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  1. ZebbieZebra44

    Unable to load onto the myteam save

    Ive had a similar issue with Full Quali, trying to send me to Q3 and just getting stuck on a please wait screen, very infuriating as it seemingly ruins the save.
  2. ZebbieZebra44

    F1 2020 Quali Bug

    In my main MyTeam save that I played since the game came out, I got to S2 China. I was eliminated in Q1, and the game tried to send me to Q3, and will not load past it no matter how long I wait. This is infuriating as I have put this on Twitter many times, tagging the F1 Game account, and have had no response whatsoever. I am not the only one to have this issue, as Aarava had the issue on his save, he plays on PC and had recently backed up his save, I am on PS4 and was previously unaware of how to. Is there a way I can fix this? I looked for my save on my PS4, and could not find a recent enough version, the most recent one was at The Netherlands. Are there any plans to fix this bug? And if so, will my save still be wrecked and unusable? It would be a massive shame if it is.