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  1. Hey - Your program is beautiful! Would be great if you could add a coasting datapoint and graph to this.
  2. @BarryBL Any update on this? Fanalab works but it is buggy, and I have lost wheel control twice in league races because of it. Would be a lot better to support this natively in the game. Clearly the data is in the telemetry. Please add to vibration, controls and feedback menu.
  3. Yeah - I have it "working" in Fanalab too, but it is too slow to react. There needs to be a sensitivity setting, so it vibrates when you are about to spin or lock up, not half a second after it already happens.
  4. If the developers make choices that serve core racers, they will have a raving fan base, and there will be plenty of people for lobbies. There are also many other ways to make lobbies more full. (crossplatform, track availability etc.) Its a business decision - are you playing for short term profit? or are you trying to make a realistic simulator game/league?
  5. Yes @senna94f1 - Its the league racing, and multiplayer racing that is not as fun when you are competing with people who have totally different interfaces to the game, and skillsets. Codemasters is basically munging all these drivers together, and handicapping the gameplayers performances at their whim every year, with their code and logarithms. I would rather CM play a less active role in handicapping the physical interfaces for races, and let people build lobbies that let the drivers driving be the only big variable in the racing. ---- In Lobby Settings just create these tog
  6. @BarryBL Thinking about your comment a little.. It sure seems that by aiming to "have as many people battling it out, regardless of how they play", Codemasters is choosing short term 2020 profit at the expense of a raving core racing fan base, that would normally be talking about how real your game is, and that would continue to draw audiences for a fair playing field for decades. It's my belief that one of the biggest reasons your game has got so much fanfare lately is because it is being endorsed as a simulator experience by influencers who are saying that it is as real as it
  7. If the pedals vibrate only when ABS and TC assists are turned on, it seems like the implementation is backwards. They should vibrate when ABS and TC assists are turned off to give a more simulated experience.
  8. Syrkiewicz makes a good point here. Does this Fanatec CS v3 throttle and brake pedal motor support exist in F1 2020, when you are not using assists?
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