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  1. Hi @BarryBL, has there been any progress on a mitigation, like a way to still reward the livery? As well as maybe info about how this will roll into the Podium Pass season starting now? I can imagine this might still be an issue with some achievements that start today. Thanks for the hard work.
  2. Thanks for the acknowledgement! Appreciate the hard work from the teams behind the game.
  3. I have now done this week's race 4 times and for none it has updated both the Serial Racer challenge (stuck at 1/3 from a previous race), as the License Stats page for Weekly Events - Grand Prix. I could understand last week's event being counted as a 'Featured Event', because it was classic cars, but it seems this one is incorrectly not being recognized as a Weekly Event - Grand Prix by the game and therefore not counting the stats or challenge progress.
  4. Same here on PS4, Two weeks in a row now. Also showing 0 races completed on the license stats for weekly event races, even though I've done multiple and my Serial Racer progress is at 1/3 (but stuck)
  5. There's actually a ton of air traffic during real races, at least multiple helicopters at any point. The airliners don't always make the most realistic sense for the locations and timing but I haven't found them to be that often in game to be annoyed by them
  6. I would like to confirm this is also on PS4 and quite jarring, to the point of disorientating