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  1. 1) I don't know about any blocks or bans. I bought this game as digital version of F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition via xbox store. In another post I have added second session code from previous run of game: RHDM-MBDP-PAMD-TEJG
  2. I cannot believe that would be caused by xbox or ISP. We are from different countries and we have different ISP. @BarryBL @steviejay69 Why this issue is still labeled as "awaiting information"? I think we provided a lot of information and details that clearly point that this issue is F1 2020 servers related.
  3. @KuruptMAV would you tell me that you have simillar issues as I presented on video attached to this post? Or your issues are different?
  4. I have attached quick movie that proves f1 2020 cannot connect but f1 2019 can connect. I hope that finally rule out issues with my network/console/configuration. Because if something were wrong on my side, I am sure that I would not connect to f1 2019 either. Error message appears in f1 2020 at 2:02, then switch to f1 2019 and connecting to lobby at 2:35. F1_2020.mp4
  5. @BarryBL I also connected my old console Xbox one S, which I have used before changed to Series X. Till now I did use it at all. I could not connect either. So it's not my console related. So to sum-up things... I think we ruled out ISP issues, we ruled out Xbox issue, we ruled out network confituration. As I told you in PM, I even bought F1 2020 on PC via Steam and it works fine. This is clearly issue on servers, which are blocking us.
  6. On this website they added 3 options: 1) unplugged console I did it before. I even unplugged it for an hour. Didn't help. 2) Clear Persistent Storage I just did it. It didn't help. 3) Resetting the Console With all due respect, I won't do that. It's more than obvious that's the reasons is not with my console. I don't want to lose my all settings and games already installed and played. There are people with the same issues on both Xbox and PS. As @brissleee said, the problem is that your servers somehow are blocking a few people to connect online games. It's really n
  7. @steviejay69 1) Bit of a long shot....is your account in good standing? I am not sure what do you mean, but I think so 😉 2) Is there anything about your gamertag that might be deemed offensive? I don't really think so. I use my gamertag for couple years. 3) Have you recently made a change to your gamertag? No 4) Sorry if these questions are a little pointed, but they need asking for thoroughness. No worries 😉 I hope codemasters will find out what is the problem, as far as I know I am not only one who struggles with this issue.
  8. No, I don't use VPN. But when I was looking for reason before submit topic here, I tried also connecting via VPN - nothing changed. I don't use custom mods. I even have no idea how to use it on xbox 😄 @BarryBL but if it was my ISP then I couldn't connect with F1 2019, right? Because as I guess protocols and connections are pretty the same for both games, right? As I understand this situation, somehow my connection is blocked on game servers which cause joining problems.
  9. I have set port forwarding to xbox for both TCP and UDP port 3074. Also I have tried to connect to lobbies with disabled firewall on router. The same result - cannot connect 😞 Till Saturday everything worked fine, no issues. My network configuration, software and hardware didn't change.
  10. I already did that before submiting topic here 🙂 unfortunately it didn't help But as I said at the begining, I am able to play multiplayer in F1 2019, so I don't think that's my network configuration issue.
  11. Weekly challenge works - I am able to race (but this week is like "offline" type, I think). Ranked mode - I can be as host, but I cannot check if other people would join me, because there is no people available right now. Also cannot check if I can join other games due to small amount of active players now, but yesterday I was not able to do this. On TT I see leaderboards, I can download TT setups, so no issue here. EDIT: in ranked mode someone tried to join, but after a while of loading he left - probably disconnected.
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