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  1. I was hoping it was something I didn’t know how to fix. But after switching to 2018 version and all works fine I realised it’s just a massive bug that has made the game unplayable as most people use this with a wheel and not a controller. I accept software has bugs, but to take this long to fix something so fundamental to a game is unbelievable. i can only assume the testing process is very weak as i work in company that produces software for banks and this is like a priority one problem that should be fixed in a week at most and a patch applied. Shocking, I have not used the game for a few weeks now. In future I won’t buy a new release like this for a few months until all the major bugs are solved. Shame because it’s a good game.
  2. I have both 2020 & 2018 On F1 2020 nothing helps in terms of rebooting, unplugging, I have even re-installed. On F1 2018 it all works fine. This is poor programming and testing and I am amazed a fix has not come out already. Unplayable at the moment!!
  3. Ever since 1.05 and now 1.06 when I press the brake pedal i see the camera behind. Everything I have tried does not solve the problem. I use F1 2018 and it all works fine so it must be bad programming and zero testing. I see no real updates from codemasters, I am likely to give it another week and ask for my money back as this is just completely UNPLAYABLE!!!