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  1. Hi not sure if this helps but I experiences massive stuttering in the few last races - only in Multi Player (ranked or unranked) I tried a few things that I found on the web : Tweak graphics settings (obviously...) Shut down telemetry Remove overlays (steam, GeForce exp, discord,...) Limit FPS in game or via an external tool Removing overlays seemed to improve stuttering but capping to 60 FPS is definitely improving so far. There is a good informative video on that from Optimum tech over there. Not sure it is somewhat related to the ingame engine, but hope this helps a few folks out there.
  2. CYRCA7

    Toe and differential

    So after several trials and errors Camber and Toe did not seem to have much impact for me - only on tyre wear when Camber on its max (all the way to the left). But your advice was good, I focused more on Aero / Suspension / ARB settings to provide a more conservative handling. It's only been 4 months since I am on a wheel with no assists so I'd rather loose some time while understeer mid corner than just loose it completely on corner exists with an agressive set up. I just don't have the skillset required yet. Though all in all, I am not sure yet what I like as for car handling but I surely know what I don't like and most important how to correct it, so muchos gracias! Cheers
  3. CYRCA7

    Toe and differential

    Great stuff mate, thanks for helping. I guess I will tweak the order of a few steps. Honestly, I kind of believe that the first one is the hardest - once you get used to what to expect it should be quicker, at least I hope so!
  4. CYRCA7

    Toe and differential

    This is exactly what I am aiming for, thanks for answering! The process I am trying to replicate to create a setup to my liking is coming from SimRacingSetups. I found it consistent with trying to ensure tyre temps / wear for long distance races. Each time you change something, you have to obviously test it (medium compound, 20kg fuel, 5 laps). Improvements and loss are measured by how time you gain/loose on each sector, tyre wear/temps and car behavior. I am probably overthink this but it feels ok for me to have a step by step process as I never really created a setup, which is basically : Go for a round with a defined preset (3 or 4) Refine tyre pressure to keep them in optimal temps and test Setup Camber / Toe and test Setup Roll bar and test Setup aero and test Setup suspension / rake Each step you have to check your temps / wear and ultimately the goal is to have a car you can push with while having acceptable temps and wear. Steps 4/5 and 5 are pretty straightforward to understand though difficult to "master" but Camber and Toe is another beast for me haha
  5. CYRCA7

    Toe and differential

    Hi guys, Old topic but I am still working my way around this one. This is very useful info and I think I am painfully slowly starting to understand Camber and Toe as for setting up the car to my liking. Just wanted to confirm if possible the following. I am trying to set up Brasil in the Dry starting on Preset 4, so irrespective of other settings (which is dumb but that is just for my understanding): I am starting as a baseline with : Front camber : -2.5 Rear camber : -1.0 Front toe : 0,05 Rear toe : 0.50 So this a right right left right camber and toe settings, based on what is being said I should get : Camber : Good straight line speed / optimal tyre wear Toe : Optimised stability Translating to Brasil, good sector 1 and 3 but very very poor sector 2. Now I want to find improve the overall balance : Front camber : moving to -3.5 will provide More cornering speed More tyre wear and higher temps Lower straight line speed Rear camber : moving to -2.0 will provide More cornering speed More tyre wear and higher temps Less traction on corner exits Lower straight line speed Front Toe : moving to 0.15 will have a More responsive front (better corner entry?) Less stable front More drag hence more front tyre wear and front higher temps Lower straight line speed Rear Toe : moving to 0.20 will have a More lively rear (prone to spin?) Better turn in ability as the rear follows the front more easily Less drag hence less rear tyre wear and rear lower temps Improved straight line speed Is this understanding even remotely correct? As you guys said it is all about compromises though if this is right, I may be able to improve sector 2 haha Cheers
  6. CYRCA7

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    Hi Barry, can I grab one of the AT seat for Friday? Thanks
  7. CYRCA7

    Started a F2 season.........wish I hadn't.

    Seems to me F2 is quite another level of difficulty compared to F1 cars If throttle can be difficult in F1, it is just a nightmare on F2 without assists (oh Baku ) but in the end the race format is really fun. Having those feature and sprint races is a blast. Can only hope they will do something similar in F1 in the future!
  8. CYRCA7

    new to game, how to choose car setups

    I struggle a lot also with traction control, but I found that moving from a gear driven wheel to a belt driven one helped me a lot to remove TC. Not sure this helped though it's just personal preference!
  9. CYRCA7

    new to game, how to choose car setups

    That's awesome thanks!
  10. CYRCA7

    new to game, how to choose car setups

    Great posts!!!, it's really a pleasure to read them, specially as I am a bit new to technicalities. I can wrap my head over downforce via aero because the impact on the car is obvious (FW 11 - RW 1 was kind of funny to try after viewing Jaames videos on F1 2019 set up). Though when it comes to other settings it is really hard for me to really feel the impact on the car and understand in what direction I should go. I am quoting pacers101 because I found a similar situation on Silverstone around Maggots, Becketts and Chapel where I have a very sluggish car behavior, quite not enough responsive / dynamic for me to be really confident. It doesn't feel either understeery nor oversteery to me just a lazy car. So my readings lead me to tweek toe and camber but I am really not sure of what I am doing (how many notches, what are the impacts,...). On top of that, I read that this is all about compromises, so you need to balance other settings i.e. for tyre wear. And then I just feel completely lost... I am quoting below a post from jrod22145 on F1 2019 which is basically what I am doing. I finally just go for TT and copy from the guys I like the car behavior but frustratingly not really knowing why I like them : "Trying to use conventional wisdom to setup a car on this game doesn’t really help for whatever reason. I only play on console so I can’t look at any game files nor would I know what I’m looking at or where to find it...lol but what I’ve been doing for my career mode is going on TT and doing some laps with the base setup to get a feel for the track. Then I go back to the leaderboard and try out a few and pick one I like. Sometimes I look for the same persons setup if I’ve liked their previous ones. Anyway once I’ve picked a TT setup I adapt it for career, basically setting the DF a little higher (so far, lower once you get deeper into the aero dept) backing off on the camber just a bit and maybe changing the brakes to suit me. I guess this has being a thing with this series for awhile, I started off by trying to make my own setups. But I have since conceded that this is just how that’s handling model is and learned to live with it. Something else interesting of note, if you look at the camber settings they’ve got them mislabeled. They have -3.5 labeled as the ‘minimum’ amount when technically when your talking about camber -3.5 is MORE (or the maximum) than -2.0 (which would be the minimum) or LEAST amount of camber you can run. It’s also debatable if these setting even really work as intended because I don’t notice much difference in cornering grip or tire temps no matter if you run a lot or a little camber." I don't know if this exists somewhere but I'd really like to see a few basic tricks when being confronted to a problem like: Having understeer on mid corner? Then increase FW 1 notch and / or reduce Off Diff by 10% but be aware that it may cause those issues that you can balance this way ... Kind of a set up Q&A of some sorts! That would be very helpful to set up newbies like me. On a side note, I believe a great improvement to the game would be kind of the race engineer feedback during FP sessions. For instance, if you change your setup, Jeff would ask when boxing, how did it feel (on corner entry / exit, straighlines,...) and propose adjustments to your car to make it more responsive, or having less tyre wear,... I guess that would be super hard to implement from a technical point of view.