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  1. Am playing a new season and this doesn't seem to be an issue on the 1.06 update. Guess it got patched? I was notified with 4 races to go that regs were changing.
  2. THIS DOWN RIGHT ****** ME OFF! šŸ¤¬ A detailed description of the issue: At the end of season 2, right after Abu Dhabi during the Press Interview w/ Claire, she asked how I thought I did preparing for the regulation changes. Odd question, considering I hadn't seen any changes 'announced'. Once I got back to the main menu and went to spend some of the R&D points from the race, I got the screen showing me that I had 0 weeks left to adapt my parts. Report Code: UGH, sorry, didn't grab this...my bad. Platform? PC, Steam v1.04 Game-mode? MyTeam What troubleshooting
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