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  1. I am starting a my team carreer. But i dont want to have to do practice all the time. The only problem is that i cant disable it. any reason why?
  2. full screen. i just had force feedback but an alt+tab caused it to stop
  3. Platform PC Wheel Used T300 rs with F1 wheel addon Game-modes played, in order. The entire breaking point carreer, 1 hour of my team, 15 minutes normal carreer mode starting in f2. Reproduction method. When did you press Alt+Tab? Did you do so mid-session? Was the FFB loss instant? I never had force feedback to begin with. this was the best forum i saw. my force feedback hasnt worked a single time of playing. Firmware and Drivers version. firmware: 33.00, drivers: Does this happen in every session regardless, or does this happen rarely? it happens
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