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  1. Completely agree with the car failures. Adds so much more realism. Only just moved on from GP4. In one full season with 100% race distances, 3 times I had an engine failure in the lead and lost the championship by 9 points. Frustrating but it felt more realistic
  2. happycactus

    A few things missing from F1 2020

    Fairly new to the Codemasters F1 game but been playing Grand Prix 2/3/4 for 20+ years. A couple of things that F1 2020 is missing that would make the game awesome - hopefully they can be added during an update. 1. Mechanical failures for players. With the option to turn it on/off. Yes it’s frustrating but its extra realism. 2. Manually driving in the pitlane. I dont need the computer to take over. 3. Remove the grey screen when you crash. Allow the player to drive back to the pitlane to retire or pull off the circuit. GP4 had a great feature where you could watch the reminder of the race using a tv director if you crashed out or retired. 4. A free practice mode so that you can lean tracks or practice setups. Great game otherwise.
  3. happycactus

    Laptime split display

    Is there a way to change the split time shown on the MFD? It shows the delta to your own fastest lap but would be really useful to see gap to car ahead/behind and gap to the fastest time in that session.