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  1. A little late and you have probably made your decision already but here are my 2 cents. I’m on PS4 and bought the kids a T80 a couple years ago with the expectation of using it causally myself and just something fun for the kids. When the lockdown occurred I Started using it daily and 4 months later after getting addicted to driving F1 cars I’m planning on what FFB wheel I will get for next gen. A fun wheel that does its job for a cheap price but the lack of feel for kerbs, skidding etc has made me only be able to get so far. While I still enjoy using it I would have spent extra on a FFB wheel if I would have known I would be the one who ended up using it the most. The lack of feeling when you are losing traction or grip and when you’re about to lock up makes it hard to know when to correct before it’s too late.
  2. qn999

    Removing a stint

    I don’t have F1 2020 yet but in 2017 you can remove it from the race strategy screen before the race. If it’s the same in 2020, you click on the 3rd stink and an option shows up on the bottom right to remove it. I think it’s the box button on PS4. You won’t be able to if your tyres in stints 1 and 2 won’t last the whole race.