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  1. why is their so much greef, I'm a fair racer. I try where possible to leave room for others, yet I'm constantly being penalized for others wrecking my race. Seriously guy you paid good money to play this game and your driving round smashing other out of your way just to win. I'm mean if you have to cheat to win your not really winning are you, What a bunch of utter ******* knobheads
  2. any one else noticed that the crowd noise as you enter a stadium section on certain track is way too loud, even drowning out my car noise, with no obvious way of turning the stupid noise down, Please sort this horrendous noise out or give us an option to turn the eager clappers off,
  3. So I have set up a new community on ps4, called F1 2020 CLEAN RACERS ONLY feel free to join and find people like myself who pride themselves in clean fair racing, after all I'd rather loose and know I was racing a fair fight than take people out to just get the win, Please share this with ur racing friends so we can all find clean racing friends to enjoy some clean races
  4. I'm finding it rather annoying that a few racers seem to only want to wreck my race, i mainly race ranked 25%, and I'm finding several players who side swipe me when I'm going for the over take, this sends me flying into the barriers/grave traps effectively ending my race and giving me penalty for a collision and affects my driver safety ratting, while they Carrie on with no apparent damage or penalty, Surely we could highlight these players via the lobby and if they are constantly being reported then they should all get to race each other in a special dunce races for a week or even ban
  5. I'd prefer if they fixed the online ranked mode, Why do I get time penalties when I'm enjoying my race and some noob rams the back of me, or even side swipes me to take me out, this is so anouying, Also I noticed if you pit under a safety car at Vietnam you get a drive through for over taking under safety car, seriously I'm in the pit lane on the pit limiter like its my fault the pit entry is like 3 corners from the end of the lap,
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