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  1. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    This is so strange, Im now into my third season in My team, and I got 0 SC cars in the first too. Still haven't played yet in Season 3, but I'm very tired of VSC I do prefer SC or nothing at all.
  2. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Seems like we have 2 seperate experiences. I was at Soschi racing and Verstappens crashed with Ricciardo, Ricciardo when into the wall and Verstappen ended upp semi on the track, this was still just a VSC which i found odd..
  3. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    I raced at Singapore yesterday, and I was hoping to see the SC but sadly not. I have yet not tried to lower damage from Simulation to Full to see if that changes anything. I did however have 2 VSC which is an improvment
  4. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Sounds interesting, might actually try it out to see if it changes something Since Im soon at Singapore I hope to see it work there
  5. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Yes but playing F1 without SC Is not really F1, thats what Im missing
  6. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    I done some praying, and I do not think it's working 😞
  7. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Ok, thank you for answer, I guess i just need to keep playing and see what happends 🙂
  8. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Hmm, I see.. I've seen quite some big but maybe as you say not big enough. It just seems from speculations that some other people are having SC for less. But I might be wrong here. Does Simulation Damage effect AI or just player cars btw? and does Difficulty reduc AI mistakes? If you or anybody else know 🙂
  9. Suvqt

    Safety Car

    Hi, Regarding Safety car, I have played around 31 races so far in my team career mod and I have never gotten more than a VSC. I do not know if Im unlucky or something is wrong. I do enjoy the game quite alot but I feel I would like it abit more with some more safety cars that can change races around. Ofc I've selected Safety Car on in the settings, my other settings are : Simulation Damage 50% Race 95 in Difficulty Thank you in advance