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  1. Yeh it's the 5th GP, didn't finish Hanoi as I was abysmal at it and kept hitting the wall so bailed with 5 laps left.... Simply just slower going through the gears under breaking, not a massive difference but has deffo made the wear a lot less extreme that my first attempt at my team
  2. must say after changing how i downshift in the game my wear has been much better, i started my season again as i was on 75% after 2 races and now Think i'm on 50% in first season on gearbox one coming into Zandvoort with 1 gearbox durability upgrade . i don't do any running in P3 as i've got everything boxed off in P1+2 so on the other gearbox so its short qualiy and 50% races.
  3. glad i'm not the only person with this. only just got back to playing F1 games after buying a wheel again and thought my driving / gear changes had been destroying the car.... far from a smooth driver but 75% after 2 races is extreme
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