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  1. Yep Already too late to get the reward from that series now šŸ˜‰

    We can just now hope to see somethingĀ from Codemaster cause i really feel frustated to have "wasted" so much time for a reward i can't get.

    @Ultra3142, I can understand it's a day off in England (so what i'm going to say there is for when they have the possibilty), I mean i'm french šŸ˜‰Ā But maybe they could put the livery into one of the next free level of podium pass to compensate or give it to people having reported it ?(but can they check how many time some people have done the SPA event for exemple if they tried their 3 runs on this one ?)

    My only hope isĀ they don't go through without looking at that.

    If I may ask do they have a dedicated support mail ? seems to not found that anywhere.

  2. Hello,

    Same here, Having done it multiple timesĀ to check if it validate but don't work.
    It's the only 2 last challenges i need to receive the custom paint, cause it could be a pain to don't get it cause of that.

    So hoping to see a fix or a move from team dev.

    Edit : Forgot to say i'm on Steam on 1.08 version.image.thumb.png.e3a3608a85acacbc09b52f4e1b3a816a.png