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  1. @BarryBL Hi. I have a question about the roster in career mode. Do you have any information about the possibility to change the lineup by myself as an option? Do anyone is considering such a thing or it is unlikely to get into the game at all? I love the driver market system but I feel that some moves are irrational ( f.e. Russell went to Haas in season 2 of my Career Mode and is driving there for 3 years now still without a single point in the championship ). Are someone plans to add reserve drivers to teams? It would be nice to have an opportunity to contract drivers like Hulkenberg or
  2. I think that main focus should be on : 1. Add realistic incidents. I mean more touches, spins, close fights ended with punctures or wing damage. It should be included in game to add more realism. Now we have either no incidents at all or slight touches ended with DNF cause of fan made dmg improvement ( this mod is great, at least we had some crashes but not ideal cause of modding limitations, still I appreciate the work ) Also you should bring back rear wing damage, floor damage, suspension damage. The game is way too arcade in this particular area. Also you should let car particles to s
  3. Not only ur problem. When I was running practice session on my own I also had it all the time. Have no idea how they measure the time cause AI skill level seems irrelevant to it. I rarely green on it while I am constantly qualify in front of the grid in my RB car. When I was in Alfa 1st season I was fighting for Q2 cause I am playing on high AI level to make it realistic but even with perfect lap I couldn't be as fast as it want. Now I am usually sim practice session but when I done one I always skip Quali Sim.
  4. I finished the race and everything is fine, went into invitational challenge, finished it and have no issues also so I think that this time issue could be on my side. If something change tomorrow after USA Grand Prix I will report here if not I apologize for being harsh.
  5. I packed it in rar. Ok I will attach original files without packing. But as you can see a little higher I updated a threat. Hope this is file integration problem. savegame@midsessions0_KOSFIDKYNVC0.RBQ savegame@midsessions0#QKRHMYXE
  6. Actually I just checked the file integration on steam and had 29 files missing for some reason and after I relaunch the game I could retire from the race. I hope the issue is gone. Maybe patch exchange some files that I mod previously ( my helmet for example ) and this was the reason something stucked? I am on my way to race on Suzuka so I will give update after if everything run smooth now. I hope so. Thanks for help tho
  7. Yeah of course. Description is on the top of the topic PC v1.13 Career mode Yeah, it happened again when I wanted to retire from race after I reload the game. Tried moment ago also for the third time and still nothing Not me, your patch made it happen in v1.12 everything was fine 🙂 I tried to reload the game few times but nope, cannot finish the race I think my peripherals are irrelevant in this case I don't have any. I attach save tho remote.rar
  8. No, you are not the one, this is because of 1.13 patch. In v1.07 flashbacks was broken, now I cannot finish the race, somebody else cannot load career cause file is corupted after the patch. So tired of this.
  9. Ok so another great patch Codies... Really... So many issues this year. But to the point now: I saved on lap 17 of 100% Russian GP in Career Mode on Saturday when game was still v1.12, loaded the game today, after the patch, drove rest of the race and after race finish there were no standings. My car was just driving around. I heard this issue before but never experienced it. Well I decided to let it go and kill the process in windows manager then rerun the game, load race and immediately retire from the session. Guess what? I cannot even retire cause my car is running laps on his
  10. Here's the bug report : The issues is AI strategy that IMO are broken on some track in general. Actually I think that every strategy that include more stops than necessary are wrong. I don't have more screenshots but I wrote about it earlier in some other topic, also tried to contact You by private message. That race was over the edge cause I've never saw 5 stops with S S S S S I tyres before. Maybe the issue is there were light rain whole race but track was kinda ok the rain get worse at the end when people change for Intermediate tyres. Still how it is possible to have almost whole
  11. Do u guys really think something like that is ok? I even bought wheel to drive this game but races like that are destroying whole fun. Unfortunately nobody seems to give a **** about that 2nd year in a row... Gimme one real life example of ppl running 5 sets of soft tyres during a race, JUST ONE. I am really sad nobody care about this cause whole experience is broken. Of course I can go to pit 5 times a race too to give AI chance to compete. BTW I was P2 but safety car on lap 41 made Vettel, Bottas, Hamilton and Max to overtake me. And I don't wanna finish 2nd as fuckin Alfa Romeo
  12. Hello everyone. Dunno if I am the only one who have problem with realism in this game or some of you also want to face the challenges like real drivers do in the championship. I have few things that IMO should be implemented into the game : 1. Mechanical failure, pit stop delays and issues, punctures - I have no idea why in simulation mode we can't get mechanical failures that aren't attached to parts wear. It should be random for player and for AI drivers as it is in real life. It will make the game more realistic for sure. 2. Crashes - I don't get why game stopped after a crash i
  13. I am not using my windows gaming machine for programming purposes. I have mac for it also I am web dev, not really familiar with hardware. 😉 Will try to update and report later
  14. My motherboard is Asus Rog Strix B360-H Gaming
  15. Here is my dxdiag. My game is also still crashing on flashbacks after update. DxDiag.txt
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