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  1. Cook95

    Pole position

    Try turning TC to medium for the start and switching back to full after you are up to speed
  2. I have everything set to increased so that could be the difference we are seeing
  3. That's opposite of mine. Every driver is in the green for me. No one has a focus below 80. Most have a focus above 90.
  4. I'm in the middle of season 2 with all options set to increased in an attempt to see the difference to default. At this point AI development has almost completely stopped and I am flying past them in the R and D chart. Mercedes is sitting at just over 700 points on the chart and 5 other teams are just behind them but no one has moved more than 50 points the whole season except for myself. I have now stopped upgrading my facilities to stop from being over dominant. I have over $30 million saved and no reason to spend at this point. Something seems broken.
  5. I wish I had a season with crazy transfers. After season 1 the only transfer I had was me getting Schumacher and my driver replacing him
  6. I wish mine had crazy driver transfers. It was my favorite part of F1 2019
  7. Pre race when it gives you your race strategy you toggle between original and personalized. It's triangle on PlayStation not sure what it is for you depending how you play.
  8. I love the mixed weather races. Adds a layer of unpredictability we otherwise don't have.
  9. I've had both happen a retirement once and a sensor fault once. The sensor fault caused no noticeable problem
  10. Cook95

    Pit strategy

    My biggest complaint I have is AI pit strategy. I wish the AI would vary there pit strategy. I especially notice it in 25% races. I can pit 2 or even 3 laps earlier than suggested and jump a couple cars easily due to how powerful the under cut is. I wish the AI would try to implement this as it would give some variation to the races instead of everyone pitting on the same 2 laps.
  11. My guess is when they put Sainz into the game they just replaced Vettel in the coding who was Ferraris first driver last year
  12. Take a base difficulty I usually go 80 and do one lap qualifying on grand prix mode using Bottas and them adjust your difficulty depending on difference to Hamilton. 1 point is equal to 1 tenth of a second. I do this for every circuit before I play it on my team career. Write your difficulty down and keep it for next time
  13. The very first practice session you have to do just like F1 2020 then after that every time you click on a practice session it will give an option to do normal practice session or quick practice session
  14. I know this is probably never going to happen but I would love to be able to set up a race where the top 10 did not have to start on the qualifying tire they used. This is a preference for me since I race 25% races and not much excitement happens in the top 10 since there is no real alternate strategy
  15. I think they should set up a mini game that would suggest a difficulty for each circuit. For example you run 5 laps in a specific car and at the end it takes your lap times and gives you a recommended difficulty to be running that circuit at. This would help new players and players at the beginning of each new game to help start out at the right difficulty
  16. So far it seems that's the way it is. I've done a couple team moves and it was always the number one driver that swapped teams. This includes Verstappen leaving red bull even when he outscored albon by almost 100 pts. I'm disappointed. It should be the number two driver who leaves.
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