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  1. kevinkirk said:
    Dam dude,every video is you just banging on your rev limiter.Your car stops speeding up any real amount of speed when you see the blue lights.When you see your lights flashing.That is your car screamimg at you to change gear. 
    Thanks for the driving advice, I'll take that onboard.

    This is the championship showdown. Who is going to win the title. Rosberg, Hamilton or Fernandes?


  2. Definitely ditch the music. I'm more inclined to switch off right away when someone puts awful music on... Maybe use highlights instead of full 45 mins as well. 
    Thanks for the advice. Probably wont be using that music again. 45mins? It is highlights.....

    The latest race in my F1 2014 career mode!


  3. Hey guys. Over at F1XL (Xbox Leagues) we are starting a new season this weekend to bridge the gap before F1 2015 which we cant wait for! If you are interested in joining for Season 6.5 :P or for season 7 which will be on next gen then head over to http://f1xl.co.uk/home

    The format of the new season is the following.
    Sunday 10pm (British time)
    2 races - 25% races per night
    One shot qualifying for both
    Possibility of 50 points per night
    No ASR (All Star Race) and 9 weeks straight through.
    Russia Dropped from Calendar due to issues with corner cutting in season 6.

    In season 7 we will be going back to our original format of 50% races. If your interested then we'll hopefully see you over on the site!