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  1. So the game has been out just under a month and before I dive into this list of things for the next game, I want to quickly say that, on the whole, F1 2020 is worlds better than F1 2019, which was already pretty good. I'm really enjoying both the MyTeam and even the full F2 season into F1 career modes, but there's definitely things that I'd like to see for next year's game (I would like to see these for this year's game, but I am aware of the additional complexities of development given the current global situation). Also you can probably tell that this is something I don't usually do bc of how this is formatted lmao. ERS deployment power in the set-up With the ERS being effectively simplified to a push-to-pass system, the two other modes (normal and hot-lap) are now a lot more important in terms of how they act, but there is an issue with the hot-lap mode is that on some tracks, you'll run out of per-lap deployment (Austria is one but I think there's actually a few that suffer with this issue). Now I think this is to do with the fact that the deployment values are locked, which while understandable, does make for some frustration especially in the quali sims this year which seem exceedingly difficult normally, even without your ERS running out on the drive to the line. Now I think a potentially easier solution would be to have optimised hot-lap deployment settings per track, but if you're going to have it adjustable per track, why not go a step further and instead include it as a set-up option, where you can have it as a sliding scale of intensity from 80-120, with one for the normal deployment mode too that also allows for some strategic play; do you amp up the intensity of standard ERS deployment at the cost of having less overtake to deploy, or do you tone it down to give you more time to use overtake per lap but at the cost of less power when not using overtake and also higher power unit component wear, especially the MGU-K and Energy Stores in career mode. Actual floor damage Something that was a relatively welcome surprise was having floor damage be an actual visual component of the car's damage model in both F1 and F2, although I don't know about the Classic cars as I don't use them (picture supplied but I was focused more on the plank for the front wing in my F2 feature race after Alesi made several attempts on my life. Also before I get comments on it, yes I have a modded helmet but the point I'm about to make happens even without mods). However, from my experience of this, the floor damage even on simulation damage settings does not affect the car in any way, which given how crucial the floor is in F1, it is a little bit disappointing to not to feel like I'm fighting the car more with the damage to the floor, I can appreciate that damage like this is not something that can be repaired in the race or even realistically in qualifying, which for more casual fans of the series can be infuriating to have your performance hamstrung by an AI deciding that your life is forfeit and trying to slam into the side of you, but I think a solution to that would be to have floor damage only be a performance detriment on simulation damage. To be clear, I do like that the floor can be visually damage, but for those of us who play on simulation damage, having that extra level of caution would be a nice addition. Development speed and infinite development options For the past two to three games, car development has felt like it's attempting to be condensed to two or three seasons of life, which while understandable as more casual players might not even make past an entire season (although with the adjustable season length in career mode, this is now a little less of an issue), if you want to have extended career modes that go all the way to season 10 and still be engaging, having control over the speed of development is a must. This does go both ways; more casual fans who want to live out a fantasy of having a new team end up at the top in only a single season of its existence a la Brawn GP (albeit that was based on the ashes of the Honda works team that we know now as the "Get in there Lewis!" F1 team) would appreciate having either slower AI development or even faster player development in order to facilitate this. Granted, the R&D resets that came in with F1 2018 and the facility specification upgrades that came in with this game are incredibly useful for increasing the longevity of the career modes, but I think giving the player more control over this isn't necessarily a bad thing, though I suppose one difficulty is trying to balance it all out, especially for players who don't necessarily know what they're doing. Another thing to help with this is having infinitely repeatable development nodes for each of the sub-areas of car development (ERS, engine power, fuel efficiency for the engine, weight reduction and redistribution, brakes, tyre wear for the chassis, front and rear wings, drag and DRS for the aerodynamics) that are only available once the departments are maxed out both as a facility and as a car development package and are then unable to be recovered if an R&D reset occurs not only gives a little bit more life in later stages of career modes, but also stops a stalemate from occurring, where players have no upgrades left to purchase and are then able to focus on negating R&D resets by banking extremely large number of Resource Points during the season and then spending it all on adapting parts. There are other ways of solving this stalemate, admittedly, but having something like this, where for example each infinite upgrade costs as much or more than a major or even have increasing costs per upgrade but only gives as much of a boost as a minor or even less allows for late-game Resource Point sinks whilst not being utterly absurd and having cars go 420km/h because of infinite ultimate upgrades (that said, I don't think I'd mind too much if I had an Agera compared to an Alfa). Track accuracy I won't go into detail with this one because this has been a dead horse for a while (it's not even a corpse at this point, it's literally the dust from when Thanos snapped half the universe), but as Suzuka and Barcelona were updated and improved for this year, I'm going to add it onto the list purely for the sake having it be said; there are some tracks on the calendar that need additional work to be a.) realistic and b.) fun to drive. Zandvoort is perhaps the most notable of recent times as it's a new circuit that was already stated to not be accurate by the circuit itself, but Spa is legendary not just for it being one of the longest circuits in grand prix racing and the track where it snowed during a World Endurance Champion race, but by virtue of being frankly terrible in the F1 games. The Bus Stop chicane is a nightmare compared to real life, Stavelot is monstrous (especially for track limits) and Pouhon is something I use to make sure my nephew behaves himself. I do have hope for the next game as not only is there a new console generation, but also given that two existing tracks were given an update for this year, I think having another track or two updated for the new game would be incredible too. F2 Story mode Notable by its absence was the F2 story more from this years game, which while understandable given that it was a separate team working on the F1 2019 and 2020 games, was still somewhat disappointing, though I will say I'm still enjoying the ability to have F2 still be a part of the standard career mode. However, for the next game especially, should the Story mode come back (which I hope there's an option to have like in 2019), having it play much more of a role in the actual F1 career portion would be really cool, especially having it where if you collide with Weber as teammates again, he has a go at you or whatever, or if you and Butler are in a title rivalry but he clinches the title, he mocks and gloats, like he does in F2 if you don't send him to the shadow realm (or go for the boring option and just beat him on track). As an aside, I know in F2 that you are allowed drastically differentiated driver overalls compared to what would be typical of the team, so it would be really cool if you had different driver overalls depending on which driver academy you were with, so if you were with the Red Bull driver academy, you'd have overalls inspired by the F1 Red Bull overalls, if you were with the Renault driver academy, you'd have Renault inspired overalls and so on. I know not every academy has it set up like this, but it would still be interesting having differentiated overalls depending on not only the team but also the driver academy. Having the relevant designs incorporated into the helmet designs would be really cool too; in my F2 career, I'm a Red Bull academy driver which is why I'm using a Red Bull helmet and while it's really cool to have that for me, it would be even better if console players were able to have something like this too, though I know that there are licensing issues to contend with here. As I said at the top of this, F1 2020 is a lot better than 2019 which was already very good (kind of the opposite of real life, if you think about it), but these are a few things I think would help improve things for the next game if these are too complex to be implemented as a content patch for this year. PS: When I initially wrote this, I forgot I had a screenshot that showcased the floor damage on the F1 cars. Luckily, I found the screenshot of George Russell being utterly obliterated by my complete inability to take the Hanoi track at speeds above what my Corsa can do. So enjoy the last moments before George Russell (and I) see a "You Died" appear in front of our eyes.