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  1. Incredible information, thank you so much. I just ordered a XBOX Controller thanks to your post!
  2. Thanks for the answer. I was actually thinking the same thing. If you can check the video below PJ Tierney also uses R2/L2 for accelerating/braking (you can see at 1:40) and also he has linearity (you can see at 7:45).
  3. Thank you so much. When I use Right Stick for accelerating/braking, my problem is solved. But I want to use R2/L2 for that and that makes the problem. I even tried Linearity at %90 and nothing happened :(
  4. Hey guys, When my wheel just stopped working, I bought a controller which is linked below. https://www.mediamarkt.com.tr/tr/product/_frısby-fgp-230u-usb-titreşimli-gamepad-siyah-1204637.html My question is throttle and brake are either at %100 or %0. I can't accelerate or brake lineerly. Is there a solution for this? Best regards.
  5. werquast

    Braking Assist

    Hey guys, I have got all the F1 games. At F1 2020, I realized that FULL braking assist really makes the game harder. Do you have any suggestions? Since I'm playing with a keyboard, I really can't turn off the assists. Regards.