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  1. Hi @BarryBL, has there been any progress on a mitigation, like a way to still reward the livery? As well as maybe info about how this will roll into the Podium Pass season starting now? I can imagine this might still be an issue with some achievements that start today. Thanks for the hard work.
  2. I have now done this week's race 4 times and for none it has updated both the Serial Racer challenge (stuck at 1/3 from a previous race), as the License Stats page for Weekly Events - Grand Prix. I could understand last week's event being counted as a 'Featured Event', because it was classic cars, but it seems this one is incorrectly not being recognized as a Weekly Event - Grand Prix by the game and therefore not counting the stats or challenge progress.
  3. Same here on PS4, Two weeks in a row now. Also showing 0 races completed on the license stats for weekly event races, even though I've done multiple and my Serial Racer progress is at 1/3 (but stuck)
  4. There's actually a ton of air traffic during real races, at least multiple helicopters at any point. The airliners don't always make the most realistic sense for the locations and timing but I haven't found them to be that often in game to be annoyed by them
  5. I would like to confirm this is also on PS4 and quite jarring, to the point of disorientating
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