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    MyTeam needs additional customization

    I'm sorry in advance if this has been posted many times before. As awesome a mode as MyTeam is, car customization could use a few tweaks. For one, being able to change the color/font of your number should be a given. Seeing as every team is pretty much sponsored by Pirelli, I feel it should at least be a default decal on the car. Also, it would be nice to be able to put the name/logo of your engine supplier on the car. Not sure if that last one comes down to licensing or not, but I feel it would add to the immersion.
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    Andretti Honda Racing I'm a huge IndyCar fan, and Michael Andretti's team Andretti Autosport has been one of the most dominant teams there is especially at the Indy 500. Given their connection to drivers like Fernando Alonso (who drove for them at Indy a few years back) and their loyalty to Honda over Chevy, as well as being participants in Formula E, I figured it would be fun to simulate what it would be like if one of the best IndyCar teams tried their hand at the pinnacle of open-wheel racing. I decided to have Honda in the name because given Andretti's aforementioned loyalty to the brand, it would make sense that the team be given at least a bit of financial backing from Honda and be used almost as a makeshift works team independent of Red Bull. Currently, I'm in Season 1 with Jordan King as my teammate. Despite our team still fighting to get firmly in the mid-pack, King has not performed great at all so I intend on replacing him with a more touted young driver, with Pierre Gasly, Lando Norris, or Esteban Ocon as big possibilities in the future. It's possible that Carlos Sainz could end up in that discussion as well, but we'll see. While the Honda engine isn't the best you can choose from the rip, it's definitely very cost effective and has a ton of upside. I can definitely see us challenging for a constructor's championship in Season 3 or 4 given the proper R&D upgrades and improvements to the facilities. For our debut season, I have decided on this sleek livery of matte black with a glossy purple, mixed with light blue accents. Distort is our title sponsor on the sidepod. This is from a practice session at Singapore. I love the way this car looks at night! - - -- I love this game mode. But I must say that I'm disappointed with the lack of customization options. Me needing to put an accent on one of the characters to add the engine supplier to the name is kinda stupid, as is the inability to put the engine supplier decal on your car and customize the font/color of the numbers.
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    Can we get some number customization options?

    You can neither change the font/color of your numbers, nor can you put engine suppliers on your car. These were achieved on PC by way of modding. Speaking of which, this should change. We should be given the ability to change the style of our numbers as well as put our car's engine supplier on the car.