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  1. Here is my DXDiag and have performed a file verification, it found some files to reacquire however these may be because I installed custom liveries so I will try to check if the error reoccurs without the custom liveries. DxDiag.txt
  2. Do I perform the DXDiag while the game is active and the issue occurs? Or do I just perform it whenever?
  3. No, formation lap is off for me @BarryBL
  4. 1. After finishing a race and when the podium celebration animations are done, my game is stuck on a black screen and no amount of waiting fixes it. When I forcibly close the game and restart, my race progress is gone and I have to restart the whole race. 2. PC 3. 1.06 4. MyTeam Career Mode 5. Has happened twice for me already during MyTeam Races 6. Tried closing the game from task manager and restarting, race progress is lost 7. PS4 Controller