said whenever there is something they don't need.
  5. I think that instead of "Used" or "New" there should be shown a percentage of how much the tire was used. Just like in pits New-0% ; Used-1-99%. Like when you used the tire only for quali to about 6% it should show 6% instead of "Used"
  6. Do You play the game with yellow flags and safety car enabled ?
  7. I'm not sure if it worked like intended or maybe it was a bug, but i did. Not in F1 race however, but in F2 race(it was the sprint one if i remember correctly). I was lap down because i had crash i was in pits so I fall back a lot and then at the end of pit out lap there was a safety car announced. When I got through first corner the SC was there starting to drive and i just passed it. If I remember right i even had this pop up message at the top to overtake it. No penalty or anything, everything worked like it should.
  8. I have a ryzen 3600 bought ~1-2 weeks after premiere and I started playing F1 2020 shortly after it was released(about 1 weeks or so). I'm playing only singleplayer, both career modes and i haven't a issue with so much rain in sessions. It is realistic for me, so are You sure it's not a problem with some game related bug? Honestly, I don't expect much from You, because last time I checked(if it is fixed now be sure to inform me) You still didn't fixed AI drivers pitting in F2 sprint races, because they are using tire meant for sprint races in practice session. And you can't say it's hard
  9. THAT would have been a great addition, but i think that Dirty Air setting and Slipstream should be connected into one. And to not make things that much complicated, maybe just: -Normal setting(as it is now) -Simulation
  10. If You are playing full racing weekend(with practice sessions), then I recommend You to start playing with racing line only in brake points. Drive about 3-5 laps(for me 1-2 is actually enough)or more if You have to, BUT when starting to brake on corners always watch where the red line begins compared to boards or other elements and disable the line after that. I'm doing like that and it's very easy to remind correct braking points. When I enter first practice session I just put on acclimatization program with braking line ON. I'm doing 1-2 laps and then turn the line off complete the program a
  11. Correct the calculations of required time in the Qualifying pace program. I'm not 100% sure it's not a bug, but I bet that it's not a bug because I happens to me every time. The way game calculates your required time is completely wrong. It's kind of obvious that 3rd training is most of the time a training session where the fastest times are set. And that' how it is in the game, but the Qualy Pace is poorly done because it requires from you setting a time that's 100% not realistic. I will put the screens because it's too much to write about.(Screens are from 2nd race of 1ST career season(
  12. I wonder if real F1 teams can check durability of parts in percents, with such accuracy? This should be changed somehow too.
  13. As I said in first post I was driving F2 car, where you have less pit crew, even changing tires takes longer because they are changing them 2 at one time. And with front wing they changed it first, a then proceed to the side of my car to change the back and after that the fronts. I know you are talking about F1 but its different. Well If this is true then OK, it's nothing to speak about. But it would be stupid rule in F2 sprint race, where you have less tires to choose, so I think changing tires is not necessary. Like I said it was F2 race, the only compound to choose was: very
  14. Hello, yesterday when I was playing on career mode in the F2 cars, I destroyed my front wing on first lap of Hungaroring coming out of turn 15, just before last corner. It was a sprint race and i could easily do it on 1 set of tires, which i had on my car, but my wing was completely gone so i had to pit and then when looking into MFD i realized that I can't just change my wing and drive away, I had to change my tires too. I think it shouldn't be like that. You should be able to not change tires and just fix your car. It destroyed my race completely because i lost about 5 sec for changing tires
  15. Well for me actually the most important is talking with race engineer since i already mapped fuel changing and ERS to the wheel, differential is always the same on whole race, I juse set it before starting. For brake bias it's almost the same, I only change it when i see that front/rear tire wear is significantly different. About voice commands, well If you are playing when it's day it is ok, but I'm mostly playing by night due to lack of time, so I can't just speak loudly when it's so silent. My family members are in the next room. Being able to pause the game as it is now is unrealis
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