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  1. Please dont hate me for asking, but I dont know much about reallife Rally. So Ive seen that the R5 class in Dirt Rally 2.0 would be the "WRC 2" class in WRC. From what I have read earlier in this thread: Is licensing the reason why "WRC"(1) class cars cant be included into the Dirt Series? Again, might be a stupid question but I just try to understand the situation lol. ----------- Anyway, I would love to see an Hyundai i20 in the next title 🙂
  2. Would love to see some additional features to the career mode. 🙂 I really enjoy the aspect of money management and unlocks, so there is a goal to work towards and things like damaging the car actually mean something. Edit: in comparison to going maximum attack in TimeTrial and resetting over and over again; I miss the aspect of risk management and planning there Sadly for me personally the gameplay starts getting repetitive in career mode without the option to adjust the number of stages in the events or excluding locations i really dont enjoy at all. Doesn't have t
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