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  1. 1) I don't know about any blocks or bans. I bought this game as digital version of F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition via xbox store. In another post I have added second session code from previous run of game: RHDM-MBDP-PAMD-TEJG
  2. I cannot believe that would be caused by xbox or ISP. We are from different countries and we have different ISP. @BarryBL @steviejay69 Why this issue is still labeled as "awaiting information"? I think we provided a lot of information and details that clearly point that this issue is F1 2020 servers related.
  3. @KuruptMAV would you tell me that you have simillar issues as I presented on video attached to this post? Or your issues are different?
  4. I have attached quick movie that proves f1 2020 cannot connect but f1 2019 can connect. I hope that finally rule out issues with my network/console/configuration. Because if something were wrong on my side, I am sure that I would not connect to f1 2019 either. Error message appears in f1 2020 at 2:02, then switch to f1 2019 and connecting to lobby at 2:35. F1_2020.mp4
  5. @BarryBL I also connected my old console Xbox one S, which I have used before changed to Series X. Till now I did use it at all. I could not connect either. So it's not my console related. So to sum-up things... I think we ruled out ISP issues, we ruled out Xbox issue, we ruled out network confituration. As I told you in PM, I even bought F1 2020 on PC via Steam and it works fine. This is clearly issue on servers, which are blocking us.
  6. On this website they added 3 options: 1) unplugged console I did it before. I even unplugged it for an hour. Didn't help. 2) Clear Persistent Storage I just did it. It didn't help. 3) Resetting the Console With all due respect, I won't do that. It's more than obvious that's the reasons is not with my console. I don't want to lose my all settings and games already installed and played. There are people with the same issues on both Xbox and PS. As @brissleee said, the problem is that your servers somehow are blocking a few people to connect online games. It's really n
  7. @steviejay69 1) Bit of a long shot....is your account in good standing? I am not sure what do you mean, but I think so 😉 2) Is there anything about your gamertag that might be deemed offensive? I don't really think so. I use my gamertag for couple years. 3) Have you recently made a change to your gamertag? No 4) Sorry if these questions are a little pointed, but they need asking for thoroughness. No worries 😉 I hope codemasters will find out what is the problem, as far as I know I am not only one who struggles with this issue.
  8. No, I don't use VPN. But when I was looking for reason before submit topic here, I tried also connecting via VPN - nothing changed. I don't use custom mods. I even have no idea how to use it on xbox 😄 @BarryBL but if it was my ISP then I couldn't connect with F1 2019, right? Because as I guess protocols and connections are pretty the same for both games, right? As I understand this situation, somehow my connection is blocked on game servers which cause joining problems.
  9. I have set port forwarding to xbox for both TCP and UDP port 3074. Also I have tried to connect to lobbies with disabled firewall on router. The same result - cannot connect 😞 Till Saturday everything worked fine, no issues. My network configuration, software and hardware didn't change.
  10. I already did that before submiting topic here 🙂 unfortunately it didn't help But as I said at the begining, I am able to play multiplayer in F1 2019, so I don't think that's my network configuration issue.
  11. Weekly challenge works - I am able to race (but this week is like "offline" type, I think). Ranked mode - I can be as host, but I cannot check if other people would join me, because there is no people available right now. Also cannot check if I can join other games due to small amount of active players now, but yesterday I was not able to do this. On TT I see leaderboards, I can download TT setups, so no issue here. EDIT: in ranked mode someone tried to join, but after a while of loading he left - probably disconnected.
  12. @steviejay69 thanks for your reply. Accordingly to link you provided: 1) Check the servers are not experiencing issues There is no issues 2) Check your account my xbox live gold account is paid and active 3) Try a Hardwired Connection I've tried both wired and wireless connection, as I mentioned before. 4) Fully shutdown and reboot your console or PC I fully shutdown and reboot console few times, even turned off from power for an hour 5) Make sure your system is fully up to date Both xbox and F1 2020 game is up to date 6) Restart your Router I did it f
  13. First of all, I've found this topic, but it's marked as "solved". So I decided to create new one. A detailed description of the issue. In F1 2020 I cannot join any of multiplayer session. When I go to unranked I can see list of open lobbies but if I want to join any of them I see joining message for quite a while but then failed to join to session. In the same time other people in lobby see me trying to join. But in F1 2019 everything works fine, I can join lobby and play multiplayer. So this is F1 2020 related issue. Platform Xbox Series X What version o
  14. @BarryBL I cannot connect to any lobby (ranked or unranked). My report code is: RHDM-MBDP-PAMD-TEJG Platform: xbox, game version 1.15 Multiplayer: ranked, unranked I've tried wired, wireless connection My friends could play, but I couldn't connect. This problem is occurring from Saturday evening Screens attached. EDIT: I am sure that this is not a problem with my connection, because I have no issues when connecting to lobby in F1 2019. This is problem related to F1 2020. Tomorrow I am starting new league, and without this working I am not able to p
  15. Same problem here... On Xbox Series X. Few days ago it worked perfectly, but from yesterday evening I cannot join any multiplayer game. I've tried to restart router, full restart xbox, changed from wired network to wifi, changed to another network from mobile phone. Currently I'm reinstalling F1 2020 game. EDIT: even reinstalling game didn't help... What's going on? EDIT2: I'm able to connect to lobby on F1 2019, but on F1 2020 it fails... @BarryBL any ideas what's the problem? EDIT3: I did a test with a friend. I tried to connect to his lobby. While I have loading screen d
  16. Well... I always dreamed about doing the same weekly event (sic!) week after week... Is this for real? Or will CM change it?
  17. *** is wrong with this game... For some time I have received points in every weekly event. But with this event (belgian classic) I cannot set qualifications time and in weekend races (I have tried twice) I didn't receive points... I paid for this game and I want to play without frustration. When the hell you f****ng fix this problem?! Also this topic exists for more than 3 months and I didn't see any of codemasters replies... @BarryBL
  18. Ffs, another week, same problem... When will it be repaired? It's annoying to spend about half an hour and not get rewarded... Last weekend I got points after 5th race, which cost me 2,5 hours of the weekend... This is not product that should be paid for !!!! Edit: after game restart and 2nd try I retrieved points... But still it's kinda frustrating 😕
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