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  1. Cook95

    Transfer Offers and Teammate Selection

    I don't believe you can actually get offers from teams. I've played 4 seasons and as far as I can tell it's up to you to switch teams.
  2. Cook95

    car performance disparity

    It's a bug. The snapshot from the email is actually the performance at the end of the Monaco GP and not at Italy
  3. Cook95

    Drivers transfers Career mode

    So far it seems that's the way it is. I've done a couple team moves and it was always the number one driver that swapped teams. This includes Verstappen leaving red bull even when he outscored albon by almost 100 pts. I'm disappointed. It should be the number two driver who leaves.
  4. Cook95

    Viewing the grid order

    I wish you could see the grid order during the menu between qualifying and the race.
  5. Cook95

     technical failure

    I personally retire from a session when I have a drs failure to simulate a mechanical failure. It happens once or twice a season which is usually around how often the AI retire