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  1. I’ve got the same problem. I don’t have the regular game version. I believe that I’m on update 1.06 and it’s still is not fixed. Should I start a new game or will the fix restore my upgraded facilities?
  2. Hello, there is a bug I would like to report. 1. After I downloaded the newest update of F1 2020 the facilities that I had upgraded where reseted back to 0. I can’t buy them again because the game is showing that I’ve allready bought it but the delivery dates are allready passed. 2. PS4 3. Version1.06 4. Team carreer 5. I’ve restarted the PS4, exited the game. I’m affraid I have to reset my full carreer but I’ve allready put a lot of time in it so I don’t hope so. 6. Regular controler 8. I don’t got any screenshots of pictures but I’ve seen more people with this problem. I think it’s a major bug and hope it will get fixed soon. thank for your attention.
  3. pimpleshort

    My name is pimpleshort

    Hi, I’m just trying to report a bug in F1 2020 but it’s not that easy. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?