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  1. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    Sometimes you come across a car that ticks all the fun factor boxes...this Mustang Cobra TA is that car for me personally that I can add to the list of cars in PC3...an absolute riot to drive with H-pattern and clutch around Sonoma GP.
  2. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    Renault Megane V6 at Imola GP....might be banned for doing burnouts on the Imola surface text...lol...the tail light red reflecting in the tire smoke looks absolutely fantastic.
  3. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    Dallara Indycar IR-18 at Indianpolis
  4. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    A work of art, the Lotus 49C at Silverstone Classic GP with some friends
  5. MDGourley

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    Just a couple of things i noticed when doing screen shots. The 'Grass' that flicks up when going off track is a bit cartoon'ish...and this Grass effect also happens when going off track driving in the snow. The exhaust fire generally looks great...here not so with the wheel rim showing and possibly the Fire edges need more feathering....only suggestion
  6. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    Nordschleife in the Snow...who knew...lol...FFB / Physics feel driving in the snow is the right amount for my liking, not to easy, not to hard, but still enough of a challenge to have fun...awesome
  7. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    These are my current Thrustmaster TS-XW wheel settings and I am personally happy at this moment, but still a WIP and your millage may vary if you use these settings. All cars I have tried in the above screen shots feel great and I am more than happy with this.
  8. Hey mate also got a tsxw great wheel wouldnt mind posting your ffb settings both in game an tsxw software 


    1. Projetspeed
    2. Projetspeed
    3. MDGourley


      Hello Projectspeed,

      Had to get screen shots of my settings at this time and still a WIP but happy with this, but please remember, these are my personal settings and your millage may vary.


      0 PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW Controller Panel Settings.jpg

      0a PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW Controller Panel Settings.jpg

      0b PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW CONTROL Settings.jpg

      1 PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW GAMEPLAY Settings.jpg

      2 PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW FFB Settings 1.jpg

      2 PROJECT CARS 3 TSXW FFB Settings 2.jpg


  9. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    Just clocked up 32 hours in Project Cars 3 and I am enjoying it for what it is, although have not tried 'Career' as yet as I am just sticking to my hardcare Sim Racer roots...All Cars, All tracks ie 'Custom Event' Liking the Monument canyon fantasy track racing here with cars in 'Same PIR Range' ....like this option as there are so many cars in game that during a race I can see something else I want to try out.
  10. MDGourley

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    It would be great to have 'Cockpit Seat Adjustments' back and although most of the cars I have driven have the dash dials and steering wheel nicely aligned, there were a few cars that I would have liked to be able adjust 'up' / 'down' / 'forward' and 'back' a lot easier with mapped buttons / keys.
  11. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    I would have to say the 'Madness Engine' does a great looking sky / cloud scape, just beautiful. Really liking the Mitsubishi Lancers in game, high performance , quick and nimble, especially the right hand drive ones as this is my countries native steering wheel position so this way I can go 'old school' driving with manual H-Pattern and Clutch for that extra driving immersion...fantastic.
  12. MDGourley

    Project cars 3 improvements suggestions

    Thoroughly enjoying PC3 for what it is and have no regrets in purchasing it and look forward to any updates in the future. Improvements for me would be the AI as I personally will spend 99% of the time in the 'Custom Event' section of PC3 so I can race with any car and any track ( only because I am a Hardcore Sim Racer...lol)...at the moment on the AI's lowest settings they are still to fast...or maybe because I am slow...lol Optimization would be great also as PC3 does not run or look as fantastic as PC2...PC3 is nearly their but have noticed especially doing screen shots I can not get the track in focus closest to the car I am photographing. When doing Rain screen shots I was unable to get the ground in focus even at 'f10' and 1/1000sec shutter speed to see the water drop rings sharply...this was just amazing in PC2. Photo Mode is great, would like to see slightly more depth of field when zoomed in focusing on a car...more front to back focus of the car. Though I have tried PC2 Photo Mode on a Single monitor to test and there seems to be more depth of field using a single monitor, so maybe it's the Triple Screen set up that needs the DOF increase. Audio is very much improved in PC3, personal opinion of course and although most of the cars I have personally driven sound fantastic I found the audio on the '69 Camaro' and '66 Mustang' a little low and muffled compared to others. FFB / Physics of PC3 is great, now that I have dialed in my Thrustmaster TS XW...more than happy with the feel in PC3 for what this game is and is very much improved and consistent over PC2....oh, and absolutely love the 'FFB wheel tug' on my TSXW when changing through the gears...well done.
  13. MDGourley

    Project CARS 3 - SCREEN SHOTS

    The rain driving is much improved over PC2...enjoying Projects Cars 3 immensely. Please Note: The screen shots I have taken above and posted here have been captured in game at 5760x1080 resolution only, some have been cropped and all have been re-saved at 50% of the original resolution for easier uploading.