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  1. 2 wheels aren’t supported in split screen. There have been a bunch of threads about it in the past and I don’t think anything has changed. I have used 2 wheels in split screen with my son but the only way it worked was putting one of the wheels in controller mode and using it like that. Our 2nd wheel is a thrust master t80 and you can put it in controller mode and it will work. My son used that wheel and he said it worked fine. Maybe not exactly the same feel as when it’s detected as a wheel but good enough that we have done a bunch of races and he hasn’t complained. I don’t know if y
  2. I agree with this. At the very least it would be good if we could get suggestions in text form or whatever for changes to our current setup to help on that particular track. Or maybe give you a couple of options for different setups to test in practice with some explanation on what they are geared towards.
  3. Really wish the drops on your visor would go away or at least have the option to turn them off (I play on PS4). Not really realistic IMO. I came from playing 2017 and I find that wet weather looked more realistic than in 2021.
  4. I agree that there’s too many grid penalties and it’s annoying that it doesn’t always say when some has a penalty.
  5. Same with me. I’ve only done one race since the patch and it happened in q1,2 and 3.
  6. You won’t regret it in my opinion. It’s rewarding once you get there. If you’re like me it will take some time and it can be frustrating at first but stick with it and don’t give up. I didn’t think I could do it and it wasn’t easy. Once you start getting the feel for it you’ll continue to get better and better. I’m able to drive all tracks now without the line except Monaco (I’m a pinball around Monaco) and Portimao. I’m still slower than I was with the line but I’m getting better and a bit faster every time I see the tracks again. I also went from tcam to cockpit around the same time which ma
  7. Great advice from marioho and knt2011. I turned off the line a couple of months ago and have learned all tracks except Portimao. I did basically what marioho said with having the line on and doing multiple laps and making mental notes of my brake points. I use brake boards, black boxes, cranes, signs, kerbs and feel on corners where I can’t really find anything else to use. I also use flash backs on each corner until I’m confident. It then takes me about 20-25 laps to be really comfortable the first time I’ve learned a track. Next time I’m back at a circuit it does take a little bit of time to
  8. Sorry for the off topic but it’s always nice to see older gamers…my first console was also an Atari and my old man still remembers getting it…no big box stores or game stores back then, he bought it used from a TV repair shop (when’s the last time you heard that?), came with the paddles as well and a couple of games for the crazy when you think about it price of $700 (Canadian).
  9. A lot of good advice on here. Just wanted to add that I turned off the line a couple of months ago. It was the last of the assist that I turned off. I use kerbs, brake boards, the black boxes, cranes and feel for my braking points. Whenever I start learning a track I use flash backs on every corner until I know my approximate brake points. I usually did this in FP1 of career mode so once I think I am ready, I restart the session and just keep doing laps until I’m able to do about 20-25 laps in a row without crashing (this can take a while for me). Once I’m confident, I restart the session agai
  10. qn999

    Go Go Go

    Would be cool if commentary was an option. I remember the first F1 game on the original PlayStation had Murray Walker (RIP) and it was amazing for the time. I can still here him in my head lol.
  11. It was very strange indeed. I had another weird one at Interlagos in my first season of career mode where it’s start raining with 4 or 5 laps left and the track got wet really quick and I couldn’t control the car at all, Jeff didn’t change my strategy or anything but I couldn’t take any corner with the slicks (can’t remember if med or soft) so I had to pit myself and put on inters but I was the only one. The AI didn’t pit at all. My car was still at the bottom in terms of performance and I wasn’t running in the points but I started to overtake cars as the AI were sliding around all over the pl
  12. Maybe this is a bit off topic but it’s about AI behaviour in the rain. Had a race in Austria the other day where it was raining for the last 13 or 14 laps. Not heavy, just inters. With about 4 laps left Jeff says the rain is going to let up in around 5 minutes. No big deal, race almost over so whatever. I think I’m running in 5th or 6th at that point. I notice the cars in front of me start to pit with 3 laps left. I’m wondering why would they pit now since theres no way their inters where shot and we only have 3 laps to go. They all actually pitted for wets and the whole field did includi
  13. It would be cool if we could tell Jeff to tell race control that the safety car is going too slow…or just complain about it on radio like real life.
  14. Ahh, didn’t realize that but explains why I didn’t have the amount I thought I would for perks. Thanks for the info.
  15. That’s the only reason i have inverview questions turned on. so you can purposely not answer the question where claire asks ‘who is your rival’ you will lose quite a lot of acclaim for losing rivalries, especially against Hamilton. I have noticed that. First year I got completely destroyed in rivalry’s. getting better as my car improves but I’m 7 races into season 3 and think I’ve only won 1 rivalry. im coming from playing 2017 and which didn’t have acclaim or interview questions. What does acclaim do exactly? Is it just for driver transfers? I turned min
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