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  1. To be controversial I have tried alternative pedals with a load cell and couldn't get used to them. I have the t3pa pros and luv them 🙂
  2. I have found a fix for this, simply turn on your tv's UHD settings if possible and nvidia/windows will then allow the tv to run in 2k at 60hz. Like Jesse Deya I will also run my games at 2k uncapped as thats seems to be the sweet spot between good visuals and low input lag. My hdmi cable can achieve the higher refresh rate at this resolution so I'm all sorted. 🙂
  3. Yes i much prefer a large 49" 4k tv to race on than a small monitor, i do have a 27" 144hz monitor but I only use that if I'm playing some fps with friends..
  4. I had a play with this last night and think I found what was causing the ffb & stuttering issue. Before upgrading my gpu i used to run my games in 1080p on a gtx 1060 however now that I run them in 4k I think iam limited to 60hz via the hdmi cable.. it is a hdmi 2.2 but I don't think it is a 4k @ 120hz cable? Reverted my game back to 1080p to test this (uncapped frames) and the stutter dissapeared. Next step is to upgrade my hdmi cable (tv doesnt have a display port cable) and go from their. I would be happy to run a 2k but for some strange reason the tv will only run at 30
  5. Thanks for the info. I'd be interested to hear what your verdict is when trying nvidia vs in game vs rtss once you have had a play with differnet settings. I myself did the same and came to the conclusion that leaving the fps uncapped was best. However I did notice a difference in 'feel' in the wheel when using the nvidia (only tried this at capped at 60fps, I'm now intruiged about capping it above the 60hz tv to see if it improves with the reduce latency).. it's strange but as mentioned I prefer to leave the cap off as the Input latency is reduced which is I guess why the wheels ffb feels
  6. I'm rite their with you and i too don't notice any screen tearing however when looking in the distance at tress, buildings etc i can see i distracting amount of stuttering which can hurt my eyes after a while. For now I'm going to leave it uncapped as the wheel responsiveness/ffb seems far better but not sure what an alternative is besides a higher hz tv/monitor.. PC its all spend spend spend HA!
  7. Hey, Wanted to ask what is the score with capping you fps when racing on pc using a wheel (Thrustmaster TS XW Racer)? I play my F1 game in 4K @ 60fps however when playing around with the settings i noticed their is a distinct difference in ffb and consistency when either not using the in game fps cap or when using the nvidia fps cap (in the nvidia control panel). I feel its much better and more responsive without but obviously then have to deal with stuttering on my 4K 60hz tv.. Im curious to peoples thoughts/opinions on this?
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