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  1. Thanks for the tips Stevie. Must admit I never had a problem with F1 or automobalista before (a few issues with ACC, but looks like it Ghub as when I close it, it is fine) but will try these out (but only after the grand prix today is done 🙂
  2. It seems like since the update that a different approach was needed for me to get the workaround work. I have uploaded a couple of videos to show what I do live and what I feel after the settings were applied (and more importantly when switching between modes) Hope it helps, and let me know if anything needs clarifying
  3. I think so....more of a workaround actually and the new update to logitech ghub has actually helped enourmously (and surprisingly). I'll write some steps here and can provide some screenshots later if it helps: 1. I have created a F1_2020_Dx12 profile in the Ghub with my preferred settings. I also have the same settings in my desktop default as well because it helps with step 3 when the game isn't launched 2. Before each game launch, as suggested my StevieJay, delete the 2 files in C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\Documents\My Games\F1 2020\hardware_settings 3. Again, before the game is
  4. Thanks Stevie, will try this out this evening. Where is that hardware_settings_config.xml file located? I tried to find it yesterday as I saw it mentioned elsewhere but couldn't find it. To clear up a few loose ends, I have downloaded the drivers from HP this afternoon so Elan Touchpad is on and Bluetooth drivers are Realtek RTL8xxx Bluetooth Driver 1.8.1027.3000 and Intel Bluetooth Driver 21.80.3. I am using the USB port on the left hand side (which doesn't have the charging symbol, so I assume this is USB 3.0) and I don't have any USB hubs. Will try your ghub suggestion for t
  5. 1. The settings for wheel rotation, spring centering etc that are set in Logitech Ghub for the Logitech G29 are "forgotten" by the game when quitting to the main menu, restarting a session, switching game modes etc. The only way that I can get the settings to work is if I quit Ghub and launch it again just before I leave the garage or start the race. I only have one Ghub profile which I set at 360 deg rotation. When the issue occurs, it reverts to 900 rotation. I don't have any profile with 900 deg rotation for my wheel as the default profile I use is the persistant profile 2. PC 3.
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